Chapter 1


"Stop it. Please...S-Stop," I beg my owner as he pounds into me.

I hear him grunt in annoyance and he stops his thrusting and his pumping of my length just to say, "You want to be hurt more do you?"

"No," I reply weakly and am thankful for the momentary rest so my broken ribs and whipped back get some sort of pain relief.

"Then shut the fuck up!" Ray Morlee, a human with long black hair down to his midback, blue eyes, 6'2", and a build to match his body perfectly, yells as he ruthlessly starts his thrusting and pumping again as his free hand occupies itself with my white tail. "You're mine," he growls. " like it...or not...Skull."

That's me, by the way, Ensei "Skull" Hajime. I'm 5'10" with a decent build, white hair, white ears, white tail, and green eyes. The only difference is that I'm not human. I'm what the humans call a "neko," or a human with real cat ears and a real cat tail. And yes, it's the Japanese word for cat.

When our race first appeared, it was a science experiment gone wrong in, low and behold, Japan. There was a labortory break out which caused a lot of chaos, allowing most of my race to escape from it. The survivors went into hiding to mate and populate while the ones that were caught were killed. Makes me sick how people react because you're different from them. A sad story, yes, but it's gotten worse.

Twenty-five years later ( my age), most, if not all, women neko are dead including my grandmother and mother. The men, with no one to mate with, have either been enslaved or are hiding the best they can. As you can tell, I was found and my father died as he took his own life, saying that'd he'd rather be dead than become a slave. Unlike him, I chose to live to, perhaps, see a better day where my race's torment has ended. However, it's been three years since that day and the kitchen's knives are looking friendly despite my goal.

Ray, at long last, empties his load deep within with a grunt, but there's so much that it spills out of me and down my balls and legs. WIth one last, painful jerk of his hand, he makes me come for the third time tonight.

I lay there, panting heavily for air, exhausted, and completley spent as his sinister chuckling reaches my ears.

"You enjoyed that more than you let on you whore. Look how much you let out," he says and pulls out of me quickly, ignoring my cry of pain.

My body goes limp under me and I hiss in pain as my injured rib cage hits the mattress and I fight the urge to pass out from the pain that's running like wildfire throughout my entire body.

Ray picks up his clothes and opens the bedroom door, but stops to look over his shoulder at me. "Get some sleep," he says, "I'll be waking you at seven to start your day's work early." With that, he walks out, closes the door, and locks it from the outside.

I will myself to look at the clock that reads 4:15 A.M. Great, two hours and forty-five minutes. He'll wake me and go back to sleep after he tells me what to do. Tch...that bastard. But oh well. Nothing I can really do about it.

Sighing, I close my eyes after reaching my pillows and lay on my left side since it mends faster than my right, and fall asleep the best I can with so much pain searing through my body, dreaming of the day of freedom.