Naruto and Ino: My Love

By kiwi4me

Summary: He still looked the way she remembered, yet he looked as if he was more handsome then she remembered. How was that possible?

It felt like the longest time since she had seen him. He looked so much the same, except taller and more handsome. She swallowed not noticing she was holding it in as she continued to watch him. His hair was still bright; she inwardly glared knowing that it was brighter than hers. She decided to avoid his bright blue orbs as he continued to walk toward her. She sighed deeply thinking about the nonexistent times they spent together and how much she hated him. Why was it him out of all the men that pieced her heart back together? Out of everyone, she thought her genius of a friend would've done it, but knowing his terrible issues with females and relationships, it was the latter that occurred. Then her mind thought to her kind, swirly cheeks friend. He out of everyone should be able to piece her back together, but on the contrary he had his own problems.

She turned her eyes back to see his face. His smile was aimed toward her and she wanted to run. Run as far as she could to get away from such beauty, such infatuation from all the females around her. He walked exactly the same and she forced herself to remember how clumsy he was. She prayed, terribly, that he would fall flat on his face and all the beauty in him would disappear. She would remember who this man was and she wouldn't be feeling all these emotions for an idiot like him, but why is still coming toward her? She looked to the side and realized that her bubblegum hair was there. Her feeling depleted knowing that it was her he was looking at. It was her that he was smiling at. It was her that he was walking to and something in her told her to walk away.

"Hey," he said softly as he stopped in front of them.

"Hey," the pinkette smiled, a little too happily for the blonde female's liking.

"You look good," she decided to say as both friends look at her.

"Really?" He laughed reaching his hand behind him to scratch the back of his head, "… Thanks Ino."

"Yeah," she waved him off and looked to her female friend before looking back at the male, "… I'm glad you're back," she admitted giving a quick hug.

He still smelled like oak and vanilla. She wanted to delve deeper into his scent, but she remembered where she was and who she was with. He felt strong. He remembered when she would hurt the blonde so hard that he had a mark for days, but holding him she wonders if it would even last a few minutes. She broke the embrace and smiled at him before turning to her friend.

"I have to go," she spoke sadly, "… we should catch up later," she hugged the bubblegum haired female before waving goodbye and walking off to a destination unknown.


It had been way too long for his liking as he looked at her. She looks different and it wasn't just her body that changed. She seemed more mature, more aware of life. Her eyes were boring straight into his and he felt like he was about to trip into the depths of her soul. He continued to brace himself as he walked toward her. Her hair grew longer than he remembered as it was once at her waist after cutting it the second time. Her figure was enticing as he forced his eyes to focus on hers. Her looks were much more beautiful than he remembered. As she turned to look away from him, he wondered if it was because he was staring too much. Her exposed jaw line and the curve of her neck made him falter his steps a bit. Her aura was alluring and he can't help but want to be wrapped in her.

It was strange how he came to adore this female so much. He never liked her before. She was too bratty, too brash, and mean at times. She flung herself at anyone and everyone, well, that was what he thought at least. It wasn't until the he realized what was happening. She was alone sitting at the cliff with her legs hanging off the sides. She looked different in his eyes and he wondered if she was acting. He cautiously walked over to where she was and once he was close enough, he touched her shoulder thinking she would be frightened, but she wasn't. She just looked up at him. He sat there quietly beside her and for some odd reason he turned to face her and their lips met. He wasn't sure if it was her or if it was him, but it happened.

"Hey," he said softly as he stopped in front of her.

"Hey," his former teammate smiled at him and he caught his shock before she noticed not realizing she was there.

"You look good," the female blonde spoke up and he unconsciously looked to his friend.

"Really?" He laughed feeling a bit higher than before her comment, "… Thanks Ino."

"Yeah," she waved him off and he forced himself to hold the expression he had, "… I'm glad you're back," she admitted and he his smile widen as she reached over to embrace him.

She still smelled like chamomile and lemongrass. He wanted to hold onto her and devour her scent, but he remembered where he was. Her frame was still small and thin as he felt her arms around him. Her body was pressed against him and he had to remind himself that though they had both mature, thinking of such things was improper from where they were. She definitely wasn't weak, but he felt like if he squeezed her too hard, she would break.

"I have to go," she broke their hug, "… we should catch up later," she said to him as she hugged the other female and walked off.


She was so bored. Why was she the one chosen to do this? She leaned against her arm as she stared at the empty street. Who in their right mind would still be here? She was quickly getting tired not bringing anything to entertain her.

"Hey," a voice she recognized floated into her ears and she perked up.

"What you doing here?" she questioned standing up straight crossing her arms.

"I didn't want to go," he shrugged.

"Sakura asked you, didn't she?" she asked quirking her brow, "… don't tell me you said no."

"Well," he scratched the side of his head, "… I just…"

"Did you know I was stuck here?" she questioned as she walked away from the desk toward him.

"Yeah," he nodded offering a nervous smile.

"So…" Ino looked at him confused, "… what do you want?"

He didn't say anything as he just stood there with his hands in his pocket. He was looking nonchalantly around him. She continued to just stare at him and wondered what his reasons were. She had to admit, though, she didn't mind having him there.

"How was your trip?" she decided to ask as she walked around him.

"Good," he watched her walk around him and he couldn't help feeling like he was on the spotlight, "… what are you doing?"

"Just enjoying what I see," she smirked playfully once she was in front of him.

"Oh," he felt embarrassed and couldn't help avoiding her eyes.

"Seriously," she touched his arm, "… I missed you, is that weird?"

"No," he touched her arms and he couldn't help smiling, "… I missed you too."

She loves it when he smiled, but there was something at the pit of her stomach that was telling her something was wrong. She doesn't know if it was their relationship or not, but she couldn't help it. She supposed she always tend to be a rebel when it comes to love.

He loves the way her lips curved at the sides. He really just wanted to place his lips against hers, but something was telling him that he was unsure of where they would go. Yet, the more he looks into her eyes, he could feel his heart beating faster and faster.

"Let me ask you a question Naruto," she voiced as she stepped in closer to him, "… Would you like to kiss me?"

"Yeah," he nodded closing the space between them, "… I would."

"You know," she spoke gently as their faces inch closer to one another, "… people will talk."

"I don't care," he admitted capturing her lips.

Author's Note:

Yay, a new naruino story, I hope you like it!

love, kiwi4me