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"See you soon, sweetie," a voice says from behind the Doctor as he uses a well-worn key to open the doors to the TARDIS.

Not trusting himself to turn around and face her, he smiles sadly at the bronze door handle and whispers a simple "Goodbye, River," and steps inside. With a small sigh, he takes off his top hat and places it on the coat rack by the door along with his new suit jacket bought just for the occasion. Climbing the stairs to the console with less bounce in his step than usual, the Doctor throws a switch, wobbles the wibbly leaver, and presses two green buttons. As the TARDIS enters the Time Vortex, he takes a seat, placing his head in his hands trying not to think what the next few days will bring one Professor River Song, the woman who married the Doctor.

"Doctor?" a very Scottish voice comes from the hallway leading away from the main console room.

Turning his head, the Doctor sees his faithful companion, Amelia Pond, still dressed in her white nightgown and robe.

"Hello Amy," he says, making eye contact just for a moment before he looks away, eyes downcast.

"Doctor, what's wrong?" she asks as she comes to stand beside him.

"Nothing. I'm fine, really," he says with a half-hearted neutral tone and a lopsided smile. He stands to make a show of checking something on the monitor.

Behind his back, the red headed Scot rolls her eyes knowingly. "Well, if you won't tell me what happened, at least tell me where you two went."

The Doctor pauses before answering. The location would mean nothing to Amy, he had never told her. But it meant so much to him…

"The Singing Towers of Darilliumum."

"Sounds nice. Did you two have fun?" she asks, standing next to him.

The Doctor gives a small chuckle. "Of course."

"No civilizations to rescue this time, then?"

"No, I made sure this time."

"Oh, what's the fun in that?" Amy teases him, bumping into The Doctor's side as the TARDIS makes its signature landing sound.

"Amy…" the Doctor says, turning to face her, "there's someplace I need to go, but I need you and Rory to stay inside the TARDIS. Is that clear?"

"Yeah, sure," Amy says, giving him a skeptical look. "Why?"

"I need you to trust me on this Amelia Pond," the Doctor says, looking her strait in the eyes and taking her hands. "I can't- can't bring you with me this time."

"Right. I won't follow you. Cross my heart," Amy says, giving the Doctor a small smile. "Just don't get emotional, eh?"

"Of course," he says, the words just barely making a sound as he drops her hands and makes his way to the door. "I'll be back soon."

As soon as the doors shut behind the Doctor, Amy runs off shouting, "Rory! I need you for something!"

With his back to the Library, the Doctor slowly turns his old gold key in the lock, securing the TARDIS.

"Doctor!" an old, familiar voice says from behind him. "There you are! We were wondering where you had-" The balding man stops short as the Doctor turns around.

"Hello Mr. Lux."

"Sorry… who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor. Later than when you saw me last."

"No, that's impossible," Lux chuckles. "You look nothing like him!"

"Not impossible, just a bit unlikely," the Doctor smiles. "I fed the chicken in your salads to the Vashta Nerada."


"I have a time machine and I'm a Time Lord. Surely the Library had some book on Time Lords? Regeneration?"

"I… see. I think. So does that mean-?"

"Yes, I know who she is now. I've had nearly a lifetime to find out, too."

"But she's-"

"I know…. I know," the Doctor says, his voice cracking slightly. He looks Lux in the eye. "But not quite."

A/N: I'm not quite done with this story yet, don't worry! I had an idea about halfway through writing this (namely Amy making Rory go after the Doctor) and it's going to be longer than I thought it was going to be so I decided to split it into two (maybe three depending on how this goes) parts.

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