Chapter 1

A/N: my first fanfic so don't be too harsh

Urgh. I really hated Mondays. It didn't help that today was the first day of my new school. Why did Mom have to move us from LA to Arizona in mid-October? Oh yeah, she got a clinic opened up here. I heard a sudden knock on my door.

"I am coming in," my sister Ella said, annoyed. "Maximum Ride, I am putting on makeup and doing your hair whether you like it or not." She eyed me suspiciously as I burst out laughing. I reluctantly got out of bed allowed her to transform me. What else could I do? That girl had a killer pair of Bambi eyes.

Ella hurried as she straightened my brown-blonde hair around my tall frame. I completely ignored what she was doing because my eyes were focused on the plate of chocolate chip cookies that taunted me. I still don't know why I let myself be bribed into looking pretty when Mom (Dr. Valencia Martinez) could have just given me her one-of-a-kind cookies without exception. Oh well.

When we got to school, Ella and I parted ways, promising to meet at lunch. Ella was a freshman and I am a sophomore. I gave her a sideways glance before I trudged to homeroom. I can already tell that she would have fun here. She's Ella Martinez. Everyone loves her.

Opening my locker, I saw a tall figure hovering beside me. He had dark hair that was the kind girls would swoon over and bottomless eyes that were darker than midnight. Lips quirking up in a shy smile, he noticed me.

"Hi, I'm Nick, but call me Fang." Fang looked genuinely interested in me. "You're Max, right?"

I smiled in acknowledgement just as a red haired girl threw herself in Fang's arms. I raised an eyebrow in surprise. His eyes revealed absolutely no affection of the Red Haired Wonder as he pried her off him.

"Max, this is Lissa. Lissa this is Max. And for the hundredth time I am not you're boyfriend so get off of me." Fang sternly expressed. He mouthed class **** when she walked away and burst out laughing. Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad after all.