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Demyx - A couple of days later

I was all but avoiding that front door now. It was way too creepy to look out without having Zexion nearby to tell me I was being ridiculous. In the past few days of staring at it, I'd apparently recovered my memory of how I'd died. And it really wasn't very nice. Not that most murders were, but I think mine was not just mean, it was sort of messy and I'd hate to think of the mess it'd made.

So, I'd been walking up to the manor, looking for a place to stay, shelter and all that, when I'd knocked and apparently interrupted either a murderer already looking for a victim, or a robber who got interrupted. My money was on the robber as I'd been stabbed, or rather run through, by a rather ornate sword. It hadn't been terribly sharp, which hurt like hell, and I vaguely remember someone cursing and dropping other things that they'd been walking with. So, it was really an accident, but not really as the guy had decided that stabbing me through the side might not kill me, and had just ended up finishing the job with the dull gold handled sword. I cringe now, but I really didn't remember too much pain. I suppose after that initial shock, one sort of just lets go and withdraws from reality. All in all, it was a sort of stupid way to die and extremely unlucky to die at the hands of a robber and vagrant.

So, now that I knew I'd basically died two steps inside the house, I wanted to lurk somewhere that was not there. Currently, I was in the kitchen, watching Marquis eat a can of tuna and trying not to think about watching for Zexion. Only 6 hours a day should be spent watching for him. Anymore would seem awfully pathetic.

My ears twitched when I heard the definite sound of a door being opened. It wasn't the front door, too far away, but neither was it the kitchen or foyer's... I knew now, it was the door that led to the staircase up to my tower. And then, there was a voice.

"Supernatural activity, hello! Don't eat me, I got the Ghostbusters on speed dial." I may or may not have let out a slight scream and floated right through the ceiling. Either way, I doubt anyone could really call me on it. Since I was already on my up, and after my poor unbeating heart was no longer trembling, I decided I should probably check out the stranger that was in Zexion's house. He was trespassing and that was illegal. Reaching the tower, I peaked through the floor to get a good look at the stranger.

"I am Axel Montenegro." A clear of the throat, "I come in peace..." He practically spelled out. "Je viens en paix." French? "I don't know Spanish, so please be universal." Could he be talking...to me? I decided that either way, Zexion had been the only one to see me so far, so maybe I could scare this guy away. He was probably a traveling salesman, trying to unload his wares on unsuspecting folks. I glanced at Axel's feet and smiled when I noticed he was standing on the edge of a rug. With a concentrated yank, he toppled over as I pulled it out from under him.

"Woah!" Was shouted, then he groaned, shaking his head and staring curiously at the current position he found himself in. "Hostile presence it is..." I heard him mutter. "Look, I'm not here to take or taint your territory in any way imaginable. I just want to check on you and make sure you are a supernatural activity that is supposed to be this active here in this manor. You weren't on my grid a couple of months ago, so all I want to know is if something has awoken you recently, or if you've moved into this manor not too long ago." The red headed man explained loud and clear. "I'm a gypsy. We're the good kind." He added. "You know, besides the stealing and inbreeding."

"Hey! That is really disrespectful, you know?" I said, unable to stop myself. Floating up through the floor, I put my hands on my hips and glared at him. He looked very familiar, which was weird as I hadn't left this house in forever. "I've known some wonderful gypsies, and that's not nice at all!"

His green eyes widened considerably as they scanned over me, "I am a gypsy myself. Also, it was a joke." He offered carefully. "You are practically solid... Have you been recovering memories?" He asked, starting to circle around me as he looked me over meticulously.

"Yo-you can see me?" I whirled around, shocked to my very core. It had been a miracle that he'd actually heard me as well and now he was staring right at me?

"If you couldn't be seen before it's because you didn't want to be seen." He explained without needing to think about it. "It's the only real form of protection a ghost has, what with them not being able to die or get harmed. But if you show yourself to the wrong person, the consequences can sometimes be harmful."

He smiled quickly my way, "Not me though, I'm not here trying to make money off of you through television. I just sensed a prominent activity in this area that hadn't been here before, so I left my trailer and family to go on a hike and check it out." He waved at himself and the manor, "And here I am. Now, can you tell me if I am going to be wasting my time asking you questions, or will you do me the pleasure of answering them so I may help you in case you need it?"

"How can you help me? I'm dead." I waved my hand at him dismissively. "But feel free to ask your questions. I've got nothing to hide and it will at least give me someone new to talk to." Besides Zexion whom I was missing terribly now. He was much nicer to talk to than this Axel person. He seemed like a traveling exorcist.

He sat down on the ground, "If I felt your presence, that means you've once been put under the protection of gypsies, meaning that you turned into a ghost thanks to that charm, or spell, if you will." He waved a hand at me, gesturing for me to sit down too. "With this protection comes the following. The ghost can survive a hundred years living only partly on this earth. Body perished, but the soul still present. That being your case. In those hundred years, you either forget everything you ever were and then when the time is up? Your soul fades away, or... Which seems to be your case, you recover the lost memories, and have the option to become alive once more, but only before the hundred years are up." He opened his mouth, paused, and then grinned at me, "Now I'm explaining more than I am asking you questions. No matter. In any case, you'll still need a gypsy to complete that outcome." He cleared his throat then, "Now, as for questions. What are your intention? Dead forever, or alive once more?"

My mind was reeling. "I could be...alive?" I gasped, staring intently into Axel's green eyes. "As in, flesh and blood, touching, kissing, having sex, alive? And anyone would be able to see me and hear me?"

He nodded, "Yes, all the horny perks would be returned to you. We've lost the arts a bit today, but a long time ago gypsies were really rather powerful, close to being able to match a witch. Difference is that a witch can act on their own, while gypsies need to group together to access any type of magic. Do you remember the name of the gypsy you once met? Or if I'm really lucky, you'll remember their family name...?"

I tilted my head to the side. "You mean, it wasn't you? No, I'm pretty sure you're the one who gave me the map. Axel Montenegro, right?" It had to be the same guy. The hair, the face, the name. How long did gypsies live anyways?

"We're not vampires, no such thing as an immortal gypsy." He assured, "You met my great Papi. I carry his name. I'm Axel Montenegro's grandson. The hair is a trait that we can't seem to get rid off."

"You look just like him, you know. Only he didn't talk as fast as you." And I suppose there were a few other differences. This Axel had triangle shaped tattoos on his face and more on his arms. The piercings seemed the same. Remembering the part about coming alive, I sucked in a breath. "Okay, so I can come back to life? Why? Just because your grandfather gave me a map?"

"Oh, no, there's a whole big bunch of voodoo mojo going on with the roads, not the map. The path that is drawn golden was blessed and turned sacred by the gypsies. So long you follow that path and don't stray? It's healing and luck will remain with you for as long as you want it. Gypsies weren't liked much back then. Neither are we now for that matter." He shrugged, clearly not caring about the outer world's opinion.

"In order to kick the healing charm in action? I need to bring you along with me to my family's camping site. We aren't far from here, which is the only reason I felt the activity to begin with. Hadn't we been traveling close by? I'd have never known. You'll have to remain close to me and we'll be obliged to stay on the golden path so the spell on you won't fade and..."

He frowned, taking out his cellphone and using a minute or two to search something on it. "Yeah, so the copies I made of our family books tells me that if you go off the path, you die. And like, really dead, dead, not ghost dead like you are now."

"I...can leave? Like, I've been trying to leave this house for awhile, and you're telling me I can now? Why now? Why is it all happening now and not when it first happened?" I frowned. "And for that matter how on earth was I killed when I was on a blessed path?"

His eye twitched, "Hey! I'm asking the questions all right? This isn't my final exam! You can't pressure me..." Wrinkling his nose, he spoke before I could, because he seemed to like speaking a lot, "Yes, you can leave because I am with you. I'm a gypsy. The protection spell has this slight lock down effect when turned into a ghost. It's to make it easier for the family members to find their ghostly dead relative when something killed them on the path. Okay, okay!" He held up his hands, breathing in deeply. "This is what it is. As I said, gypsies aren't immortal. We can only defy death temporarily and drag out its outcome or take a detour. Both of these are being used on you right now. The ghost state is the dragging out part, and the detour is where we bring you back to life. But in no way will this make it so you can live forever. You'll just be granted your life back after the violent death you weren't supposed to suffer from. So that answers your question on why you were killed on a blessed path. Because we gypsies don't hold the power to annul death, we only know how to cheat it temporarily."

He eyed me, trying to gauge if I was following, when I nodded, he continued. "Now as for the lock down. Because you lose your memory once killed, I don't know why so don't ask, the spell is made so your ghostly self is confined to a small area only. Since you don't remember who you are? You could wander off so far, it would make it impossible for your family to find you. But with the confinement? Your family will be able to find you in time before the hundred years are up, help you remember everything and bring you back to life before you fade away." He sighed, running things over in his head before nodding and grinning when he was happy with how he'd explained all that. "Since you aren't a gypsy or linked back to one of the gypsy families, only a friend? You weren't watched as closely as I, for example would be. I'm very sorry my great Papi didn't find you, and I suppose I'll apologize for nearly being too late. Any more questions?"

"Only one. How long is this going to take? I have someone I would very much like to, er, you know, with. And I don't want him to get tired of waiting for me." I couldn't wait to see Zexion again. I was already picturing the shower time we'd spend together, not to mention that I'd finally be able to kiss him, taste him, just...everything with him. I loved him so much and I wanted him.

"Well," Axel thought it over, "I guess it depends. Let's see if you can sit in a car and travel along with it, or if it just drives right through you. If that last one is the case, we'll have to walk. Or," He pointed at me, "float."

Zexion - a couple of more days

With everything that had taken place back at Sora and Riku's home, Riku's state, surgery and recovery... I was almost not entirely sure how long I'd been gone from the manor. I'd stayed with Sora in the hospital the moment I'd arrived, days sort of fusing together as I'd tried to keep Sora's mind off of things, and as he couldn't sleep until Riku was officially doing better.

Well, sleep hadn't been one of the main things I'd done... The doctors had told me to go away and stay at my parents a few days before the procedure so I could rest and be at my best for the transplant. When Riku had been ill the first time, although I couldn't remember, the way my parents and Riku spoke about it? It had felt like it had taken so long before he'd beaten the cancer... As if it had swallowed whole our entire childhoods, yet now? I'd been expecting to be away from Demyx and the manor for months, and instead I'd not been gone for even two months. Since the compatibility had already been established between myself and Riku, all that needed to be done was the transplant, and while Riku couldn't leave the hospital yet, the doctors hadn't dragged the surgery out, pretty much doing it as soon as it was possible.

I still didn't understand much of the disease, and I didn't care too. I was all for elaborate explanations and technicalities, but when it came to cancer? I didn't want to know squat. Only what I needed to know and that was it... Riku had once tried to explain to me, but it only hurt to hear what he'd had to go through. Sora wasn't like that, he knew everything from A to Z when it came to Riku's yet again beaten cancer, and with the transplant?

Normally, it should never return. I'd been hesitant to leave them, but even if they didn't believe Demyx was a ghost, they knew I needed to go back to the Pyrenees and the manor, and so they'd surprised me with a plane ticket, telling me it was fine for me to go now if I wanted too. And I did. And I had.

Smiling at the manor nestled between mountains, trees and fields of grass and flowers, I picked up my pace, practically running towards the large double door that was the entrance. If Riku could beat cancer twice, than I had to believe Demyx could become whole and beat the thing that kept him locked inside of this place, trapped in a state where he couldn't function entirely. He wasn't dead.

I'd come to realize that, if he had been, then he would be completely gone... Since he wasn't, there was still a part of him that was alive, and that had to be enough. Pushing the door open, I rushed through the hallway, making my way to the staircase that led up to his tower.

"Demyx!" I shouted out, nearly tripping as the excitement was almost overwhelming at this point and although I wouldn't be able to jump into his arms and vow I'd never let go, just being able to see and talk to him was just as good for now.

"Where are you hiding?" I asked the empty tower, turning around so I could thunder down the stairs and take the door on the left rather than the right, a ball of worry starting to form itself in the pit of my stomach as he wasn't in the foyer, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. The worry became fear when I couldn't find him in the basement or garden shed either, and by the time I was checking each and every single room the manor had to offer, calling out for him, that fear and worry transformed into sadness as I came to realize he wasn't here.

But I didn't give up hope right away, instead I settled in my bed, had trouble falling asleep, but managed to get there at some point anyway. The hope had dimmed when I woke and he still wasn't there. I'm pretty sure the hope was crushed when I entered the kitchen and my bread and jam weren't set out on the table, but instead, I found them in the cabinet where I'd last put them before leaving. My instruments were untouched and while I checked the house at least five more times, in the end I sort of had to begin swallowing the pain that had bubbled its way up when the fact of Demyx having faded pushed its way to the front of my mind.

Demyx - A couple of days later

"Ow, ow, ow, ow." I hadn't opened my eyes yet, but I just knew what was waiting for me. Blinding pain and the hangover from hell. "Axel, where ever you are, rot in hell." He had to be around here somewhere. This was his trailer and while I was just in a spare room, I distinctly remember him grabbing his little blonde and disappearing behind a door. Let's just hope that the door was one in this house and not in the many other trailers around here.

Steeling myself, I finally rolled over and sat up, keeping my eyes closed so that the sun I could feel on my face didn't blind me. Last night was a bit of a blur, but it had started with Axel and I finally arriving at this gypsy compound after walking for a couple of days. He'd explained exactly how the embodying would occur and what I would need in order for me to have an identity that wasn't over 100 years old.

The good news? I got to keep my real name, the bad news was that I'd probably need a little while before I could remember how to function in a body. So it might take me a few days to get back to the manor. I could only pray that Zexion was still in Montana. It would be the perfect surprise to come home to.

If I was asked to describe how exactly me getting a body had come about, I would have no idea how. Axel had parked me inside his trailer, then someone named Roxas had sat with me, basically holding my spirit in place while Axel had prepared everything outside. Then, as the sun had set, Roxas had led me outside where a huge fire was going, surrounded by dozens of figures I couldn't make out.

The rest was such a blur, the only solid moment I could discern was the sudden feeling of heaviness that overwhelmed me. As though I was suddenly carrying so much with me. I'd started to panic. It had been so many years since I'd heard my own heartbeat, it was very loud and I couldn't even hold my weight up. Fortunately, or unfortunately as I looked back now, they'd figured the best way to calm me down was to pump me full of as much alcohol as I could hold. And thus, last night would always be the most astonishing thing that had happened to me, that I'd probably never remember.

Axel had assured me that this morning he would have everything worked out for me, identity wise, then he'd drive me back to the manor which was only a few hours away on the 'highway'. He'd make sure I was settled with Zexion, whom he'd teased me mercilessly about, then he'd be on his way. Now, if I could only, 1) open my eyes, 2) find Axel, and 3) eat some real food because I could hear my stomach starting to complain about all alcohol and no food.

A half an hour later proved to be just as horrible as I'd imagined, as I'd only successfully made it to the bathroom. Amazingly, I remembered how to use one, and I was now sitting in the kitchen with a glass of water in front of me, waiting for someone to come find me.

A hand suddenly appeared in front of me and gently put down two white pills next to my water. I recognized them as painkillers and as I gulped them messily down, I glanced up into bright blue eyes that I vaguely remembered from last night.

"Those should make it all go away. They aren't just painkillers, they're 'blessed' pain killers." Roxas smiled at me. "Blessed so as to remove all symptoms of the dreaded hangover. After something like last night, you won't be the only one suffering and these are as good as gold out in the real world." His voice carried a bit of an accent, but I couldn't place it.

"Uh, thanks." I looked around, noticing that he looked to be making breakfast. "Where's Axel?"

Roxas pursed his lips into a thin smile. "Oh, he's claiming sex is the universal cure to all hangovers, but let's just say that I made the better argument. He'll crawl out here in a bit when he smells the bacon." I yawned as I watched him prepare a quick breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast and I drooled when he popped open a jar of jam. That was something that I was dying to taste now that I actually had tastebuds again. Jam and toast. It reminded me of Zexion and my new heart actually felt a pang with how much I missed him.

Roxas set a plate in front of me and I dug in while he watched, sipping a cup of coffee. "So, Demyx. Today we'll be showing you all the things you'll need to be legitimate in this world now, and then we'll give you a lift back to your manor if that is your wish." I nodded vigorously, while trying to swallow the heavenly food in front of me. God bless fresh eggs and bacon. Roxas grinned at me, and I was surprised at how much that softened his face. He'd seemed a bit too in charge of things, like he almost had a hard time having fun. But I felt myself smiling back at him.

"I'll grab you some clothes and get everything ready. I'm sure you're excited to get back to..." He raised an eyebrow in question.

"Zexion. His name is Zexion and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him." I answered, my heart feeling light at the thought.

"Zexion. Yes. Well, I wish you the best and I'll be right back. Oh, good morning, Sunshine." Roxas drawled and I glanced up to see a mop of red hair making its way down the hall and into the kitchen.

"Ugh sunshine..." Axel practically gagged, lifting his hand to shield his eyes. "Alcohol shouldn't only be illegal to the under-aged and pregnant." Reaching out, he gripped Roxas hip, pulling the blond into his arms before he could slip away. "You know I hate to wake up without you beside me."

Roxas held his hand up in front of Axel's mouth as it tried to descend to his. "Ugh. Morning breath much?" He placed a quick kiss to his hand, then wiggled out of Axel's grasp. "And you hate to wake up in general. Eat, wash, and then put clothes on. We'll leave as soon as you two are decent. Pain meds are on the counter, Ax." He pushed gently with his hand causing Axel to take a step back as Roxas retreated down the hallway.

Axel propped his hands onto his hips, shaking his head at Roxas's back, "Gypsies from the north... Always practical and never want to have any fun." Turning to look at me, he smiled brightly, "From the frown on your forehead I'm guessing you're suffering from a hangover... The remnants of food on the corner of your mouth inform me you've been fed," He thanked Roxas, "And now I will give you some clothes that don't make you stand out in the year 2012." He gestured for me to follow him, "Oh, that's right, happy new year, by the way."

Axel halted, grabbing the wall as I heard the definite sound of a burp, his other free hand patting his stomach, "No... Not ready for food yet." His body shivered and then he continued to guide me to wherever the clothes would be at.

"There!" I yelled, leaning into the front of the vehicle waving my finger towards the manor that was suddenly visible.

"Hands! And dammit, Demyx! Seatbelt! Don't really want you dead again!" I pouted and sat back as Roxas lectured me yet again about the safety one needed to have while driving at 'extreme speeds' while he glared at Axel. Apparently the redhead was a 'speed demon'.

"Well, I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss it." Not that they really could, but I just couldn't contain myself now that I could see it again. After so long, I was surprised that I didn't hate it, but Zexion was the only thing on my mind now. Axel carefully made it up the long driveway in bad repair and as he pulled to a stop right in front of the huge double doors. I waited until Roxas spun around in his seat and waved me out.

"Go. We'll wait here for the okay signal before leaving." I glanced at Axel, wanting him to admit he wouldn't drive away without me giving the go ahead.

"I won't." He implored. "Now that I've brushed my teeth I might finally get that long, sweet kiss Roxas owes me. Go before we scare you with the following display." Believing every word that he said, I scrambled out and attempted to run up the steps, only tripping once. I pushed the doors open.

"Zexion? Are you here yet?" There was a brief moment of relief as I didn't hear anything in reply. That was until I got a good look around. There was...nothing. I wandered into his music room and gasped as an empty floor greeted me. Where the hell were his instruments? Had we been robbed? Oh man, that was very bad. Running down the hall, I rushed to the kitchen and noticed that all of the wonderful appliances that Zexion had put in were now missing. No thief would steal a giant refrigerator or Zexion's favorite teapot. My gut felt sick as I realized that it hadn't been thieves who'd cleared the house out. Only Zexion would also take his entire tea supply, each and every box.

"Dammit! Shit, shit, shit!" He'd come back and I hadn't been here! He probably thought I'd 'moved on' or faded away or something. "Crap, crap, crap." I stomped my foot, then spun around and sprinted for the front doors again. I had to get to Montana.

"Axel! Start the car and give Roxas back his tongue!" I yelled, bursting out of the entrance and running towards the car.

Zexion - a couple of hours plus a plane ride to America later...

Turned out, all I needed to get the hang of writing music again and feeling one with the notes and sounds... Was for my boyfriend to really die and fade away. Who had I been kidding anyway. A happy ending wasn't for me, I'd known this for years and couldn't really understand why I'd tried to believe otherwise... The few relationships I'd had before had all failed, my heart always taking a rough hit as I invested myself so deeply into them, while solid hints should have had me aware that it wouldn't work from the start.

Before the manor and Demyx, I'd almost come to terms with the fact that I'd end up alone. But then Demyx did happen and I forgot. Now I remembered though. It hurt and while it had before as well, with Demyx it just seemed a hundred times worse and I barely felt like I'd be capable moving on at one point or another. Although Sora and Riku still questioned the ghost factor, they did know something was really wrong, and so they hadn't given me much of a choice, dragging me to their place once Riku had been released from the hospital. He still needed to take it easy, but it seemed Sora needed to take care more of me than Riku at this point.

They let me be for the most part, not bothered with the music I played all day and a good part of the night, as they told me these pieces may just turn out better than the first composition I'd written. They were supportive... Sora came in my room to check up on me regularly, open the blinds to force me to see sunlight from time to time, give me food and water because I'd just forget if he didn't remind me. Now, this wasn't so uncommon, I became very forgetful of my bodily needs and the outer world when I wrote music, but Sora wasn't wrong to say that I might be pushing it a little too far this time around. I knew why... I felt disconnected from the world while I wrote and played, I didn't need to concentrate or hear my own thoughts. All that mattered was the notes, and it made me feel safe from the pain that was threatening to break me in two if I let it bubble up to the surface...

I heard a soft knock on my door, leading me to close my eyes tightly shut as I knew Sora would once again try and make me join them for breakfast... or lunch... Maybe dinner? I wasn't sure, but he'd ask me, I'd decline, he'd then bring me the meal up here and stare at me until I'd eat. It was the same routine over and over, and it was going to repeat itself today and tomorrow, and the day after...

I paused my fingers on the violin, "You should just bring the food to me right away, Sora, you're just wasting your time asking me to come down because you know I won't." And then I continued where I'd left off with the music.

"Zexion? It's...well, it's Demyx, not Sora. He sent me up here and I'm hoping that you aren't too mad at me for not being there when you got back..." The door was suddenly pushed open, Demyx, my Demyx on the other side. I don't think I was aware what shock was before this moment. The definition of that word was only making sense in my head as my eyes had popped open to take him in. The violin had screeched painfully because of the surprise jump my fingers had done at the sound of his voice, and when I dropped the thing to the floor as I realized that he was real... No longer a ghost, but he had color. He was blond with clear, ocean blue-green eyes, a beating heart and the ability to breathe...

That was the second violin broken because of him. It was a fleeting observation that registered in my mind, but not one I dwelt on as I stumbled my way across the room, pretty much launching myself into his arms. While he caught me, he did become unstable, and after a few wobbly steps, his arms came around me to hold me up against him, his back connected with a wall, and by the time he slid down to the ground, myself still in his arms, I was blubbering silly tears like a five year old girl might. Especially because I couldn't seem to control the pitch of my voice. It was almost embarrassing, but-

"I-" Love you, miss you, will never leave you... Not sure how to decide on what to tell him. "I don't know what to say." I chuckled weakly, pressing my face into his neck so I could breathe him in, my fingers clutching his shirt tightly.

He was holding me just as tightly, his cheek lying against my head, rubbing my hair and breathing deep. "Gods, you feel so good. Better than I could have ever imagined. I missed you so much!" His voice was breaking, and his body was trembling slightly. I nodded my head vividly in agreement, my lips brushing against the side of his neck, and when goosebumps broke out over his skin, a shiver rushing over him, I realized I could kiss him now. I could and I wanted too, and I was going too. Pulling back far enough to be able to look at him, a watery smile appeared when he reached up and pushed the lock of hair out of my face, and this time I could feel him. I framed his face, eyes hooding over as my breath caught while I leaned in.

"You're breathing..." I whispered when his breath hit my face. "And you're warm and your heart beats." Pretty obvious, but I couldn't help stating these facts.

"Apparently, I was on a protected gypsy path. They were supposed to bring me back right after I first died, but they weren't aware. I'm glad they didn't know or I wouldn't have had you." He was speaking quickly, trying to get the explanation out. "They felt my presence these past few months, and came to help me. Sorry. I should have left you a note." His lips were only centimeters away. I wanted to respond and talk to him about all he went through to know what had happened, but at this point I figured we'd talked enough.

Closing the distance, I pressed my mouth to his, my heart skipping a beat as it did, fingers slipping down to his neck and when I could feel his heart thumping there, by his jugular, I smiled against his lips. It then turned into an amused chuckle when the softness of his kiss turned feverish, passionate and before I had time to really realize, I was on my back on the floor, Demyx pressing down on top of me, ready to ravage me quite thoroughly, which I knew with certainty because he used his foot to kick the door closed.

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