Rise Of Heroes: Rise of the Young Adventurers

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Prologue – Start of a New Journey

The continent of Oblivia, a mysterious place where several legends of the world of Pokemon were born…

A place of mystery and adventure, just like the rest of that magnificent and still most unexplored world, populated with people and Pokemon helping each other in their journey through life.

A place where the authors of a page of history are about to begin their journey, learning many lessons along the way…

Oblivia. This is where a couple of young adventurers will begin taking their first steps towards becoming legends in the world of Pokemon…


"Well then… everything is ready! I guess I am ready to depart!" a young boy, about 9 or 10 years of age, stated enthusiastically as he surveyed his backpack and the belongings he was going to take with him on his journey to become a world-famous Pokemon trainer. This young boy, Jonathan Seabright, was a jolly-looking boy with spiky chestnut-brown hair, kept from alling on his forehead with an orange headband, and wearing a blue short-sleeved jacket with a light blue shirt underneath, fingerless black gloves, a pair of dark blue shorts and red trainers on white socks, a typical fashion for those who travelled in the wilderness to catch and train Pokemon. He was now checking that everything he needed was inside, and he was carrying a couple Pokeballs on his belt, along with a dark blue Pokedex in one of his jacket's inner pockets. He was feeling very excited, and with good reason - this was the day he would become an official Pokemon trainer, along with his best friend… it was going to be a life-changing event for both of them, or at least, that's what Jonathan hoped…

With a smile, the young boy glanced at the two Pokeball hanging from his belt – the two Pokemon he had been friends with for about one year now, and who had pretty much volunteered to be his starters for this journey. "Well then… this is it, Oshawott… Omanyte… so begins our adventure! As soon as everything is ready, we'll go fetch Abelia at her house, and then… well we'll think of something, right? We'll start our training, and look for a chance to make our names known! I'm sure we're in for a great adventure!"

He was sure he could hear his two starters cheering on him from inside his Pokeballs… and after patting the containing spheres in a friendly manner, he checked his backpack one last time and placed it upon his shoulders. Satisfied, he stepped out of his room, giving it one last glance before leaving it for good, and went downstairs, where his parents – a couple of historians who had been working on several of Oblivia's greatest mysteries – were waiting for him to give him the last farewells.

"Mom… Dad…" Jonathan said, hugging them as he reached the ground floor. "I'm going to miss you… but don't worry, I'll be keeping in touch with you! And as soon as I can, I will come back and visit you! Thanks for letting me go on this journey!"

"Think nothing of that, son!" Mr. Seabright, a still youthful-looking man with short black hair and looking glasses, dressed in conservative clothing under a white labcoat, said. "I'm glad you and your friend are getting into this adventure, and I'm sure you two will be able to make a name for yourselves soon!"

"Thanks, Daddy!" Jonathan thanked his father, before his mom placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him.

"I know you and Abelia are going to be great trainers!" Mrs. Seabright commented. "Only thing I ask you is, give us news about you and your friend sometime! And best of luck to you both!"

"You too… and don't overwork yourselves, okay?" Jonathan said, giving his mom a hug. "I know you've got your hands full with your jobs at the historians' club, but don't overdo it, okay? And please… tell me about your latest discoveries when I call!"

Mrs. Seabright chuckled. "Hehehee… don't worry, dear, we will be sure to tell you all about them! Good luck, Jonathan… I'm sure you will make us both proud!"

"And remember, whenever you need a hand… we'll always be there for you!" his father answered, placing an hand proudly on his son's shoulder.

"Thank you… Mom… Dad… I won't ever forget it!" the young beginning trainer answered, treasuring the last few minute he was going to spend in his home before starting his journey…


"Well, here I am… I still can't believe this is happening… I'm a full-fledged Pokemon trainer now!" he said to himself, as he walked along an unpaved country road, towards a lush forest. "And I'm not sure what I should do now… I mean, Oblivia doesn't exactly have the greatest tradition in Gym Leaders and Pokemon Leagues… but I'm sure I'll think of something when the time comes! But before I do that… first thing I must do is go fetch Abelia at her house… I had promised her I would be there early on, and if I were late, she wouldn't let me hear the end of it!"

Chuckling to himself, Jonathan walked into the forest, keeping on the visible paved road he had been accustomized to follow for three years now, and followed the path for a few minutes, until he came into a wide, peaceful-looking clearing surrounded by tall Mediterranean trees, with a small and rather neglect cottage standing right in the middle of it. The young boy smiled to himself, with an hint of sadness – that was another place that was always going to remain in his heart, the house where his best friend Abelia, an aspiring trainer like him, lived. They had known each other ever since they were little, after Abelia's parents had guided his own in an expedition of another island of the Oblivia Archipelago… and ever since then, Abelia had been his greatest friend and playmate, until the incident that had changed Abelia's life and outlook forever…

"I just hope this new experience can do something for her outlook…" Jonathan said to himself, before walking towards the main entrance and calling his friend. "Abelia! Hey, Abelia! It's me, Jonathan! It's time to go, we're starting our journey, just like we agreed! Are you ready?"

For a while, there was no response from inside the house… which, in fact, looked like it hadn't been inhabited in a while. The windows were closed, with several curtains drawn, and the weeds near the walls had grown quite a lot, turning the surroundings of the house in some sort of underwood. Several items, mostly old toys or gardening tools, lay dispersed near the entrance, seemingly forgotten. Jonathan was not surprised at seeing that, since he had been several times to Abelia's house and was accustomized to its state… but nevertheless, he couldn't help but ask himself how his friends could live among that neglect.

Finally, the bright, yet somewhat weary voice of a girl around his age answered from the inside. "Jonathan… it's so awfully early! I barely had time to get ready… couldn't you have waited a little longer?" the girl living in that forlorn place answered, not bothering with pleasantries. Again, this did not surprise Jonathan in the least, as the young boy was used to his best friend's usual ways, and had come to accept them as normal.

"Sorry about that, Abi!" he answered with a sheepish chuckle, using the nickname he had given her several years ago, back when they had become friends. "I guess I was so excited to start the journey that I didn't care about the time! Anyway… I have already gotten my things ready, and I said goodbye to my… erm… parents…"

He immediately regretted saying that. There was a reason why Abelia lived alone in that house – her parents were Pokemon Rangers who had perished during an important mission, only one year before, and she had been alone ever since… she had quickly turned from a bright, cheerful girl into a loner and a recluse, spending her time simply caring for her Pokemon or simply lying around in her large, hollow house. Jonathan was hoping that, one year after her tragedy, the prospect of going into a Pokemon journey with him could restore, at least partly, her previous spunk…

"Okay…" she said, seemingly ignoring that last remark. "Hold on a second, I'm coming."

Jonathan nodded and began waiting… and after a while, the door opened, and Abelia walked out, carrying a blue-green backpack on her shoulders.

"Here. I'm ready to go, Jonathan." She said, walking out of her house. Abelia was about the same age as her friend, with long, silver-white hair tied in a pair of long pigtails at the sides of her head, with similarly-colored eyes and a cute face that seemed to be perpetually etched in a serious frown. Two black ribbons held her pigtails in place, and she was wearing a spotless, sleeveless white sundress that reached all the way above her knees, along with a small necklace dangling from her neck. For some reason, the girl was barefoot, and did not even stop to put on a pair of shoes or sandals as she walked out to greet Jonathan.

"Well? What are you standing here for? Weren't we going to go?" she asked, never losing that pouty, somewhat angry expression of hers.

Jonathan seemed a little dubious. "Er… well, yes, of course, Abelia… but are you sure you're going out like that?" he asked, looking at her sundress, then at her bare feet. "You aren't going to put on a pair of shoes, at least?"

Abelia sighed, as if they had gone through that topic a thousand times already. "Jonathan… you should know by now how much I hate shoes… and footwear in general!" she said simply. "I just don't feel at ease unless I am walking barefoot, and that was the case ever since we were kids."

Jonathan wrinkled his nose, but conceded the point – ever since they had met, a few years ago, he never remembered a single time where his best friend had ever worn anything at all on her feet. It did seem a little strange of him… but then again, Abelia was always a bit on the strange side, so he decided that, in the end, it wasn't such an important matter. "Alright, then, if you prefer it that way, I'm not going to argue." He stated. "Alright, Abelia… your Pokemon are with you, right?"

"Well, duh." She answered snarkily, showing Jonathan a pair of Pokeballs. "Yes, my Venipede and my Venonat are both here. We can go whenever you want."

"Fine, then…" Jonathan answered, gently placing an hand on his friend's shoulder. "This is where we start our Pokemon journey… and I'm sure you will enjoy this as much as I will! Let's… try to make the most out of it, okay? And know this… your Mom and your Dad would be glad that you're making your own way, just like mine are."

Abelia nodded without a word, as she put her Pokeballs back in place. Her silverish eyes turned one last time at her old house, feeling a pang of sadness at the thought that she was going to actually leave behind herself the place that held so many memories for her. It made her feel somewhat afraid… but she was not going to back down, not now. She owed that much to Jonathan, at least…

"I just hope you're right, Jonathan…" she said. "I know this means a lot to you… so I hope it goes well."

"It will, Abi… don't worry!" Jonathan smiled, using the nickname he had always used for her ever since they were very little. Slowly, the two aspiring trainers began walking away from the house and, after taking one last glance at the part of their past they were trying to leave behind, they began walking away, into the wilderness…

The journey of the young adventurers had begun…


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