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"Where do you think he went?" April spoke up, pacing back and forth in the living room once they'd gotten Don's fellow scientist to calm down a little.

"I dunno," Casey answered, "but we should go lookin' for him. He looked pretty freaky - how much you wanna bet he's tearin' up the basement?"

April pointed her light over at Maria, who was sitting on the couch. Her shoulder was covered in congealed blood, though the cut didn't seem to be bleeding anymore. She had Don's torn bandage over one palm, and was texting. It looked like it was hard for her to do, since she was shaking so much. Not to mention, her eyes had probably up and frozen wide like that.

April went over and sat down beside her, putting a hand on the other girl's shoulder. "Maria? Are you texting the guys?"

"I'm texting Kim," she breathed, sounding like it was hard for her to get air in. "I shouldn't text the guys while they're on patrol, they wouldn't appreciate being interrupted by my... my... ph..." She suddenly tossed her phone to the carpet, burying her face in her hands and crying uncontrollably, leaning in to April. "Th-This is all my fault! I-I knew it didn't seem like just a cold or the flu... I wanted to take some swabs but he wouldn't let me! I should have held him down and forced him to let me!"

"Oh, Maria, this isn't your fault," April tried to comfort her. "We don't even know what happened. I don't think it would have made a difference if you did any research on it or not... it might be something unrelated to him being sick, anyway."

Maria stood up, tears lighting up her eyes in realization. "No way! This - This isn't my fault! It's that fucker Bishop! He did this!" She gripped both sides of her head. "I should have known! Donny told me - he got attacked by a machine, that's what caused the cut on his leg and that's where this weird metamorphosis began! Bishop infected him with the outbreak virus!"

April put a hand over her mouth. "Oh my God... we need to warn the guys!"

"We need to go lookin' for Donny and see if we can knock some sense into him," Casey proposed. "There's no tellin' what he's gonna do if he gets in the city."

"I texted Kim... she'll know to contact Leo since this is an emergency." Maria bent down and picked up her phone. "I've got to call Leatherhead and Avery. Maybe they can help me figure this out..." She clicked a speed dial number and held it up to her ear, waiting a few seconds. Then she perked up. "Avery? Yeah, I'm sorry, I know it's late. Is Leatherhead still awake? Because I think it's about to get deep in here, that's why. Put him on! Leatherhead? Bishop's fucking outbreak is screwing with Donny's already freaked up genetics! God, I need help over here!"

As Maria walked into the corner where Don had been to speak to the other scientific couple, Casey picked up his flashlight. "Looks like we're goin' on a Donny hunt, April. We gotta find him. Can't imagine what would happen if he got loose in the city. It'd be like... like Godzilla - but with a turtle!"

"Do you think Maria's okay to come look with us?" April glanced over at the frazzled teen. "She's pretty upset, and Don might not be in his right mind."

"Might?" Casey snickered. "Did you see what he did to our door? Try definitely not in his right mind."

"Okay, thanks, LH. Right, I'll make sure to tell the others." Maria walked back over to them as she hung up the phone. "Well, Leatherhead and Avery think the outbreak virus triggered some sort of secondary mutation in Donny. LH said that based on what's happened already, his body and mind may continue to deteriorate. He says we've got to capture Donny somehow and bring him to the lab. He's got data he and Donny started for the cure, but it's not finished yet. I think he and Avery might be on their way - he said Avery would call back soon. Let me just text Kim so she can tell Leo, and then we can go look for him." She flipped her phone open and furiously began hitting buttons.

After a moment, she shoved her phone back into her pocket and whipped out her penlight. "You said we're going to the basement? Let's find us a mutant squared turtle."

"Damn it, Janet -

I love you!"

"Kim, you chose that as your ringtone? Seriously?"

"... Yeah, well, you chose 'Sweet Transvestite', so don't judge me." She opened her phone. "Hey. Text from Maria, let's see how she's doing." As her eyes scanned the text, they suddenly became wide, and she tumbled backward in obvious shock. "Oh my God!"

"What? What did she say?" Jamie crawled over to her friend. "Did Donny get sicker?"

Kim tossed the phone to the middle of their little circle, her eyes filling up with tears. "She said Donny started feeling worse and then he just started growing and transformed into some kind of monster! Oh God, what's going on?"

"What?" Jamie grabbed Kim's phone. "This better be her idea of a sick joke." The ringtone blared again, and she quickly hit the button. "It's from Maria again - and she better apologize for scaring us shitless." She read it, and then she threw the phone away. "Okay, so she wasn't joking."

"What did she say that time?" Taylor spoke up.

Jamie crossed her legs and took a deep breath. "She called LH and Avery. It's Bishop's outbreak. They said the virus must have reacted with something in Donny's blood and now he's mutating again. They're going to look for him and bring him to their lab - LH and Avery have to finish the cure or Donny doesn't have a chance."

Taylor threw her hands over her eyes and started crying. "I need Mikey to come and hold me! Guys, this is so freaky, and I'm scared!"

Jamie put her arm around her sister. "It's gonna be okay, Taylor. They're gonna find him and fix him." She looked up at the blonde. "Kim? Call Leo and tell him everything that's going on."

"I... I don't know if I can..." Her hands were shaking, but she managed to grab her phone and lamely dial the number for Leo's Shell Cell. It was a moment before he answered, and he was on speaker.

"Kim, you better not be dragging me into your party games. We're busy!"

Kim's breath hitched in her throat, and a few seconds passed where she couldn't speak.

"Kim? Is everything okay?" He waited, but didn't get an answer. "Kim! What the shell is wrong over there?"

She sobbed once, and her voice broke as she squeezed out two words: "It's Donny."

"Donatello?" April called as the trio walked down the stairs.

"Donny," Casey echoed. "Donny?"

"Don," April continued. "Are... you alright?"

"D-Donny," Maria spoke up weakly, holding her penlight bravely in front of her. "Come out, please."

"We just wanna help you, bro," Casey added.

April opened the door to what was obviously a basement bedroom, and Casey followed her. Maria was all talk, as she was bringing up the rear. She was honestly terrified of what they might find.

"Donny..." Casey shone his flashlight on the bed, then he and April looked at each other.

April moved her light to the other side of the room. "Don?"

Maria offered her penlight, and it illuminated a tiny spot of green. "Th-There," she managed, barely a whisper.

The other two pointed their flashlights where hers was, and in fact there was a giant mutant turtle there, facing the wall so they could only see his shell. "H-He got bigger," Maria stammered, feeling like she was about to faint.

Don turned to face them, but now he was barely recognizable. He growled and jerked an arm up to block the light out of his eyes.

"It made him photo-sensitive," Maria commented, but no one was probably paying attention to her. They were both too busy gawking, horrified, at Don.

"Don..." Casey's eyes were wide now too. "What the..."

Don's response was to roar at them.

April was already out the door, and Casey was still staring. "Wow..." Then he realized that one third of their group was gone, and ran out to join her.

Maria felt as if she couldn't move. "Donny - Donny, I know that's you," she shouted. "Come here, it's-"

She couldn't get any further, because Casey's arm shot inside the room and dragged her out, managing to also pull the door shut.

Maria could hear Don roar again, and then there was the sound of wood breaking. There went another door.

Casey shoved her in front. "April, Maria! Run, girls, run! Go, go, go, go, go!"

April was up the stairs first, followed by Maria, who barely avoided tripping and falling. She didn't think, she could only run. She knew that thing was Don, but it was kind of hard to think of your friend as such when they were chasing you with intent to kill.

All of a sudden Casey yelled, and Maria, now at the top of the stairs, spun back to see that Don had grabbed his ankle. "Help! He's got me!"

"Don, let go!" Maria shrieked. Where the hell was April? "That's Casey! That's your friend - damn it, Donny, I'm talking to you! Don't you ignore me like you have every time I tell you something that's supposed to be good for you!"

April was quickly rediscovered, as she now came back armed with a broom and pushed Maria out of the way. "Let him go!" She proceeded to beat Don's head with the bristle part of the broom.

Maria reached for April's shoulder. "You're hurting him!"

"He's trying to kill us! I think it's a fair trade! He'll forgive me!"

One last smack, and Don finally let go, tumbling back down to the basement. His head hit the wall, and he snarled at them.

Casey pulled himself up with Maria's help, and joined the girls.

"This is crazy!" April cried, throwing the broom to the side.

"What do we do?" Casey was backing up.

"Well... it's Don, right? Try talking to him!"

Funny, Maria thought, that was the idea she'd had. She doubted it was going to work, though; Don's mind was seriously messed up right now. He was probably confused and couldn't tell who was who.

"Talk to him? Are you nuts?" Casey shouted. "He's a freakin' savage monster - and you just hit him in the face with a broom!"

April picked up the broom again and tossed it to Casey. "Maria, go try and call the guys again - directly! I'll try too! They'll know what to do - I hope!"

Maria scrambled up the stairs to the living room, feeling April right behind her.

Don was following them too, barely five feet behind Casey.

As Maria and April ran into the living room for their phones, Don had Casey trapped in the doorway. "Okay, Donny..." Casey was saying as he backed up. "Easy, pal. We're still buds, right?"

Maria had already punched the speed dial for Leo's Shell Cell. As she held it up to her ear and waited for an answer, she looked back. It seemed like Don was considering Casey's words for half a second, but then he roared again and came at Casey. He grabbed the broom handle and swung it - and Casey - around, flinging the man into the kitchen and smashing the table.

"Oh my God!" It would have been a yell instead of a ferocious whisper, but Maria was too scared to summon the strength.

Casey was getting up, and facing Don. "Alright..."

"Maria!" Leo's voice was a miracle. "I kinda got my hands full here! Make it quick!"

"L-Leo, there... Kim called you, didn't she?"

"Yeah, but she said you guys didn't find him!"

"Well, what the fuck does this sound like to you?!" She held the phone out toward April.

The redhead had, meanwhile, dropped her regular phone. "Leo! A-A monster - Don!" She screamed bloody murder as Don had come toward her instead of dealing with Casey.

"April?" came Leo's voice from the phone. "Maria? Are you guys there!"

"Stop it, Don! You're better than this!" Maria shouted, dropping her phone and running over to reprimand her friend - which she thought was a bad idea, but she couldn't just let him smack April around.

"April! Maria!" Leo groaned. "Damn it, I can still hear but they're not talking to me!" He looked over at his brothers, who were finishing up with the containing of the mutants. "We have to get back!"

"Yeah!" Mikey stood up. "We gotta go save Don and April!"

Leo raised an eyebrow, while Raph merely looked like he had that common urge to smack Mikey. "And Casey, and Maria!"

Mikey was looking like he kind of wanted to slap himself. "Oh, uh, yeah right... them too."

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