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Chapter 1:

You are cordially invited to celebrate
the wedding of
Kurt Hummel
Blaine Anderson

I skim over the remaining details, the date, time and location of the wedding. I already know the details; this invitation is merely a formality. The betrothed couple didn't see the point of sending out invitations because all their friends and family already know the plan but I had insisted that it was still proper procedure to send out wedding invitations. I can't speak for anybody else but when I saw the invitation arrive in the post, I suddenly came over all excited, like a child before Christmas.

They've been together ever since high school and I always knew that they would make it. They still look at each other the same way they did in high school. Not many couples still have that look of adoration for one another but they most definitely do. The wedding was to be held on Friday but Kurt and Blaine had always been an extravagant couple so instead of just having the normal wedding and reception, the couple have decided to have a week-long celebration. When I asked why, Kurt told me that they would do anything to prolong the party. In two days' time, the happy couple had requested the company of myself and the rest of our old Glee Club at their home for a week-long catch up before the wedding.

The prospect of seeing everybody again genuinely excited me. In my first year at NYADA, I found it increasingly difficult to keep in touch with everybody from Glee. I sent the odd message every now and again to Mercedes and Tina, asking how they were but that was it. I attended Mike and Tina's wedding four years ago and Sam and Mercedes' wedding two years ago but a fleeting attendance at their weddings didn't really give me a chance to catch up with everybody.

Kurt and Blaine were the only two people from high school that I still religiously kept in contact with. The first few years whilst we were at NYADA, Kurt and I enjoyed what New York had to offer. We went to Broadway shows and wasted all our money on souvenirs and show memorabilia. When Blaine joined us a year later, we had our own little trio and nobody else mattered. I never really had a best friend until I met Kurt and now I class Blaine as one as well. I'm pleased that after seven years, mine and Kurt's friendship is still as solid as ever, whilst mine and Blaine's is getting stronger every day.

Aside from seeing everybody from Glee Club at the weddings, I rarely speak to them. I send and receive a text message every Christmas, wishing them all a Merry Christmas and I receive similar texts back, most of them pleasant, Santana's text holding sarcastic comments even though I sense she doesn't mean them. When Tina had her first baby two years, I sent flowers to the hospital and wished her well in a phone call but my busy work schedule kept me from flying to North Carolina to see the new parents. Likewise, when Mercedes and Sam had twins six months ago, they received the same presents as Tina and Mike had, but I didn't fly to Kentucky.

Although I have fond memories from high school, Glee Club winning Nationals in our final year and my boyfriend being just two, up until senior year, I was effectively an outside, to some people, a loser. I received slushie facials on a daily basis, despite Glee Club having a rising popularity, it still remained one of the lowest clubs on the totem pole and as a result, it's members were seem as the lowest people in school. The Cheerios, Santana and Brittany, managed to avoid the slushies, although that was only due to the fact that the football and hockey players were scared of Santana's temper.

That being said, everybody feared Santana's temper.

Ever since freshman year, I had watched Finn Hudson from afar and for lack of a better word, I pined after him. Most boys when they looked at me didn't see a gorgeous girl that they wanted to date or sleep with, they saw somebody that they could make fun of, somebody that they could tease mercilessly. I never expected Finn to look at me the way I looked at him but in junior year, everything changed. He asked me out and it was the happiest day of my high school life. We were happy for about a year until I realised that he didn't understand how important my dreams were. He didn't understand that NYADA was my dream. He didn't understand that until I stood on a Broadway stage, I had not achieved my dread. I couldn't be with somebody who tried to stand in the way of my dreams.

Needless to say our relationship didn't survive much longer.

I haven't spoken to Finn since we both left high school. He stayed in Ohio whilst I jetted off to New York. I saw him briefly at the weddings but didn't stop to talk to him. He was my first kiss, my first time and my first love, deep down I will always have feelings for him. I don't think I realised that until I saw him at Mike and Tina's wedding and I felt slight butterflies but I know that we'll never be together again.

Whenever Kurt goes back home to Lima, he tells me that Finn has asked after me. He tells me that Finn said he was proud of me and I have to admit, that makes me happy.

I glace at my computer to see the email that Kurt had sent only several weeks ago.

Fellow Glee-clubbers,

As you are all aware, I am now only weeks away from settling down with my beautiful fiancé, after he finally popped the question. I must say, he certainly took his time doing that, I was beginning to think it was never going to happen and we all know that marrying Blaine is something which just needs to happen.

Aside from coming to our wedding, Blaine and I would also love it if you could all come down to our home in New York on July the 9th with the wedding being held on Friday the 13th. And I don't want anybody being dramatic about the date. Yes, that means you Rachel.

We hope you can all make it; it would be lovely to see the old Glee Club back together. Oh, I almost forgot, please feel free to bring a significant other. The more the merrier in our eyes.

Love Kurt and Blaine.

'Please feel free to bring a significant other.' That was the only part of the invite which worried me. I didn't have a significant other. I knew that Mercedes would be with Sam, Tina would be with Mike, and Blaine had told me that Santana and Brittany were still a couple. That was three couples already, four if you count Blaine and Kurt. I didn't want to turn up alone. I didn't want to be the only woman there without a date; I didn't want to admit to everybody that I was still single.

The email had been sent to everybody in our old Glee Club, even Mr Schue, although he had replied saying that he and Emma would make the wedding but unfortunately they were busy during the week.

I glanced at the cat calendar in the corner of my room; it may no longer have people's faces in but having a cat calendar has become somewhat a tradition each year. July the 7th. I had two days before I had to drive to Kurt and Blaine's and I refused to turn up alone. It has been about a month since I'd spoken to either of the couple, planning their wedding has taken up a lot of their time, at first I had been upset about the lack of contact with my friends but now I realise that it could work to my advantage. I could have been seeing somebody for a couple of months and we were taking things slow, that's why I kept it a secret. We didn't want to tell anybody in case we jinxed our relationship.

Its early days.

That's what I'd say.

Only problem is, I have no idea who to take

After Finn, I remained single for several years, concentrating on my work rather than a relationship. I also decided to stay celibate until I was 25, I may have broken my original promise to stay a virgin till that age but I could amend the rule slightly. However, I disappointed myself because that didn't last either. Two months after my twenty-first birthday, I met Rob.

He was kind, good-hearted and gorgeous. Everything you could want in a man. He treated me like a princess and I loved him. I really did. But there was always something missing, it just didn't feel right. We were together for just over a year before I ended things.

He was in love with me and would have done anything for me but I didn't feel the same. It wasn't right to keep dating him when he would also hope for more and I would never be able to deliver. My daddy always said that when he met my dad, it was love at first sight. A cliché, but I like clichés. I wanted that feeling that my parents experienced, I wanted to meet somebody and just instantly know that we were destined to be together.

After a very drunken wrap party for my latest play on Broadway, I woke up next to a strange woman. It didn't take me long to piece together the events of the previous night and it took me even less time to realise that I had enjoyed my encounter with the woman.

That was when I realised why something had been missing with Rob.

It wasn't that I wasn't interested in him; I was just interested in girls more.

After being brought up by two gay dads, I had contemplated the possibility of being gay myself but nothing ever happened to make me believe that I was. I didn't find myself staring at girls more than guys, if anything it was the other way around. Up until I was 25, I truly believed that I was straight and that one night made me realise I wasn't.

When I told Kurt about my recent epiphany, he asked the obvious question. 'Was I gay?' Before I could answer he told me that whether I was or not wouldn't affect our friendship, granted I already knew that. He would be a hypocrite if he turned away a friend who was gay after all the struggles he went through during high school.

I told him that I didn't believe sexuality was simply black and white, it could be all different shades of grey. I told him that I wasn't gay but I wasn't straight even. If I fell in love with a man then so be in, if I fell in love with a woman then so be it. I told him that it didn't matter to me what gender the person was, just who they were as a person.

That was six months ago now and I still maintain that philosophy. My parents didn't even bat an eyelid when I told them that I liked girls as well as guys. They smiled and said they knew, they always had. When I asked them how they knew, they had laughed and said it was obvious. I wanted to probe further but I didn't think it would be useful.

The sound of my phone vibrating against my desk brought me out of my reverie.

My flatmate is doing my head in! She's having angry sex with her boyfriend. I'm coming over.

I couldn't help the smile which filled my face as the message from Quinn filled my screen.

You know it is common procedure to ask before just inviting oneself to somebody else's home. It is courteous if nothing else.

I reply before running my fingers through my hair. My relationship with Quinn is a complicated one at that. We met in a bar one night and she bought me a drink. At first I refused, mainly from shock more than anything else, nobody had ever bought me a drink in a bar before so I was sure she must have an ulterior motive. I planned to leave the bar, leave her but there was something about her which made me stay. Several hours later we were in her bed, naked and revelling in ecstasy after a very rushed encounter.

Lying in her bed, naked and covered only by a thin sheet, it hit me. I'd just had my second one-night stand with a girl. That wasn't me. I didn't just sleep with people I didn't know yet within several months I had done it twice.

However, the strangest thing was that it didn't feel strange. Quinn seemed to feel the same and it happened again and again. She would come over to my apartment late at night and I would do the same. We were booty-calls but neither of us liked that label. Quinn said it reminded her of university when students slept around. Instead we agreed to be friends with benefits.

Although we were friends with benefits, a friendship never really appeared. We never talked about anything, we just had sex.

It may seem strange but it worked for us.

My phone vibrated once more and twenty minutes has passed since my last text.

I thought I had an open invitation to your flat whenever I wanted ;)

I smirk slightly before responding.

You do. But that doesn't mean that it still isn't polite to ask. I may have company for all you know.

The response was instantaneous.

I highly doubt you have company considering all I can hear is silence.

My eyebrows furrow at her response but before I can reply, there's a knock at the front door. Just like that I understand what her previous message meant. I didn't need to open the door to know that Quinn would be standing on the other side. I place my phone on the kitchen counter and open the door, greeting Quinn with a smile.

She gives me a wide smile in return before immediately throwing her jacket over the back of the sofa and taking a seat. She brushes some of her cropped pink hair out of her face before reaching into her jacket pocket and withdrawing a cigarette.

"Quinn!" My sudden exclamation causes her to look over her shoulder, the cigarette in her mouth, lighter poised and ready in her hand. "How many times have I told you that you cannot smoke in here?" Quinn shrugs her shoulders before lighting the cigarette anyway. "You can't do that. Aside from the fact that I haven't given you permission to smoke in my apartment, it is a disgusting habit and is slowing destroying your body."

Quinn takes a drag of her cigarette before walking towards my balcony and stepping through the sliding door. I watch as she exhales the smoke before turning towards me with a quirked eyebrow. "Better princess?" She shouts slightly from behind the glass door to make sure I can hear her.

I grab Quinn's jacket and hang it up on my coat rack. One thing I've learnt about Quinn is that she doesn't seem to clean up after herself. She leaves her mess behind; I don't know whether she expects me to clean up after her or whether I do it because I can't stand the mess. I step outside to join Quinn. "Thank you, for future reference I would appreciate it if you did this straight away."

Quinn takes another drag and exhales the smoke away from me. She places her free hand against her chest in mock disappointment. "But my visit to you isn't complete unless you rant at me for smoking inside your apartment and if you're in an especially good mood, smoking period."

"Well if you just quit smoking altogether, we needn't have this discussion."

Quinn watches the cigarette burn down slowly. "I can't. Smoking keeps me sane."

"I'm sure you're sane enough without them."

Quinn drops the cigarette to the ground before squashing it with her foot. "Sorry for the mess," she says as she follows my gaze to the butt on the ground.

"Better here than in my living room," I reply. "I mean if you dropped your cigarette butt on my carpet…"

I'm cut off as Quinn grabs my waist and pulls me closer to her, her lips crashing against mine. "You talk too much," she whispers the words against my lips before I grasp the hem of her top between my fingers, swiftly pulling it over her head.

I gesture my head to the right. "Inside."

She nods before taking the lead and walking backwards to my bedroom, never once breaking the kiss. Her hands skim over my lower back, causing goose-bumps to appear on my skin. I can feel her fiddling with the buttons on my shirt before I hear them hitting the floor simultaneously as my shirt is ripped off my body, before my shirt joins the buttons.

This is what always happens. Our encounters are rushed and hurried. We never take our time and instead of paying attention to every part of each other's body, we just do what is necessary. If we concentrate and slow things down, we're crossing the line from casual sex into something more and that is a line neither one of us wants to cross.

Sometimes, after we've slept together, Quinn stays. Sometimes we grab some food or watch a movie. Sometimes, I like those moments most. Because for a few moments, I don't feel like all she wants is sex, for just a few moments, I feel special. Today, however, isn't one of those days. It's like the majority of times we see each other, she's leaving straight away. I don't know where she goes, part of me wonders whether she's going to go and see another friend with benefits but I never voice my concern.

Instead I choose to ignore it.

She's half-way to pulling her jeans up when she speaks. "So I'll see you same time on Monday?" She throws me a cheeky wink as she always does.

"I'm not here," I say. "I'm away for the next week, got a wedding to go to."

"Since when do weddings last for an entire week?" She disappears momentarily to grab her top which is currently residing on the ground of the balcony before reappearing now fully dressed.

"They don't." I sit up, bunching the duvet against my chest to prevent it from falling down. No matter how many times we've slept together, I still feel self-conscious about my body, even more so when we're not in the heat of the moment. With Quinn, as gorgeous as she is, now fully dressed, I feel self-conscious about my nakedness. "The wedding is on Friday, the other four days are a sort of catch-up with old friends."

Quinn looks over her shoulder at me. "Sounds like you'll have a jolly good old time."

I remain quiet as she glances at her reflection in the mirror, fixing her hair when it hits me. I want somebody to come with me to the wedding; somebody I can pretend is my significant other. I think that person is standing five feet away from me. "Come with me."

Quinn scoffs loudly but doesn't stop her ministrations, if anything her hands run through her hair at a faster pace. "Please tell me I'm still in a sex-induced haze and I'm not hearing properly because otherwise it sounded like you just invited me to some random person's wedding."

"Not some random person's wedding, they're my friends," I state. "And you heard correctly, I invited you to the wedding."

This time she turns around. "Why?"

I sigh heavily before answering honestly. "The invite said feel free to bring significant others and as you're well aware, I don't have one. You're about as close as I have and I don't want to be the only one there without a partner."

She hesitates for a moment and I think she's contemplating it. "I don't do weddings Rachel."

"Why not?"

"Because weddings are about solidifying your love for another person, there about saying you're going to be with one person for the rest of your life," she says quickly. "Weddings are about giving people happy endings and I don't believe in that."

"Which part exactly?"

She runs her fingers through her hair once more; I gather it's a nervous habit. "I just don't believe in weddings full stop. Weddings are just another way for people to make money. Aside from that one in three marriages ends in divorce, so technically you're celebrating that statistic. I don't go to weddings, let alone go to ones of people I don't even know."

"I had no idea you were so cynical."

"I'm not cynical, I'm realistic," she comments, buttoning up her jeans. "You should try it sometime, that way you wouldn't invite me to a wedding because you'd already know the answer would be no."

I can sense that she is close to walking away, she wants this conversation to come to an end but if there is one thing people say about me, it's that I'm relentless. "Please come with me Quinn," I plead. "We're friends right?"

She quirks her eyebrow at me, we don't normally define our relationship as friends.

"Look it's just for five days and then you can pretend that you never went," I bargain, watching as her eyes narrow in thought. "You don't even really have to do anything; just pretend to be my girlfriend."

"Hold up." She walks towards me, holding her hands up. "You didn't say anything about pretending to be together."

My eyebrows furrow in confusion. "I mentioned people were bringing their significant others and I wanted you to come. What part of that didn't make it clear that I wanted you to come as my significant other?"

"I thought you just meant come with you to keep you company," she answers. "You really need to be clearer when you talk."

My mouth opens in shock. "I need to be clearer. Excuse me, I am very clear when I speak, I've always prided myself on my eloquence. It's not my fault if you didn't understand the message."

Quinn shakes her head and ignores my latest outburst. "Right, so you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend for five days." I nod my head. "What do I get out of it?"

"You get a five day mini-break, I'll pay for everything that needs paying for so you don't have to worry about the financial aspect and obviously our current relationship will continue," I state. "If that's what you're worried about, we can still have sex. After all, people in relationships have sex."

She smirks widely at me. "And this whole relationship thing, it is just pretend right? I mean this isn't your way of telling me something is it?"

My eyes widen at her question. "Yes of course! Quinn, I like you and you are amazing in bed but I do not like you like that. I most certainly do not want to be in a relationship with you, the whole significant other thing will just be a massive pretence."

She sits down on my bed, grabbing the duvet with her left hand and tugging it down, exposing myself to her. A pink tint fills my cheeks as her eyes hungrily explore my chest. She leans closer to me. "Okay, I'll do it. But you owe me." She captures my lips and pushes me backwards until my back hits the bed and her body covers mine. "And I think I'll take what you owe me right now." She gives me a cheeky smile before placing soft kisses on my collarbone.

I tangle my fingers in her hair as her kisses move lower.

For the first time in my life, I have a girlfriend.

Part of me thinks that this is going to be great fun, but the other part of me thinks that this is going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done.