This story focuses on all of the lions in the film in cub form. None of them are related like they are in the movie. Simba and Mufasa are friends and not Father and Son, Kovu and Nuka are not brothers they are from different familes. Some personalities are changed for the sake of it being a comedy however some are just like themselves in the movie. The only thing that kind of stays the same are relationships. Nala will still be with Simba, Sarabi will sitll be with Scar. ECT.

Here is a list of characters and how they act in the series

Simba: A young, immature Lion who enjoys annoying people. Simba is not very smart however strangely only a few people dislike him.

Nala: A young kind Lioness who believes her boyfriend Simba is an idiot but she deals with it.

Mufasa: A tough lion cub who others want to be like. He is very kind however does respond harshly to those who irritate him

Sarabi: Kind Lion however she dislikes almost everyone in the school except Nala, Mufasa, and Sarfina.

Sarfina: Lion who is kind however is very judgemental and often is jelous of Sarabi

Scar: Goth Lion who is jelous of his brother

Nuka: Bully of the school

Vitani: Enjoys being mean to other lioness in the school but never really picks on the guys. She is somewhat of a friend to Nala but other then Nuka thats about it.

Kovu: Nervous Lion who is considered the wimp of the school

Kiara: Creepy Lion who is obsessed with Kovu, however even though she is creepy most class mates like her

Zira: Scar's only friend. She does not interact much with anyone else

Rafiki: Old angry Teacher of the cubs.

Timon: Laid back princible of the school

Pumbaa: Not so laid back Vice Princible

Zazu: Guidance Conseler

Shenzi: Lunch Lady

Ed: Works in the schools Office is the least common character

Banzoi: Gym Class Coach

So as for plot the story has a new plot every chapter. It will be like watching a t.v. show.

Lion King School Days

Chapter 1 First Day Of School

The Cubs are in the 4th grade and are all about to enter the class room after a long summer

Kovu is the first to walk in the school

Kovu: Its quiet in here...ah crap am I early?

Timon: Well Jeez Kid the school doesn't open until 7...its 6...

Kovu: I told my mom I didn't need to get up so early!

Timon: Well you can go to your class room early. Rafiki should already be in their.

Kovu: Yeah I guess...thanks Mr. Timon.

Timon: No Problem. And Have a good school year!

Kovu heads to his class

Rafiki is sitting in the class leaning back in his seat relaxed

Rafiki: Ah the early morning. Still got an hour before I have to see those stupid little snots.

Kovu opens the door

Rafiki: Ah Damn it! What the hell are you doing here so early?

Kovu: I'm sorry my mom made me get up early.

Rafiki: Well thanks for ruining my morning!

Kovu: ...uhh..I'm sorry...

Rafiki: Ah whatever take a seat and put your head down

Kovu goes to his seat and look out the window


Kovu listens and is not feeling good about the school year

At Simbas House

Simbas Mom: Simba! Wake up! Its time to get ready!

Simba: Ah crap! Why did summer have to end so quickly.

Simbas Mom: Because you slept basically through the whole thing

Simba: Yeah well summer well spent!

Simbas Mom: Get out of bed

Simba: Fine Fine...

Simba picks up his cell phone.

Simba: Yo Nala...what have you been doing this summer...yeah I know I failed to go on a date with you once this summer...well give me a break I was sleeping...hibernating...well how the hell was I suppose to know Lions dont breaking up with me...wait Nala...Damn!

Simbas Mom: SIMBA

Simba: What! What! You don't like my mouth? DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!

On the bus ride

Simba: So I am grounded now...

Mufasa: That stinks dude...

(On the bus all of the lions except for Kovu are riding to school)


Sarabi: Chill Out Kiara

Nala: He probably just missed the bus

Simba: Oh great I thought Nala missed the bus...

Mufasa: Come on dude don't try to make things awkward

Simba: Hey Nala! What the hell was with that phone call

Mufasa: Of course your going to do it anyways...

Nala: Simba! Shut Up!

Simba: Hey! shut up...

Mufasa: great come back Simba. I dont know how you do it

Simba:(mutters) Ehhh shut up...I hope someone pushes you of a cliff into a stampede someday

Mufasa: What was that?

Simba: Oh nothing...

The Cubs bus makes it to the school and they all get ready for day 1

Simba: Well lets get this crappy year over with

Mufasa: Try to stay positive Simba...

Scar: Easy for you to say!

Mufasa: ...hey Scar...

Scar: Hey douche bag.

Mufasa: Come on Scar whats with the Emo attitude. You use to be so kind.

Scar: Thats the past

Simba: Awkward Brother momment...I am going to leave

Simba walks off

Scar: Be Prepared for a horrifying School year my brother

Mufasa: Why do you always say Be Prepared...its almost like your refrencing something

Scar: Would You stop breaking the fourth wall you idiot. These people are not stupid

Scar walks off

Mufasa:...Fourth Wall?.,...What People?

All The Cubs Enter the Class Room

Rafiki: Welcome to class take a seat...Kovu you can lift your head up now

Kovu: Yes sir...

Kiara: Kovu!

Kovu: Ahh crap...

Rafiki: Kovu! Detention! Do not say that word!

Kovu: Ah Man...


Rafiki: Detention

Kiara: yay! Now we can go to detention together!

Kovu: Why!

Simba: Ah great my desk is so far from Nalas...this sucks!

Nuka: Looks like it you and me heh!

Vitani: And me!

Simba: Ahhh CRAP!

Rafiki: Detention!

Simba: Yeah I don't give a shit

Rafiki: Detention for the rest of the year including saterdays

Simba: Wait what...

Sarabi: You going to be ok sititng back here with Vitani and Zira

Nala: Yeah. Vitani is kind of my friend. Your lucky you get to sit with Mufasa and Sarfina.

Sarabi: Well atleast you got one friend here. Talk with you later

Mufasa: So how was your summer Sarfina

Sarfina: Decent. Was hoping to hang out with you guys

Mufasa: Yeah sorry about that. We did some traveling...

Sarfina: You guys are a freaken 4th grade couple and you travled?

Mufasa: Yep.

Sarfina: Whatever then

Nuka: Hey Look who else is sitting next to me! Termite! Termite! Little Termite Kovu!

Kovu: Ah crap...

Rafiki: Kovu!

Kovu: Damn it!

Rafiki: You just wont stop!

Kovu: I am sorry! I just can't help it!

Everyone in the class is talking getting ready for the new year

Zira: Boring...I'd rather jump off a cliff.

New Chapter Coming Soon