Agent Gibbs sipped his coffee, staring at the crime scene – he had seen many murders in his time, but this one was particularly grisly. The first victim, a young marine who couldn't be more than twenty five, had been shot straight through the forehead; an execution of cold precision. But it was the murder of the second man that caught Gibb's attention. He had been impaled – stabbed through the chest with some kind of long stake, which had been completely gone through his body and buried itself, fairly deeply, into the ground below. Further stakes had been placed into his arms and legs, almost as though the killer had wanted to prevent him from moving after he was dead. The stakes stuck out of his body, pinning the man in place. The murder was made even more gruesome by the amount of blood – if Gibbs hadn't known better he would have thought that the man had bled out multiple times.

Gibbs wondered who this mystery man was. The murderer had certainly focused on him; the marine had been shot quickly while this man had been killed slowly and painfully. The man wore a long, military style coat that was soaked in blood, but its pockets had not revealed anything that could identify him.

"Nasty." Said Tony Dinozzo, speaking to Ziva David. "You know this reminds me of a movie…" But they never found out which movie, because at that exact moment the impaled man gasped in a huge lungful of air.

For a second Gibbs just stared. Then he rushed over to the man who he had assumed to be dead. Fresh blood was pouring from him and his breathing was ragged; his face was scrunched up in pain.

"Ducky!" Gibbs shouted for the medic but he was already beside him, looking at the man.

"Ducky. That's an interesting name." The impaled man gasped – it was clear that he didn't have long left and there was little the medic could do. "I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Please can you pull…" His sentence trailed off and he gave one last, rattling breath before giving up the struggle to live. Ducky put a hand to his neck.

"He's gone. It's a miracle he managed to survive this long with these injuries. It's strange because I could have sworn when we arrived he wasn't breathing." Ducky said softly.

A few minutes later, Ducky and Palmer pulled the first stake from Captain Jack's arm. It was about a metre long, and made of a pale wood that contrasted with the dark blood. McGee came over and took a picture. "Strange murder weapon. Poor guy."

"Indeed." Replied Ducky. "I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like…" His words were drowned out by a huge gasp as Captain Jack Harkness was once again dragged back to life. Palmer gave a loud shriek and toppled backwards in shock. McGee also cried out and tripped over Palmer, falling down beside him. Jack flailed around and finding he could move an arm, gripped the stake in his chest and pulled it out, groaning with pain and exertion. With this done, his head lolled back and he once again stopped breathing.

The entire NCIS team was silent. Even Gibbs was shocked. Without speaking, Ducky pulled out the rest of the stakes in the Captain's body. The whole team watched in amazement as the bloody wounds in Jack's arms, legs and chest slowly knitted together. The silence was only broken when Jack once more came back to life, this time his breathing normal. He lay backwards, soaked in his own blood, too exhausted to move.