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Demyx - 1912

It was cold. But not that sort of snowing, freezing, frostbite to your nether regions cold that happened in the real winter. It was the cold that happens in the early winter time of the year and only when the sun goes down. My breath was starting to fog as I exhaled, and I was reminded of my grandfather and how he smoked his pipe every evening after the chores were done. I squinted into the distance, trying to see the lights that I knew were up ahead.

They were there for sure. I'd seen them and knew they meant shelter and hopefully a meal or two and in my deepest darkest corner of my heart, I could hope for a miracle and maybe find work. I could do most anything but people were distrustful of strangers these days, especially foreign ones. Something I'd come to realize as I traveled further and further away from home.

Trying to preserve warmth, I pulled my scarf tighter around my throat, trying to keep that part of me the warmest. I'd found that people were willing to pay for entertainment. Not just some stranger playing an instrument, but someone who could sing the local songs, get the stoic farmers to clap along, or thump their legs to the beat. So, my voice was a must have.

Suddenly, almost seemingly impossible, a giant manor was in front of me, lights dim as it was evening, but I started in surprise. Giggling nervously at my surprise, I quickly straightened my cap and coat, hitching my pack up on my back. Here it was. The big moment. The only place I'd been able to find in a the past few days, my only hope for maybe a warm night and a meal.

Stomping the mud from my boots, I ascended the steps and lifted the knocker on the doors, letting it tap the giant wooden door twice. Now, put on your best smile Demyx, and try not to let your stomach growl too loudly.

The door opened, spilling faint light onto the landing. A shadow moved and I felt something catch on my jacket, then everything went black

Zexion - 2011

"Mais vous etez tombé sur la tete." I rolled my eyes at the tiny old woman grunting out I was insane in French while she guided me through a field that went up. Hopefully the manor I'd purchased not a month ago was behind it, because although my French, or Spanish for that matter, was far from perfect, I unfortunately managed to understand her bitching about me buying the place.

It wasn't that she cared about the manor itself, apparently the true reason for her to be upset with me, and the rest of the crazy town folk up in this town high in the mountains, was the fact that the house I'd gotten for a severely low price, was said to be haunted. The reason I'd wanted to buy a house somewhere in the middle of nowhere, which, a small town in the mountains of the Pyrenees was exactly what that was, was so everyone would just leave me the fuck alone!

"Il y a un esprit dans le manoire, Monsieur Caartriet."

"It's Monsieur Cartwright." I tried again.


I shook my head, "Cartwright!"

"Arrete de crier!" She screamed back at me, both our voices echoing throughout the seemingly never ending field.

Taking a deep breath, I followed my brother's advice. Breathe... People are nice creatures, I was one of them myself, the doctor had proven this. "I can find it from here, Madame Langcourt." I offered her an awkward smile.

"You are zure?" It's like the French couldn't pronounce s's or something.

"I am absolutely sure." I nodded slowly her way, taking the few steps towards her that distanced her from me. Gently taking her shoulders, I turned the old lady around. "Merci beaucoup for your help." The manor had to be right over this last hill. If I did get lost? Then hopefully I'd get eaten by bears and maybe that would put me back on the fame radar of the music world. Tragic deaths did tend to do the trick. Actually, so far I got the impression that you had a better shot at getting known, when dead. Shaking my head, I nudged Madame Langcourt in the direction of the hill that would bring her back to the city center's town. "Bye bye now!"

"L'esprit vous mangera!"

I stared dully at her back, "There is no such thing as ghosts. And it won't eat me!" Trying to keep my glare at a minimum, I spun around and continued to march my way up the hill.

I understood why it had cost me practically nothing. This place was a dump. Putting down my large suitcase, I crossed my arms over my chest, wrinkling my nose at my double doors. One was missing. That was going to make things windy... I knew that several of the roofs looked bad, I'd seen it when the manor had come into view after I'd reached the top of that hill. Which means I'd have to purchase buckets to catch the rain and avoid getting the floor wet. Because I could do that, put a bucket underneath a hole in the ceiling. I couldn't, on the other hand, repair a roof.

Flipping the switch once I'd stepped into a great entree hallway, I yelped in fear when an electric shock was catapulted into my arm, but not only that... The four very large lamps hanging down from the ceiling in the long hallway before me, pretty much snapped with the sudden current I'd given it. Each light bulb fried one by one as I stared open mouthed, shaking my arm in hopes to lose the numb state it was now in.

"It's okay..." I murmured at myself, "I'll just use candles." There. Happy I hadn't had a melt down over the electricity, I started slowly making my way through the hallway, opening the door I met at the end of it. A rounded space, with a narrow staircase circling upwards. It was lighter here as high, very high, at the top? There was a hole in the roof. I guess this was one of the towers I'd spotted back on the hill.

Ignoring my brother's voice screaming at me in my head, 'You paid that much money for this?', I started up the stairs, glad to see that there was the occasional random window lighting this space even more so. All right, so maybe I should have visited before buying it. I mean, clearly its former owner had Photoshopped the pictures to make it look less horrible. But then, maybe the lack of insulation would give me surprisingly good acoustics or something.

Feeling fear rush through me when I heard a definite crack, I barely had time to look down at the step I was standing on... When it let go, all I could think about when I fell through it was that I should have skipped breakfast this morning, I might have been lighter. Screaming like a girl, which was okay because nobody was here, my flying lesson was cut short when I landed on a bed.

"Holy fuck!" Eyes wide, I grabbed my heart, panting out hysterical type breaths while I looked around the bedroom. A bed, a nightstand, a desk in the left corner, and a sink that was leaking in the right corner. Behind me there was a large rounded window, spilling light on the bed I'd landed on.

"That's fine!" I gulped, "This shall be my bedroom. I love it!" Grabbing the pillow, I hugged it to me, but just as soon started coughing as the dust started to bounce of it. Groaning in admitted defeat, I let myself fall back on the bed, blinking at the ceiling as I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket. Dialing Riku's number, I pressed the phone to my ear, but then frowned when there was no ringing. Looking at the small square screen, I sighed.

"Of course there's no reception. What did you think, Zexion? You chose this place for the remoteness on purpose." Dropping the phone onto the nightstand, I stood up and started pulling off the blanket and sheets, tossing them on the ground before lying on the now very naked mattress. I'd explore the place later, and would find the highest tower in this place and see if I could get reception there. But for now, I needed a nap. Badly.

Demyx - 2011

There is was again. A...noise where there wasn't supposed to be one. This place, this building was mine and there wasn't supposed to be any noise. There hadn't been any for so long and now, there was. I didn't like it. As soon as I turned away from the window and the trees I'd been watching, I let my legs take me to the door. I no longer needed to walk or even use doors, but it was familiar to me and so I found myself moving about the giant house, searching for the source of the noise.

I could hear the noise grow louder. A thumping that seemed to be traveling along a staircase. And with the thumping, I could hear a voice with it. It was a man. As I leaned down over the railing, I changed my mind and figured it was a boy. Weren't boys smaller than men? This one was short so he must be a boy. And he had...a table? I focused and remembered that tables didn't belong on the stairs. In fact, that one was supposed to be in the kitchen. Where was he going with it?

I was...curious. None of the other noises had ever moved a table on the stairs before. Holding back my urge to punish him for disturbing me, I decided to watch this boy and maybe he would give me a clue about the table being on the stairs.

"Okay!" He growled, climbing up onto the thing that was now at an angle as it was halfway up the staircase. "You're not helping me here, Mister Table... While I know objects tend to get a kick out of moonlighting as obstacles, now would be an awesome time for you to cut it out and stop hurting my muscles' feelings." Nodding down sternly at the table, he walked over it, trying to pull it up, rather than pushing it like he'd done earlier.

His words. They were so...nice. I wanted to hear more of them. I needed to hear more of them. It seemed like he wanted the table up the stairs and would talk to it if he got it up there. So, the table up the stairs meant more talking. And I wanted more talking. Concentrating, I focused on the table, easily picking it up and waiting to see if that would help. It was only a few inches in the air, something I'd learned to do after the darkness from before. I waited to see what the boy would do. Would he talk?

Instead of talking though, he seemed to lose his balance as he'd been pulling with all his might, leading him to fall back, his weight pulling the table with him as it had still been suspended in the air. As its feet connected with on the floor, it slid on the wood, the table suddenly moving over the boy lying there.

"Woah!" Sitting up, he quickly turned around and stared at the table now off the stairs and into the room he'd been trying to pull it in. "I am strong!" A large grin appeared on his lips. I think I was smiling. I remembered smiling because this boy made me want to. It was nice and I really wanted to do more. Moving away from him so he wouldn't see me and get scared, I waited to see what he would do now. Would he move more tables? Or would he do something on the stairs?

Getting up on his feet, he crossed the room and then started to drag in a large trunk, seemingly having a little less difficulty moving that. Once the trunk was placed beside the table, he crouched down, opening it and pulled out lots and lots of papers, which he then spread out onto the table.

Once he seemed pleased with the chaotic mess he'd settled it all in, he walked over to the window, and it is only then that I realized he must have been bringing objects into the room before that table as I could see he'd placed many different instruments by the window. Standing there, he looked down at them thoughtfully before picking one of them up and then returning to the table, eyes fixed on one specific piece of paper. Blowing his hair out of his face with no real success, he then propped the violin under his chin and started playing...

It hurt. That noise. I didn't...like it. It was so beautiful, but it was really hurting me now. I remembered how to hold it, what it felt like to pull the bow across the strings and the vibrations you could feel in your fingers as you held it. Didn't he know I wanted him to talk and not make noise with the violin? Reaching out my hand, I tightened it into a fist and pulled, causing all four strings to tighten along the bridge before each one snapped violently. No more noise. I wanted his voice.

His body jumped up in surprise and he quickly pulled the instrument away from his chin so he could look at it. "Okay..." He drawled out, placing the instrument carefully onto the table, "So either you got damaged during travel, or I am a little too strong." Relaxing, as his voice was just perfect, I waited to see what he would do now. Please talk more. I felt better than I could remember and he should just really talk all the time. I wanted to ask where he came from and how long he was going to stay. No one ever stayed very long and I despite my anger at the intrusions, did miss them when they left.

I decided to get a closer look at him. Relaxing myself and floating down to hover a few feet above his shoulders, I studied him. Using my hand, I gently gestured at his face, causing his hair to move away from his eyes to get a better look. They reminded me of the sky.

"Hellfire!" He shrieked, ducking down in a squat, hiding his head beneath his arms. "No!" I then heard him say, "I'm not going to let those tales scare me. I am not afraid. There's nothing here. I am alone." Still, I could see him trembling, and he seemed quite comfortable hiding like that. "It was wind. Just wind. Had to be wind. Part of my double door is missing, it can only be wind."

I nodded, even though he couldn't see me. It was just me. I was a lot like the wind. Except I could only be here; never able to leave like the wind. But it hurt again. He wasn't alone. I was here. Looking at the violin, I felt a pang of guilt for having broken all his strings. I could have only broken one and he would have stopped. Oops. But! He talked again and I liked that. I wouldn't try and touch him again at least. He didn't seem to like that. What was his name? And why was he here? I'd have to stick around and watch him so I didn't miss a chance to hear his voice and maybe I'd figure out how this boy came to be here.

Zexion - A couple of days later

Smacking my lips, I blinked my eyes a couple of times as I woke, smiling when the sunlight was streaming through the window. I didn't mind the lack of curtains. Snuggling into my pillow as I figured a couple of more minutes could never hurt, I grabbed the edge of my blanket and-

Frowning, I sat up, staring down at my blanket. "What are you doing here?" I asked it. "This is the fifth time you've ended up here, while I normally never sleep with a blanket." I accused. It didn't answer, naturally, and after a moment I quickly kicked it off me and the bed. I just slept really well here... That had to be it. I hadn't slept this well in a long time, that was very true, so maybe I just couldn't remember pulling the blanket over me in my sleepy state.

Nodding, I moved out of the bed. "Very good, I like that explanation." I told myself, hitching up my pants as I wobbled my way out of the bedroom and up the stairs that led into the large foyer where I'd set up my table and instruments.

This was the least damaged part of the entire manor, all the walls and ceilings were intact, the windows too, which apparently was a luxury in this place I shouldn't take for granted. There were lots of them, meaning a lot of light during the day, which was important as I still hadn't figured out how to make the lamps work.

The entire electrical system had fried, and while I'd gone back to the city center of this small town and asked for an electrician and plumber to work on the place...

"This house is not haunted!" I shouted like I did every morning. "They're all a bunch of whacked out nut jobs." I patted the chimney, because I liked that chimney a lot, it was the only source of heat I had in this place. I'd had a little bit of trouble handling the ax to cut wood for it, but after some exploring, trying to find the tallest tower for reception, I'd landed in some sort of cave where I'd not only found lots, and lots of dusty wine bottles, but also a very high stack of dry wood that had made my day. Granted, it took me ten minutes to find my way back to that place and haul the logs up to the chimney, but it was a lot safer than me handling an ax.

Barefoot, I walked down the stairs that led to a narrow, but cozy, kitchen and when my feet hit the cold tiles, I reminded myself that I should have Riku send me over some slippers as I'd forgotten mine. I'd gotten a hold of him when I'd gone to town to buy food that didn't need to be refrigerated and buckets to put in the hallway in order to catch the rain that went through the ceiling. He'd of course pointed out how I should go back home what with the fact that I didn't have electricity.

Then he'd asked me about the bathroom, but I'd been happy to tell him that there was one bathroom out of the six I'd found in the manor that was in working order. All right, so I couldn't take a shower that lasted longer than five minutes, or else it would turn into a very icy cold one, but at least it allowed me to stay clean! And it wasn't so bad to do my laundry in the sink... Or-

Groaning, I pulled my cabinet open. "Who am I kidding? This sucks..." And then another one of my many occurring frowns placed itself on my face. "Where's my bread?" I was so sure I'd put it in this one... Peeking around the room, I shuffled over to the next, pulling that one over. "My jam!" I shouted in outrage, whirling around, intent on kicking over a chair, but my anger faded when I saw that my bread and jam were settled on the small round table, the chair pulled out.

My eye twitched. "Why don't I remember half the stuff I do?" I started laughing softly, which then grew a bit louder, and then maybe slightly hysterical as I felt the need to grab my chest and try and see if I was going to have a heart attack soon.

Falling back against the counter, I inhaled deeply, exhaling loudly, eyes pinned on the bread and the jam. "Okay, just..." I pointed a stern finger their way. "Stay where you are!" And then I quickly rushed out of the kitchen, back up into the foyer and instead of going back down to my bedroom, I took the circling stairs that went up. I was going to find that very high tower with reception, even if it killed me!

But before I crashed my way into the hallway, I stopped dead in my tracks. "I need to get my phone first." Annoyed, I turned on my heel, intent on going down to my bedroom to grab the phone off the nightstand, but froze when I felt a whoosh of air rush passed me. That had happened more than I was comfortable with.

"There's no such thing as ghosts." I ground out, stepping down the stairs. "This house is not haunted." Yes! Good! "I am brave and will not let my own insanity get the best of me!"

After the long search of the highest tower (maybe twenty minutes tops).

"Riku, you were right, mom dropped me onto my head when I was a baby, my brain shook, and now I'm the crazy and insane result as a consequence." I looked nervously around the tower, managing to store away the freaky for a split second as I admired the beautiful view the small window offered me up here. Miles and miles of mountains and trees. I could see the town, it was a tiny spot far, far in the horizon, but I could see it.

"Zexion, calm down. You are not crazy. You just live in the creepiest house on the planet, that no one will ever visit. Congratulations." Riku drawled, not giving me any sympathy. "Anyways, why do you think you're crazy?"

I blinked, "Really? You're asking me? Usually you're the one to assure me I am." Rolling my eyes, I felt myself shiver again at the spookiness of this place. "I have a ghost for a roommate, Riku." I declared. There, I'd said it out loud. There had to be a presence in this place, had to be or else I had to admit I had gone mad, and that just seemed a silly thing to do.

"I'm sorry. Say that again. I think you broke up. Now, who is your roommate? I thought you wanted to be left along?"

I cursed the reception. "My roommate is-" What was that? Turning back around towards the window, I then screamed my lungs out in fear. "GHOST!" Tripping backwards, the phone flew out of my hands, and through the fear I managed to register that I'd tossed it out of the window, the device going straight through the... ghost...

An answering scream sounded in the empty tower, echoing and reverberating with mine. "GHOST? WHERE?" The...ghost or thing or whatever had been sitting on the window ledge moved, almost seeming to jump away from me.

"Are you kidding me? Why are you screaming?" My voice high in pitch, "You're the ghost!" I scrambled back for good measure, my back hitting a wall.

"What?" He, I am assuming it was a he, paused for a moment. "No, wait. You can see me? I'm the ghost? Well, that's funny." It stopped moving away, and now it moved closer.

My eyes we're practically popping out, "Don't move closer! I already have issues with humans coming near my personal space, I'm sure you can do the math and figure out how I feel when it comes to things that aren't supposed to be real trying to invade it!"

"Hey!" It sounded indignant. "I'm real. And you invaded my space, but I wasn't mean about it." But it stopped moving closer. "And you're in my tower, you know. And you screamed at me and scared me. I don't like it when you scream."

"Oh, right, I scared you..." I muttered out, staring as this wasn't a blurry ghost anymore, I could actually see facial expressions and what he looked like... He looked a tad grey, but he wasn't completely colorless either. "Forgive me for having forgotten my manners, I don't exactly communicate a lot with your kind." I stuttered out, trying to get back up on my feet, but my legs weren't ready for that yet. My sarcasm was back though.

"Really?" Cocking his head to the side, he moved closer, ignoring my earlier command. "So, have you seen other, er, ghosts? How do you say your name? How long are you going to be staying? Are you a student? How old are you?"

I blinked at the many questions. "That's okay..." I told myself. "I'm going to answer those questions and be nice in case you'll hurt me if I don't, but even that's okay because," I got back up on my feet, not failing this time, "See, I'm going to wake up soon. So, I can do this, I'll be nice and forego being your lunch until I wake up." Panicking, I was panicking. "Please don't eat me..."

"I don't think I can eat you. And I wouldn't want to. You are just a kid and you deserve to live a really really long time." He sounded sad for a moment, but then he perked up. Which is weird to describe a ghost doing. "And you aren't sleeping. I've seen you sleep and you aren't right now. You should really fall asleep with your blanket on. Cause you sometimes get cold here." He paused. "And I think you should cut your hair. I can't ever see both eyes."

I let out a nervous giggle, "Cut my hair? Right, yes, of course, I'll do that, just-" I lifted a finger, using my other hand to place on my stomach as I quickly moved over to the window, throwing up spectacularly over the edge, coughing out my dinner from last night.

"I think you just threw up on your talking box." His voice was actually getting clearer, or maybe it was because he'd come closer to look out the window next to me. The ghost sounded concerned. "Are you okay? Should I get you some tea?"

Talking box? I spat out the remnants. Oh, my phone. "Err, tea..." Yes! He'd leave me alone, and then I could get away without him noticing. "Yes, I'd love some tea!" I squeaked out, eyes fixed on the door, hoping I'd make it there really, really soon. I wanted my mother. Hell, even Riku at this point.

"Okay! I will make your tea." The ghost seemed happy now, fluidly jumping up, but then floated over towards the door. "And then, you should rest. I don't think you should be throwing up." And then, he disappeared through the door, which was odd as I thought ghosts could go through walls.

Wiping my mouth, I straightened, and then counted to ten to make sure he'd gone all the way down before I rushed over to the door myself, stepping out onto the stairs, and looking over the railing. I saw him vanish through the door at the bottom that led back to the hallway that would ultimately take you to the kitchen. While I had no idea how he was going to boil water in the first place, I figured that I wouldn't have much time, so...

Not thinking too much about anything at all, I thundered down the stairs, my breathing really quick and my stomach still slightly upset as I went through the opposite door the ghost had gone through. Looking over my shoulder real quick, I was glad to spot no presence before I focused on getting past the double doors, from which one of them was missing, and then get the hell off this property to never, ever, ever return.


He wanted tea! And he was going to let me get him some. He could see me. I was so happy because now he could talk to me and he would answer all my questions. I looked around the kitchen, remembering how he had made his tea. His tea was different than what I remember tea being, but after moving the right things around, I proudly put the little bag thing inside the hot water.

"Hey-" I stopped. Huh, I still did not know his name, so I couldn't call him to come down. But I could take the tea back up to him. I would just need to concentrate. I held my hands out, letting the cup hover above my palms and I started up to the tower. It was a lot easier than I'd thought because I was so happy that he was talking to me. "I'm coming in now with your tea. And I must know your name." I said as I floated his tea into the tower. "Here you go-oh." Hey, where was he?

"Hey! Where did you go? Hey?" I carefully set his tea down and thought I'd better look for him. He was sick and he could be lost. I know I'd gotten lost a lot in the beginning. Floating through the walls, I kept calling out 'Hey' every once in a while, listening for his voice.

After the top floors, I started to get worried and checked back into the kitchen cause maybe he went in there and I missed it. "Hey! Where are you?" Did he...leave? That wasn't very nice if he did. And I still didn't know his name or why he was here, or how old he was. And if he left, I couldn't follow him and ask him again. The house or something wouldn't let me leave, which wasn't fair because I wanted to talk to that boy.

Everybody else got to leave, but I had to be stuck here and now that I finally had someone who was talking to me and not making me hurt with the noise, he left. No, that really wasn't nice. I floated to the door and stared at it. Stupid door. I didn't want to look at it anymore, so I floated back to my tower, wishing that I could drink the tea I'd made.

It wasn't too long after, while I was making use of my concentration and mind, trying to make the tea keel over, but not quite, letting it dance on the edge out of pure boredom... that I heard a door creak at the bottom of my tower.

"Ehm, Sir Ghost? Are you still there?" A pause, "Hello?"

"I'm up here!" The tea sloshed suddenly, and I quickly pushed it all back into the cup. He should probably not drink that though. Making up my mind, I tossed it out the window. "Should I come down there?"

"No, sudden movements might scare me again." I could hear him say, his footsteps moving up the stairs and it wasn't long before the door opened, his head popping into the tower. "I apologize for leaving." He said, his voice shaky as his eyes scanned over me.

I smiled, remembering not to move even though I wanted to. "But you came back. I'm sorry for scaring you. And I had to throw your tea away." Maybe he'd stay longer this time, as long as I remembered not to scare him. I looked down at my hands, seeing nothing scary about them. I could almost see through them, so what was scary about that?

He let out that nervous laughter again, only this time he didn't throw up afterwards. "I-" He gulped, "I wanted to run away and never come back, but then I remembered that I left all my things here..." He stared at my hands like I had. "And you can't be that scary of a ghost if you offered me tea. Ghosts aren't supposed to offer tea." He frowned, "You can move, just... don't make boogie noises or flail your arms too quickly in that way ghosts do when scaring people."

"I don't like to scare people." I said, but then cringed. "Well, I don't want to scare you. You are the nicest boy to ever stay here and I don't want you to leave." His name. I wanted to know his name. "What is your name? I think I have seen it written, but how do you say it?"

He watched me warily, but I could see a hint of curiosity hidden behind the slight fear... "Zexion." He said softly, "What's your name?"

"My name? I have a name." Didn't I? I could feel it, almost say it. That thing that people used to call others. His was Zexion. Which was wonderful and I looked at him to just admire how he fit his name. But what was my name? "My name is...Demyx. Yes! That's my name!" I wanted to jump up, but I'd promised to behave. Looking at him, staring into those 'sky' eyes, I laughed in relief. "My name is Demyx."

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