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His hands glided over me, sending heated shivers down my spine. His lips pressing against the curve of my neck and trailing up toward my jaw line. Those lips so soft and tender yet growling my name. Things seemed to have escalated blindingly fast in the last few minutes. It was as if only moments ago Ren and I had been snarling insults at each other, and now… hungrily tearing into each other. We were entangled, pressing harder together as if we could never get close enough.

How was this happening?!

His fingers wound themselves in my long hair, mine dug into the skin of his back. "Dakota…" he whispered. His breath hot against my skin. "Dakota… wake up."

I pulled back slightly, just far enough to stare into his dark eyes. "What do you mean?" I frowned not understanding his words.

He flashed a grin, his teeth standing out in a startling contrast to the darken forest around us. He pushed me gently back so I lay flat on cold pine needles yet again. His mouth nearing mine, moving so slowly I was sure the anticipation building within me would make me explode. He kissed me softly once, leaving me yearning for more. But he pulled away, running a hand through his tussled hair. His eyes turned from hunger to humor in a flash. "Wake up!"

Ren and the forest dissolved into the blackness of my own room, the dream tumbling out of my reach.

I rubbed my eyes and grumbled. Just a dream, just a stupid dream. Though It may have been only that, my body still ached for it to be real. A growl escaped me and I flung myself out of bed wanting nothing more then to forget that blasted dream. But as I sat up my head clashed into something hard. "Ouch!"

Dante rubbed his forehead and groaned. ""Ouch" is right. What do you have a skull of steel or something?" His fingers prodded the spot our heads had collided. "Damn, now I'm going to have a bruise."

"What the-" I squinted at him through the darkness, the only thing remotely visible was his powder white hair. "What the heck are you doing here... In my room… In the middle of the night!" I snarled, blinking my disbelieving eyes at the blurry numbers of my alarm clock.

"You don't think this will turn into a lump do you? Cause that would suck. I mean a bruise I can handle, the ladies dig bruises and scars. Makes me look tough. But a lump? I don't think even I could make that look good-"


By now my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could make out the change in his expression as he turned serious. "It's time."

I tensed at his words. Any lingering effects of the dream vanished. "Right now?"

Dante nodded, his face a hard mask. "They said to meet them down by Eden in twenty."

I raked a hand through my hair feeling a jolt of unease. "Okay then." I said. "We'd better get going."

Dante grabbed my wrist as I moved to get up. "You know… you don't have to do this." He mumbled, though we both knew there was no way around it. "They know me, and trust me but… there's no telling how they'll react to you. Especially once they know who exactly you are."

I took a deep breath and gave him a level look. "I'm aware of the risks."

"You're not invincible."

I smirked. "Neither are they."

He frowned at that. "Koda, We need them to trust us. We need their help, you have to keep your emotions in check around them. Loose your control and they wont hesitate to attack."

I waved away his words. "Don't worry, despite what you think I can be humane."

Dante grumble something unintelligible and stood up, grabbing my leather jacket and boots and tossing them in my lap. "Let's go then."

I slipped on my jacket and tied up my boots, all the while conscience of Dante's eyes on me. I looked up and frowned at the grin on his face. "What?"

"Oh, Nothing." He said, running a hand down his face as if to erase his smile, but not succeeding in the least. "So… did you have a nice dream?"


Dante's grin widened at my horrified expression. "I was sure you were going to throw me on the bed and have your way with me with the look on your face." His eyes sparkled mischievously. "So who were you dreaming about?- no wait let me guess." He stretched out his fingers and ticked down names. "Neville? No… Mason? No… Dax? No… Ren- Ouch!"

With how hard I punched him, it was a wonder his jaw didn't break.

We slunk through the dark streets of Vail. The only sounds audible were our boots against dank asphalt… and of course the pulsating music coming from Eden just a block away. We hid ourselves in the shadows of buildings, keeping our eyes peeled. It didn't take us long to find them, leaning casually against the wall of an empty warehouse, a crossbow strapped to ones back, the other equipped with two long swords. Both men had the look of being unshaven and bedraggled, though their eyes seemed to always be alert even as they bantered endlessly with each other.

I moved to make myself seen by the two Searchers, but Dante held me back.

"They know me." he said pointedly, and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at his cautiousness.

I let him go first and instead of following him I blended myself in with the shadows.

The two men instantly took on a defensive stance at Dante's approach, but later relaxed at recognition. "Dante." The one with the crossbow nodded in greeting.

"Wolf boy." grinned the other. "Long time no see."

Dante nodded to each. "Ethan. Conner."

Ethan shifted on his feet and I couldn't help but notice a large bandage on his forearm as he moved. "Why did you want to meet with us?"

"Got some more insider info for us?" Conner asked. "You were pretty cryptic on the phone. You haven't joined the dark side have you?" He chuckled. "Just because you used to be one of us doesn't mean I wont drive my blade into you any chance I get, pretty boy."

Dante ignored Conner's quip and crossed his arms tightly over his broad chest, giving him the air of seriousness. "Actually we're here because we need your help."

The word did not escape the two Searchers, and the instant Dante said it, they were on high alert. Crossbow loaded and swords unsheathed. I'll admit their reaction time was exceptional.

"What do you mean "We"" Ethan barked.

"Down boy." I snickered, stepping away from my hiding place with my hands raised in a sort of calming gesture. "I'm sure those shiny toys of yours pack a hell of a punch, but so does my bite." I grinned, exposing my fangs.

"Koda." Dante growled, shooting me a warning glance.

I rolled my eyes and relaxed my arms, taking in the sight of Connor and Ethan, their weapons still trained on me. "If he'd intended to shoot me, he would have already." I said, nodding to Ethan.

"Piss me off and I'll let a bolt fly, mutt. I don't care if you are just a kid."

"Who are you?" Conner asked, his eyes flashed to Dante and then quickly back to me. "What's going on, Dante."

"Like I said, we need your help." Dante said, eyes on their weapons. "She's a friend. An ally. She wont hurt you."

After a long tense moment, their weapons lowered but their gazes still flickered with uncertainty.

"Good boys." I applauded. "Now we can talk like civilized human beings."

"You're not human." Conner pointed out.

"Technicalities." I said with a wave of my hand. "Now will you help us or not?"

Conner and Ethan exchanged a long glance.

"We'll help." Ethan conceded after a tense minute.

"That's great," Dante said, shooting me a hopeful smile.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Real great. And a hell of a lot easier than I predicted-"

"But," Conner interrupted. "We'll only help you, if you in turn help us."

I narrowed my eyes. "Help you how, exactly?"

Conner smirked. "Why don't you two come with us to our headquarters. There we can debrief- in a more suitable environment."

Dante frowned. "Why cant we just talk here?"

Ethan nodded towards me. "No offence to you Dante, but your friend doesn't seem like the trustworthy type." I grinned broadly at his assessment. "It would just be easier if we knew we are in fact in control and in no danger."

Dante started to protest but I quickly cut him off. "That's fine. As long as we both get what we need there's no reason to object." I fingered the zipper on my jacket as I pondered something. "Will we be in an enclosed area?"

The Searchers brows furrowed in confusion.

"Most likely, yes… why?"

"Hmm. There's just something you should be aware of." I said, examining my nails. "I suggest you let as few of your people know I'm- I mean We're," I corrected. "There as possible."

Dante quickly caught on. "Uh, Yes. The fewer the people the better."

Ethan crossed his arms over his chest and eyed us suspiciously. "Would you care to explain why?"

Conner just laughed away his partners unease. "Come on, Ethan, it's not like there going to set the place on fire. Their just worried word will get out that their on our side." he turned to me. "Right?"

"You could say that." I slowly nodded. "But just as long as we're being honest… I wouldn't exactly rule out the possibility of a house fire, just yet."