After Fang, but kinda in angel, fang has his gang but there is no doomsday group, DDG kinda irritates me

So first story, hope you like, so here is chapter one

Chapter 1

Chloe POV

Me, Derek, Simon, and Tori were walking back to the hotel were my aunt, there dad were staying, maybe I should tell Tori that her and Simon are related, but then again that would make things really weird, like just really, really weird, I really hate situations like this, I'm in a dilemma,what would Simon say if he knew, that a girl that really liked him, -well attests used to- was actually his sister, I know that if it happened to me I'd be at least kinda freaked out, oh dilemma, oh how I hate thou. When we were at least almost halfway to the hotel, five kids and a dog landed two feet away from us, but the thing was... They all had wings. I gasped


"Max! Can we land now, I'm hungry and tired!' Gazzy yelled, oh great halfway back to Arizona, after the flock wanted to go to good 'ol California, but no flyboys and erasers couldn't leave us alone, nope, so we had to come back home, and now Gazzy is already whining, great, but why not I pretty sure the rest of the flock were tired too, I turned my head to see the rest of the flock almost practically flying in their sleep, if that was even possible, good thing a had the Magic card of Money with me, ok it's not magic at all,but who in their right mind would think the card is magic? Yeah so you get the point. "Guys get ready, we're about to land!" I yelled, just like that everybody was wide awake, and ready to go, then they all started cheering, even Total. I spotted a clearing, it was at least almost halfway from a hotel, a little farther, as far as I could tell it was good enough, " Ok guys, follow me." we all landed, but then I heard gasps and turned around, only to find four teenagers staring at us wide eyed, oh shoot.

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