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WordGirl (and Doctor Who) in…


Listen for the words 'Kidnap' and 'Gargantuan.'

When we last saw WordGirl, she had gotten Tobey grounded after what seemed like a robot robbery…however, those same robots, really robotic-looking aliens called Cybermen, went and kidnapped Tobey for his skills! WordGirl and the Doctor, her time-travelling ally, were last seen trying to track down the Cybermen, completely unaware of their actions…

Suddenly, WordGirl's super-hearing picked up a distressed call: "Help! Help! I'm trapped in here! Somebody help!"

"Sorry, Doctor; there's a citizen in distress that needs my help!" WordGirl said, grabbing Captain Huggyface; "You go on to the TARDIS without me!"

"Will do! Go do what you need to, WordGirl!" the Doctor said approvingly. And with that, the superheroes and the time-traveller went in separate directions.

Following the distressed voice, WordGirl eventually found herself at the house of the McCallisters! Wasting no time, she opened the door, zipped through the house, and opened the closet door she heard the voice from behind…and out collapsed a panicked Mrs. McCallister!

"Oh my! Mrs. McCallister! Are you all right?"

"No, WordGirl! Those monsters kidnapped my son!"

WordGirl suddenly gasped slightly: "Wait…Tobey, kidnapped? Why?"

"I don't know…they said his skills would 'be of use to the Cybermen' (WordGirl gasped again) … Please bring him back safe! I know I put him through a hard time, but that's because I love him!"

Captain Huggyface screeched something at her, to which she nodded, and then turned back towards Claire: "Don't worry, Mrs. McCallister; I'll find him, and bring him back!"

"Oh, thank you WordGirl! Thank you!" Mrs. McCallister sobbed as WordGirl flew back out….

… where she ran into the Doctor; who, she saw, had several small pieces of technology in his hand and was busy putting them together.

"Ah, WordGirl! What was it?"

"Mrs. McCallister, Tobey's mom. Apparently, the Cybermen kidnapped Tobey."

"Say what now? Kidnapping an eleven-year-old boy? What would the Cybermen want with him?..."

*(one scene transition later)*

Tobey found himself in a deep underground cavern, with only one electronic light in the middle to dispel the darkness. Throughout the cave, there were piles of metallic scraps and machines, with a few odd-looking crystalline devices whirring here and there. But by far the most common decoration of this particular location were dozens of Cybermen, all looking exactly like each other….except for one, who had a black helmet.

"Cyber-Leader," said the Cybermen holding Tobey's ropes, "I have brought the human child known as Theodore Tobey McCallister III."

Upon hearing the Cyberman's statement, the Cyberman with the black helmet started moving, straight towards their new captive, Tobey.

"Let me guess, you're the 'Cyber leader.'" said Tobey.

"That is correct, Theodore Tobey McCallister III."

"You know, why don't you just call me Tobey?" he asked, only to have the Cybermen holding him to tighten their hold! And as soon as the pain began, it stopped!

"You will not question the Cybermen. You will instead serve the Cybermen." said the Cyber-Leader.

"OK, OK, fine!" Tobey exclaimed, still aching from the tightening… "But, I still have a question to ask: What exactly do you need me to do? You must have some reason for kidnapping me, after all!"

"You will construct a gargantuan robot, give it the features we describe to you, and program it to obey only the Cybermen. And if we have enough metal, you shall construct a second."

"Okay…" Tobey nodded. Instantly, the Cyberman holding his restraints loosened its grip, allowing Tobey to pull off the ropes. Then, he was directed towards one of the piles of metal…

…and as he was walking towards it, he turned towards the Cyber-Leader and said: "You know, giant robots will get WordGirl's attention, and you don't stand a chance against her."

"Then you shall construct the robot to defend against WordGirl. We must recover our fellow Cybermen, and rebuild our forces, so we may conquer this world known as 'Earth'."

Meanwhile, up on the surface…

"You sure this will find the Cybermen, Doctor?"

"Well…" the Doctor said, holding the little remote-like device in his hand, "this thing's supposed to lock onto any and all Cyberman signals, so I think it should…" And with that, the Doctor pressed the button.

On the little screen, a map of Fair City appeared, and tiny little red dots started appearing all over the little map…and disappearing as soon as they appeared!

Captain Huggyface screeched at the Doctor, to which he responded: "I'm just as surprised as you are, Huggyface! It's obvious that, at several points in the past few days, there have been Cybermen…however, they were only there for a short time, and apparently disappeared before anyone noticed them! This device is picking up the traces they left behind!"

WordGirl took this point to ask: "Well, if they were at all those points only briefly…where did they go when they were done?"

"Obviously somewhere…somewhere near this city, there is a big, massive, and dare I say humongous gathering of Cybermen! And wherever it is, it's not showing up!"

WordGirl asked: "Why? And…why not just use the word gargantuan? Big, humongous, massive, and gargantuan all mean the same thing!"

"Not sure…anyway, the Cybermen must be blocking all of their signals…if they're blocking the signals of a gargantuan amount of Cybermen, we're going to need an equally gargantuan amount of power to overcome the blocking, and find them!"

"Ugh…Where's the Energy Monster when you actually need him?"

Back in the hidden lair of the Cybermen…

After welding the last metal plate into place, Tobey raised his welding mask, and said: "Okay, I've finished. Now, can you please let me go?"

"No." said the Cyber-Leader; "You shall construct builder robots, who will also obey us."

"Oh, well couldn't you just kidnap another robotics genius, and have him work for you instead?"

"Do not question the Cybermen." the Cyber-Leader stated, slightly more threatening than before. After the Cyber-Leader briefly scared Tobey with a glare, it then said: "Now, activate the robot."

"O…OK…" Tobey stammered, still a little nervous. Then, he walked over to the back of the robot, pressed some buttons, and then covered the buttons back up with a metal cover.

"(Ahem) Alright then…say hello to the Cyber-Bot 6000." Tobey announced, much less dramatically than usual, as the robot's eyes began glowing red.

Tobey produced a remote from his pocket, and handed it to the Cyber-Leader, who pressed the button and began reciting instructions for the robot: "Cyber-Bot 6000: your orders are to find the pieces and components we need for our Cyber-ship. You are also to transmit a Cyber-signal, and thereby locate our fellow Cybermen scattered across the world. If anything or anyone stand in your way, you are to destroy them."

"I understand, and obey, the Cybermen."

"Excellent. Now go."

*(one scene transition later)*

All of a sudden, the Doctor's device started beeping like crazy, and a massive red dot appeared on the screen, encompassing a large portion of the city!

WordGirl and Captain Huggyface asked what was going on, to which the Doctor responded: "The signal-blocking's stopped all of a sudden! It's picking up the Cybermen…but instead of showing dozens of individual Cybermen, it…seems to be saying that there's only one, one gargantuan Cyberman here!"

"What? But that's impossible! There's definitely more than one Cyberman in the city! There were two of them at Reginald's jewelry store earlier today!"

"I know, WordGirl… either this scanner is on the blink, or-"

The Doctor was suddenly cut off by a familiar (to WordGirl) man coming in, and shouting: "HEEEELLLPP! A giant robot's rising out of the city reservoir!... Ummmm… is this the police station?"

"Ummm...no?" the Doctor said, confused.

As the man acknowledged his mistake, and ran off, WordGirl said: "Don't worry, he does that all the time."

"Mhm. Anyway, what was that he said about a giant robot?

Suddenly, WordGirl gasped; "Wait...that's what Tobey's known for!"

The Doctor gasped too, as the pieces fell together: "So that's why the Cybermen kidnapped him! To make themselves..."

Suddenly, the Doctor stopped, and looked in the direction of the reservoir. WordGirl and Captain Huggyface followed suit...

...and saw a massive robot towering over the city's buildings, with a head that looked like a mix between Tobey's typical robots and a Cyberman!

"...gargantuan." finished the Doctor.

The Cyberman-Robot mixture finished rising, and gave itself a little shake to rid itself of the water still on it. Then, it spoke in its robotic voice: "Cyber-Bot 6000 active. Mission for the Cybermen will now begin."

"Well whatever that is, it can't be good! Hang on, Doctor; I've got to stop this!"

The Doctor tried to protest, but they were drowned out by WordGirl's heroic "WOOOORRRRD UP!" as she zoomed off towards the Cyber-Bot 6000...

...which saw her coming, and knocked her aside with ease! The pint-size powerhouse was thrown into a nearby street with jarring force, cracking the pavement around her.

"What was that for?" asked the Doctor as he ran up to her with Captain Huggyface.

"Duh! I need to stop that robot!" WordGirl said, still flattened against the ground, as she pointed towards the Cyber-Bot 6000; which had smashed the roof of a nearby factory, and was busy pulling metal and machinery into a compartment within its torso!

"We need to stop the Cybermen! They're the ones behind the wheel of that thing; and with Tobey's knowledge of you built into it, you won't stand a chance!"

"Neither will the people who are counting on me to keep them safe!" WordGirl finally managed to pull herself off the street, and then walked up to the Doctor: "You've gone up against the Cybermen before; why can't you focus on them while I stop their robot from destroying the city?"

"Well, I can't do that alone!" the Doctor shot back...

...prompting Captain Huggyface to screech something to him.

"...you know what? I do have you! It may actually work, WordGirl!"

"Good! We're both counting on each other, Doctor!" shouted WordGirl before flying off towards the Cyber-Bot 6000.

The Doctor and Captain Huggyface, meanwhile, started running towards the city reservoir...

*(one scene transition later)*

The monkey and the Time Lord reached the reservoir, eager to find the Cybermen's hideout...

"Umm... so how do we get in? I hadn't thought that far..."

Captain Huggyface groaned, and turned around...and then tugged on the edges of the Doctor's coat, intending to draw his attention to something he just saw:

A metallic doorway with the outline of a Cyberman's head painted on, built into the side of a nearby hill.

"Oh! That'll do it!" the Doctor said with an embarrassed laugh, and then went on to say: "Well then, let's open that with my sonic screwdriver..." he continued as he pulled out a small metal tube out of his coat, and pointed it at the doorway.

A buzzing sound came from the tip of the tube, and the doors started sliding open shortly afterwards, at which point the Doctor said: "...and let's go show the Cybermen why you don't kidnap people, or take over innocent planets!"

So, the Doctor and Captain Huggyface ran through the maze of tunnels that would lead to the lair of the Cybermen themselves…

while WordGirl struggled to fight against the Cyberman-controlled robot.

Despite how embarrassing she thought it, WordGirl found herself reduced to desperately dragging on the robot's heel, barely managing to slow it down. "What did they make this robot out of? This one's got gargantuan strength!" she said to no one in particular.

Meanwhile, the Cyber-Bot 6000 pulled tons of metallic objects out of its chest, and dumped them in a funnel right in the middle of the reservoir…and once it had completed that, it shook its foot violently, and once again threw WordGirl off.

After she recovered, she prepared to fly straight into the robot, and throw it into space… but then the Cyber-Bot 6000 turned around, suddenly flying under its own power! WordGirl quickly noticed the rocket-boots, and flew straight for them…and wound up with a face full of ash as the robot blasted her with rocket exhaust.

As she coughed and sputtered, the robot then flew off into the horizon, with WordGirl in desperate pursuit; too far behind to stop it from looting the factories it passed over (this time with the aid of claws that sprang from its chest).

*(one scene transition later)*

The Cyber-Leader, and another Cyberman, were standing near a control panel, watching the Cyber-Bot 6000's progress from afar...and occasionally making adjustments to the robot's behavior via Tobey's remote, affixed to the panel.

Suddenly, the other Cyberman turned towards the Cyber-Leader, and said: "Cyber-Leader. The Cyber-signal transmitted by the Cyber-Bot 6000 is receiving no responses. I can only assume that the other Cybermen are for some reason unable to activate."

"Then we must rely on the humans." And with that, the Cyber-Leader turned towards another Cyberman: "Construct cyber-conversion chambers. We shall kidnap humans, and turn THEM into Cybermen."

"It shall be done."

*(one scene transition later)*

Creeping along the walls, the Doctor and the monkey managed to avoid being seen, and they managed to hide behind a pile of metallic objects. From there, they could see some parts of the Cybermen's lair…

…and upon Captain Huggyface pointing them out, the Doctor noticed that several different varieties of human-sized robots were walking in and out of the unlit areas, carrying parts from that pile to and fro!

"Good eye, Captain! Obviously, our kidnapped genius Tobey's still making things for the Cybermen…but where is he? And what are those machine parts they're carrying going to be used for?.."

Suddenly, the Doctor's thoughts were interrupted by Captain Huggyface pointing upwards, to a massive trapdoor that slowly began opening. The two of them wasted no time in ducking out of the way before falling machine parts flattened them.

"Whew! That was close!.. c'mon, Captain, let's find Tobey."

Captain Huggyface nodded, and they started sneaking around the outer wall again.

Meanwhile, near where Tobey was working, the Cybermen are still plotting…

"Cyber-Leader: We have managed to construct three cyber-conversion chambers."

"Good. Contact the Cyber-Bot 6000, and update its instructions; it is to begin kidnapping suitable humans in addition to its other orders."

"It shall be done." And with that, the Cyberman walked over to the Cyber-Bot 6000's control panel, pressed a button on the remote, and repeated the Cyber-Leader's instructions.

The Cyber-Bot 6000 received its instructions, and then as soon as it saw a city, it started slowing down until it hovered over the buildings.

WordGirl had just managed to catch up with it…and was horrified to see its chest-claws reach down, grab three screaming humans up from the streets, and pull them into its chest-compartment!

Pushing her powers to the limit, she grabbed the metallic tentacles that held humans, and ripped them clear of their bases inside the flying robot!

Accompanied by enthusiastic cheers, she brought them down safely to earth: meanwhile, she wondered aloud: "Why is it suddenly kidnapping humans?"


"…To 'kidnap,' means 'to take somebody away by force and hold him or her prisoner.'" WordGirl explained. As soon as the citizens she rescued revealed that they now understood, she continued thinking: "Thing is, up until now, that robot has focused on stealing machines, not people! What do the Cybermen want with humans?.."

Unfortunately, she didn't get a chance to continue that train of thought; because by then the Cyber-Bot 6000 turned around in midair, and started flying off, forcing her to continue the pursuit.

*(one scene transition later)*

Sighing intermittent sighs of despair, Tobey tightened a final nut on another worker-bot for the Cybermen…

"Psst! Tobey! Is that you?" he suddenly heard from behind him. Shocked at hearing a non-cyberman voice, he turned around: "Who are you?" he asked silently.

"I'm the Doctor!" replied the somewhat-aged man to Tobey; "WordGirl sent me to make sure you were safe; you were kidnapped after all!"

"WordGirl?" he exclaimed in surprise…just before he swooned: "So she doescare for me…"

The pieces clicked together within the Doctor's head; "Huh..." he said… before changing the subject: "Anyway, how are things going? They didn't hurt you or anything?"

"No, not really; they need me to make these robots…they still haven't told me why."

"Well, did they say anything at all regarding their plans? We can't stop them unless we know what they're doing. Think, man! WordGirl told me you're a boy genius, so you should be able to figure it out!"

Tobey thought…and then suddenly remembered something: "Wait…I heard them mention something when I activated the Cyber-Bot 6000…something about a Cyber-ship! And Cybermen scattered across the world!"

"Good work, Tobey! Anything else?"

"Well, I think I heard them say something about 'Cyber-conversion'; I'm sensing a trend here. Would you be surprised if they have to go to the 'Cyber-Bathroom'?"

The Doctor and Captain Huggyface giggled a little: "Not really! They're really fond of the 'Cyber' prefix…anyway, a Cyber-ship, Cybermen across the world, And cyber-conversion…Aha! I think I got it! Huggy, keep your belt-communicator open to WordGirl!"

And as soon as Captain Huggyface did just that, the Doctor (to the shock of both Tobey and Huggy) rushed out of hiding, and ran straight towards the Cybermen!

"Intruder!" exclaimed the Cybermen as soon as they saw him: "You will halt at once!"

"Righto! And now that I have your attention, it's question time!"

"You are our prisoner. Defying us would be a gargantuan mistake."

"I'm not defying you, I'm asking some questions! How did you get on earth? Why kidnap Tobey? Why the Cyber-ship? What other Cybermen? Why kidnap humans for Cyber-conversion?"

The Cyberman paused, as its internal systems thought it over…and then spoke: "We are the remnants of the Cybermen's invasion of Earth."

The Doctor quickly remembered: "Oh, that's right; Tobias Vaughn, International Electromatics…but you were stopped!"

"We are the remnants of the Cyber-army that was transported to Earth in preparation for the invasion. When the invasion failed, we put ourselves to Cyber-sleep, until there would be suitable technology above us that we could use."

"I see…and with all the Supervillains WordGirl deals with, you awoke in response to their technologies. Also explains why you kidnapped Tobey."

"We shall rebuild our Cyber-ship, so we may return to the main Cyber-base on planet Telos. We shall increase our numbers to gargantuan figures by converting the humans on this planet into Cybermen. Then, this world will become another Cyber-base, under Cyber-Control."

"Yes, yes, yes, and then you'll all have Cyber-tea and biscuits. Without Gold, of course, because Gold hurts Cybermen; yes, Gold. It makes you have a gargantuan allergic reaction, so much that Cybermen are afraid of the smallest amounts of Gold!"

Unknown to the Cybermen, every word of their conversation was being captured by Captain Huggyface, and sent straight to WordGirl…

Outside the lair, WordGirl was once again pulling people out of the claws of the Cyber-Bot 6000…when she heard, from her belt-communicator:

The Doctor's voice, saying: "…Gold, of course, because Gold hurts Cybermen; yes, Gold. It makes you have a gargantuan allergic reaction, so much that Cybermen are afraid of the smallest amounts of Gold!"

"In fact, the same weakness applies to all Cybermen technology I'd bet! Silly, isn't it? Everything the Cybermen do can't be done anywhere near Gold…"

"Gold. Got it. Thanks!" WordGirl stated, right before she flew down to the street level of Fair City, and entered U BUY GOLD.

She quickly explained to the store owner that she needed to borrow some gold real quick, and would give it back, and then she pulled out her little coin-purse…but then the owner tossed two gold statuettes to her, saying "For you, it's free!"

"Oh, thank you so much!" And with that, she flew off, straight towards the Cyber-Bot 6000, just about to dump its load of machines into the reservoir over the Cybermen's underground base…

…when she suddenly flew inside its chest compartment, and put one of the gold statuettes inside a tangle of wires! Instantly, electricity began sparking from all over the flying robot.

WordGirl only just managed to fly out when the robot completely shut down, and fell into the reservoir face-first.


The shock wave from the impact shook the entirety of the Cybermen's lair, nearly knocking the Cybermen themselves off their metallic feet.


WordGirl yelled out "Oh Yes!" in triumph, and then ripped the robot to shreds with her super-strength, as she spoke into her belt-communicator:

"Huggy, I'm just gonna check the robot real quick for people it may have kidnapped. I'll be there to help you guys as soon as I'm done."

After the shaking stopped, the Doctor saw the Cyber-Leader, in its familiar black helmet, shout: "Explain what has just happened."

"Cyber-Leader," said a Cyberman near a control panel, "There is no response from the Cyber-Bot 6000. It has been destroyed."

"Ha! Scratch one gargantuan Cyberman weapon!" the Doctor exclaimed proudly...

...and when he looked back at his friends, while the Cybermen's backs were turned, he expected to see approval, but instead, Huggy and Tobey frantically (silently, to avoid attention) gesturing at something! The Doctor followed their line of sight...and realized they were pointing towards the Cybermen's control panel.

It didn't take him long to figure out something: "...Of course, I didn't expect anything but total defeat for you. After all, I am the Doctor..."

That got the Cybermen's attention rather quickly. The Cyber-Leader, shocked to realize that the greatest enemy of the Cybermen was standing right there, ordered every single Cyberman (eight, in total) to surround him.

"Oh oh oh, that's right, surround me, don't let me escape; the instant you let me out of your sight, I'll bring you and your entire plan crashing to the ground. Because that's what happens when the Doctor's around. Evil loses, Good triumphs...and the Cybermen forget to watch their stuff, because they're so focused on me!"

Before the Cybermen could grasp what he meant, Tobey shouted: "Now, Huggy!" and reached out his hands; Huggyface, who was crouching on the Cybermen's control panel, ripped Tobey's robot remote off of the panel, and tossed it over the Cybermen's heads, straight towards Tobey!

"Maybe next time, you'll think twice about kidnapping a boy genius!" Tobey exclaimed as he pressed the button: Instantly, all the little worker robots around the lair suddenly dropped their work, and rushed towards the Cybermen! And just to hammer the point home, Tobey shouted: "Robots ATTACK!"

What followed was total chaos, as the Cybermen were buried under a veritable pile of robots, and began struggling to get out...and somehow, the Doctor just walked out of the dogpile unharmed.

"Alright," he said, "I think we've pushed our luck here long enough. Tobey, Huggy, I think it's time we left. WordGirl can take it from here." The two nodded, and all three started running back up the tunnels.

The Cybermen struggled on for about a minute, but finally managed to break all of the robots, and get back up...only to find WordGirl floating in front of them, the other golden statuette in her hand! All of them jumped back in fear.

WordGirl smirked, and floated on closer to them, causing them to back up even more...and eventually right under the trapdoor in the ceiling, through which they received machine parts (and potentially human victims, had WordGirl not intervened) from the Cyber-Bot 6000.

WordGirl noticed this, and then dropped the statuette; however, before the Cybermen could rush her, she grabbed the very ground beneath them, and lifted it up into the air, carrying all eight Cybermen with it! She lifted them up through the trapdoor, and into the chest-compartment of the Cyber-Bot 6000 (minus the gold statuette, which she had removed), which she then closed.

Then, with all of her might, she lifted the useless robot up, up, up into the sky. Then, she swung it around her in a circle, faster and faster and faster...

...and then she finally let go, hurling it and its Cyberman occupants into deep space. WordGirl sighed in relief, at the fact that this ordeal was now finished.

Much later that day, at the TARDIS...

"So, Tobey got reunited with his mother?"

"Yeah. She was so happy to see him safe and sound, she almost gave me the most gargantuan hug imaginable!"

"I can imagine it all right!" the Doctor said with a laugh. WordGirl joined in for a little...

...and then her attitude became slightly sad; "So...is this goodbye, Doctor?"

"For now...but you'll have a few more of my future selves to have fun with soon enough! I for one cannot wait!"

WordGirl grew a small, appreciative smile...

"...and maybe," the Doctor suddenly continued, "I'll be able to see if you and Tobey start getting along, and...oh, how does that song go again?" And with that, he pulled out a little recorder, and played a sequence of four notes...

The first notes of the Wedding March, 'Here Comes the Bride'.

"Wait, what? Eww!"

"Young love, its such a wonderful thing...and Tobey's full of it! You really ought to give him a chance."

WordGirl's response was a nervous laugh, and her saying: "Umm...I dunno..."

"Hey, don't rush if you don't want to! But still, regardless of what future you pick...I hope it gives you gargantuan levels of happiness."

"...Thanks." WordGirl said, before the Doctor entered the blue police-box that hid his bigger-on-the-inside time machine...which then began fading away.


And so, the now non-kidnapped Tobey is back with his mom, and WordGirl and the Doctor stopped the evil plot of the Cybermen.

Tune in next week for another Amazing, Gargantuan episode of WORDGIRL!


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