A/N: Kamisama Hajimemashita belongs to Julietta Suzuki.


"You again?" I glared at the anxious being in front of me.

I mustered all remaining patience my mind and body could offer. It's the 5th day that this annoying creature invited himself within the confines of my abode, invading my privacy.

But you are the only one that can help me, Kurama-san." The creature wailed like a child.

Mizuki, the snake familiar of the mortal Land god at Mikage Shrine, sat down and hugged his knees to his chest and continued to whine. 4 days ago, he showed up at my apartment whining just as he is right now. After long hours of coaxing, he finally stopped doing so but it's getting late that I had to send him home. It has been like that for the past 4 days and unless I agree to help him with whatever trivialities he has in mind, this day will be no different. I let out an exasperated sigh.

"Okay. Get up and go inside, but don't touch anything." I glowered at him. His face lighted up, passed right by me and immediately propped himself on a nearby sofa. "So what do you want? Spill it out so we can get this done and over with." I demanded.

"I want to know more about the human world. Nanami keeps on leaving me behind while Tomoe's allowed to stay with her. They always leave just before I could protest." Mizuki wailed again.

I knew it. They bring nothing but trouble. Ever since that fateful day when Mikage chose a mortal as his successor, the gods have had their hands full with his chosen substitute. Though it amuses me that troublesome as it may be, some of the gods actually enjoy the squabbles and blunderings this human girl makes. Whether it's out of boredom, spite, pity or just simple amusement, Nanami is now the gods' object of attention. However, it's not only for that sole reason that she is showered with such attention. It is the fact that under her wing is one of the vilest demons that ever roamed the land. Tomoe. It remains a speculation as to why or how the demon turned a new leaf; nevertheless, he is still met with hatred and curiosity. Such pair won't escape the eye of any god for that matter. They would really need every help they can get. I sighed as I've realized how far I've fallen from my former self, a fallen angel indeed.

"Okay. I will help you."