My little princess

Summary: Jiro and Elly prepare for their first child.

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"Congratulations Elly," Cordelia smiled at her best friend and handed
her baby shower present.

Elly returned her friends smile and carefully opened her present.

"Oh Cordelia! It's beautiful," Elly cried as she held up pink pair of
baby booties.

"I knitted them myself. I hope you like them," Cordelia smiled. Elly
looked up at her blonde friend and smiled warmly at her. "I Love
them. Thank you."

"Look Jiro! Aren't these precious," Elly turned to her husband.

"They are but why are they so small? Are baby feet really that tiny,"
Jiro asked as he held the booties in his hands.

"Duh! It isn't going to pop out and have giant mutant feet like
yours," Nero snarled.

Jiro shot the woman a cold glare, but kept his insults to himself. He
didn't want to upset his pregnant wife.

"Me next," Sheryl smiled and placed a large, gift wrapped, box in
Elly's hands.

"Oh my! It's so big," Elly gasped. "Go ahead and open it Elly,"
Sheryl smiled.

Elly nodded, "Jiro, would you be a dear and handle those scissors."

Jiro smiled and reluctantly gave his wife the scissors.

Elly snipped at the tape of the gift wrapping paper. When she was
all done she gasped at the picture of a stroller on the box.

"Oh thank you Sheryl," Elly squealed and took the 23 year old woman in
a warm embrace.

"You're very welcome Elly. I can't wait to meet my little niece," Sheryl
smiled as she rubbed Elly's belly (AN:/ Lol that rhymes).

"Alright, enough of the sappiness'! My turn," Nero piped up and softly
shoved her gift in Elly's hands.

Elly laughed, 'Some people never change,' she thought with a smile.

Elly opened the box to reveal various types of baby foods and
formulas. Elly laughed once again. Of course Nero would buy food.

"Thank you, Nero" Elly giggled. "Anytime Elly," Nero smiled and
patted her softly on her stomach.

"Now it's my turn," Henrietta said.

"Oh Henrietta-San! You didn't have to get me a gift," Elly cried.

"Yeah, we have plenty of stuff already," Jiro added. Henrietta shook
her head.

"No, I must. It's the least I could do for all the hard work you two
have done for me," Henrietta said, adding a small smile.

"Souseki, Kai! Bring it in," Henrietta called.

Elly gasped and Jiro's mouth fell open as Kai and Souseki wheeled in a
brand new crib.

"Wow!" Everyone shouted.

"I do hope you like and find use for it. Congratulations Elly and
Jiro," Henrietta smiled.

Elly smiled at the older woman with watery eyes. "T-Thank you, all of
you! T-Thank you so much," Elly cried and burst into tears.

"Your welcome, Elly. We love you," Cordelia smiled and embraced Elly
tightly. The other Milky Holmes and Henrietta did the same as tears
ran down their faces.

Jiro, who was studying the young women, smiled and wiped away a tear
from his eye.

"Congrats Rat ,er I mean, Jiro. You're going to make a great father,"
Souseki smiled at the young man.

"Thanks, Souseki" Jiro said and smiled at the older man.

"Oh I can't believe this! My little Rat-Chan is all grown up! And
going to be a father in a month! Where does the time go," Kai yelled
as he cried tears of joy.

Jiro rolled his eyes while smiling, "shut up," he said and punched the
man lightly on the shoulder. The three men laughed and talked about
the days of their youth.


"Oh Elly! She's beautiful," Cordelia squealed as she peered down at
the beautiful, newly born, baby girl in Elly's arms.

"She isn't, she? She looks just like Jiro" Elly smiled as she wiped
the sweat off her forehead.

"She has your eyes Elly," Sheryl pointed at the baby's ruby red eyes.

"Oh how delightful! I'm an uncle," Kai shouted. "Who said you could be
the uncle of my kid," Jiro frowned. "Oh Jiro, you're so cold" Kai

"What's her name," Nero asked. Everyone paused for a second.

"I don't know. Jiro do have any ideas," Elly asked. Jiro thought for a

"How about Ellen," Jiro suggested.

"That's a beautiful name, darling! It sounds just like my name," Elly

"Wow. Who would have thought Jiro could pick out a name that's
actually good," Nero snickered.

"Ellen Nezu. It's so cute! I love it," Sheryl squealed. "I know! It
totally fits," Cordelia added.

"Would you like to hold Ellen, Jiro" Elly asked. Jiro nodded and took
his baby girl. He held her tightly and stroked her brown patches of

Ellen opened her eyes and smiled before going back to sleep. "She's
perfect," Jiro whispered, and placed Ellen back in Elly's arms.

Elly's eyes widened, "Jiro, you're crying!" Everyone turned their
attention to Jiro, who was indeed crying.

"Sorry everyone, I'm just emotional, that's all. So shut up and stop
looking at me," Jiro shouted. Everyone laughed.

There was soft knock on the door. "Come in," Elly called.

The door opened and Henrietta walked in. "Henrietta-San!"

"I'm sorry I'm late," The woman said quietly while taking off her
coat. She walked toward Jiro, Elly and Ellen.

"Your daughter is very beautiful," she smiled at the couple. "Thank
you," they replied.

"What is her name?"

"Ellen. Would you like to hold her," Elly asked. "Of course I want to
hold my niece," Henrietta winked. Elly and Jiro gasped.

"You want to be Ellen's auntie," Jiro asked with wide eyes. Henrietta
nodded and she took Ellen from Elly's arms.

"She's beautiful. Take good care of this child or else," Henrietta
warned with a stern voice. The young couple gulped and nodded.

Henrietta placed Ellen back in her mother's loving arms. "Alright
everyone, it's time to leave. I'm sure Elly and Jiro are very tired.
Let them get some rest," Henrietta said.

"Goodbye Elly and Jiro," The Milky Holmes waved at the couple and their

"Goodbye my beautiful niece," Kai cried. "I told you Kai! You are not
the uncle! Only Souseki," Jiro frowned. Kai pouted and Souseki smirked.

Once everyone left Jiro turned to his wife. "Go to sleep Elly. I'll
watch over Ellen," Jiro smiled and grabbed his daughter.

"Thank you Jiro," Elly smiled and planted a loving kiss on Jiro's lips
before falling asleep.

Jiro smiled and placed Ellen in her basinet. He kissed her small cheek.

"Goodnight my princess," Jiro smiled and drifted off to sleep.


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