First of all, anyone new to this may be wondering, "What the hell is this?" and "Why the hell should I vote?"

Well, this is a fan-sequel to the Ultimate Video Rumble, a fanfic written by Birdman and Wanderer from 1994 to about 1996. They had 3 UVRs and I was a huge fan of it throughout high school. Since then, the host site I read them from was shut down, and now UVR1 is almost completely missing from the internet, and most of UVR3 is missing. Thankfully, UVR2 is still in tact (.net/~), but that is the host site left of this great creation. I sent out to write my own. I made a first one back in 2005 in my freshman year, but that is lost forever. All you need to know is Venom from MVC2 ended up winning (with Hoahmaru, Sakura Kasugano, and Yugo from Bloody Roar making it to the final 4), and that including Smashers basically ruined it, as I reference sometimes in this version.

Now, basically 20 fighters are in any given round out of a total of 225, with a 10 vote limit given to each voter to decide who they'd like to see survive to next round. Bosses contribute to how many fighters survive each round (sub-bosses/mini-bosses/hidden bosses/main villains of game series's/just really big dudes in general taking off 1 survivor slot, and main bosses/super huge guys taking off 2). The x amount of fighters that get the highest vote percentage of each round get to survive to the next. However, they get 1 extra "die" vote against them for every round they survive, to simulate fatigue. And however many fighters were eliminated last round will be how many new fighters come into the ring next round. I will be writing each round and each introduction, as well as running the entire rumble.

The roster goes as:

34 fighters from Mortal Kombat 9

47 fighters from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

37 fighters from Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

33 fighters from King of Fighters XIII

26 fighters from Soul Calibur 5

19 fighters from BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

22 fighters from Street Fighter x Tekken

and 7 mystery fighters.

To vote, you basically just take my vote form, mark off 10 people to die, and 10 people to live. You can either email it to be at butt_, or post it in whatever forum topic you're reading this from. There also may be a bonus fight outside of the contest, which is abstainable.

Thanks, and remember, this is all about fun, so enjoy! :D