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Chapter 15 One Wild Year

All of the cubs are waiting in their seats anxious

Rafiki: Well kids looks like I am finally done with this crap. Finally I am done teaching all of you little assholes...hmmmm mabey next year I will get a class that is not fully of complete retards

Simba: Ah shut up Rafiki

Rafiki: Hey you don't tell me to shut up!

Simba: Yeah what are you going to do its the last day of school

Rafiki:...damn it...

Zira and Scar begin whispering to each other

Zira: So you got the stuff

Scar: Yeah I will show everyone the video once its my turn to go up

Rafiki: I am suppposed to let you all come up here and talk about what you learned this just get this over with.

Vitani walks up

Vitani: This year has been full of nonsense that I chose not to get involved in. It has been a crappy year and I hope next year goes better

Mufasa walks up

Mufasa: Over the year I have spent in the class with you guys I have went through horrible events I don't want to re live ever again...but this is only the fourth grade...I can't begin to imagine how horrible the fifth grade will be...

Nuka walks up

Nuka: Hey douche bags...douche baggets

Simba: Thats my line!

Nuka: This year I have had fun beating up you losers. Can't wait for another good year faggits

Sarabi walks up

Sarabi: This year a lot has happened. From Kopa and the other fifth graders destroying our home, to a huge chase over a stupid list its been annoying as hell...ok these are begining to get really depressing...can't we know skip it.

Rafiki: No wants me to do it. I haven't listened to him once this year but its the last day so mine as well make it look like I give a shit

Sarfina walks up

Sarfina: This year sucked. I hate just about every single one of you. Sarabi and Mufasa are the only ones I do not hate. I even have grown to hate Nala and Kovu this year. You can all go to hell. That is all.

Nala walks up

Nala: Ok first of all Sarfina...your a bitch. Ok so now while I will admit this year defently did nothing but depress me and make want to drop out I had a little fun. I finally gained friendship back with Simba, I got to know other cubs in the school like Kovu, or Mufasa. I had some fun this year and I guess thats all that matters

Simba walks up


Zira walks up

Zira: Well I had a pretty crappy year. But that is all about to change...Scar its your turn.

Scar walks up with a camera

Scar: Hey Mr. Rafiki I made a little montage of all of the stuff we did this year. Can I plug this camera in to the t.v. and show everyone

Rafiki: ehhhh fine I guess.

Scar plugs in his camera and a video of Mufasa singing Hannah Montana Songs while wearing a Hannah Montana Wig

Mufasa: WHAT!

Scar: Opps...wrong memmory card

Scar chuckles a little and so does Zira



Sarabi:...oh my god...

Mufasa:...Scar! Why! WHY!

Scar: Hey like I said I didn't mean to.

Kovu: Hey am I going to get my turn to go up...

Kiara: Yeah me too...did everyone forget about us...

Simba: HA HA HA HA! Scar! You got to send me this...better yet put it on youtube!

Mufasa: NO!

Sarfina:...jeez Mufasa I never expected you to


Mufasa runs out of the classroom

Rafiki: Ha little faggit.

Kovu:...ah...damn it...that wasn't cool Scar

Kovu walks out of the room

Kiara being the creep she is follows

Rafiki: Ok thank you Scar your thing was actually enjoyable.

Scar goes up and whispers to Zira

Scar: So Kovu is next right?

Zira: Yep

In the hallways

Mufasa is sitting down depressed

Kovu walks up to him

Kovu: Hey dude...


Kovu: You going to be ok?

Kovu: Ah come on man. I do wierd stuff sometimes too. Everyone does. We do them because we don't think anyone can see can't tell anyone this but I once spent 2 hours in my room singing Justin Bieber songs just because no one was home. I don't even like him as a singer but you know sometimes people do wierd shit.

Mufasa: me I am no fan of that bitch...I just felt like being wierd or hyper...

Kiara: Hey I do something wierd too. I glue some of Kovu's hair on to my body and then I sign Come Sail Away for like four hours.

Kovu:...Kiara...sometimes its best to keep certain things to yourself...

Mufasa:...thanks Kovu...but I think my life is kind of over now

Kovu: Yeah right. We have all done bad stuff this year that we thought would ruin us. I think Scar and Zira have been planning this...

Mufasa: ...yeah...

Kovu: Well lets just get back to be honest knowing our school something stupid probably happened while we were gone and they probably already forgot about it

Mufasa:..well...lets go I guess

They enter the classroom which is being attacked by giant Lizzards

Simba: They told us this would happen but we didn't listen!


Vitani: Who is the traitor?

Mufasa:...what the hell...


Kovu: We leave the class for five mintues and this happens!

Alien: Oh NO! Sir! Its the chosen one!

Head Alien: OH NO!

Alien: Legend says he has caused twenty five riots in just one week

Kovu: OH COME ON! It was two riots and niether of them were my fault!

Head Alien: You know what screw this I am pussying out!

The Aliens retreat

Simba: We did it!

Everyone: YAY!

Rafiki: Thank freaken god you guys are leaving today

Simba: Hey look at the more mintue until summer break...well...I guess theres one last thing to say. This year has been full of fun events. And as much as I have grown a lot of hatred...I am really going to miss this year.

Mufasa: any of you by any chance remember what Scar showed you? was some video I think...oh yeah it was a montage

Scar: It was? I honestly don't rememeber either...

Kovu: Told you

The Bell Rings


Nala: See you all next year!

Rafiki: Goodbye you little douche bags! I am free!

Everyone runs out of the school and the year is finally over.

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