From bad to worse chap2

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Chloe POV

Oh my god, these people had frikin wings, wings of all things, that's what they had! "Who are you." Derek growled, then the tall, and probably oldest too, turned around and and said "who wants to know?", Derek looked pretty irritated, and you know what happens when a werewolf gets irritated, and the outcome is not really good, " The person who just saw people and a dog just drop out of the sky from out of nowhere... With wings." the girl seemed taken aback for a second but then introduced herself, her name was Max, the little blond girl was Angel, the little blond boy was Gazzy, the tall model looking guy- who was staring max down- was Dylan, the tall strawberry blond boy was Iggy, the dark skinned girl was Nudge, and the dog was named Total, weird names... Very weird names, "well are you going to introduce yourselves" Max asked, then Derek rudely said no, I stepped up( like a person should ) and introduced myself, " I'm Chloe, that's Derek, that's Simon, and that's Tori" Derek turned and glared at me, but that really didn't do anything, then the girl Angel ( ironically she looked like an angel) said the weirdest thing, well it wasn't really weird but in away then again it was, " Max Derek is a werewolf, Chloe is a necromancer, Tori is a witch and Simon is a sorcerer.", then Max went wide eyed "Angel I don't think that's possible.. But then again it could be possible, but I'm gonna choose it not being possible" , " how do you know that!" Derek yelled, then Max said " well for one you technically just told us, and two" max sighed, " Angel can read minds" oh no, this can't be good, wait a second, who's standing next to Max, oh my god it's a ghost! Ok I'm gonna say it again, oh no, this is NOT good.


oh no this can't be good, I just told them our names, and that Angel had powers, my day keeps getting better and better, ha more like from bad to worse, they know about our wings, they know our names, AND they know about Angels powers, what am I gonna do, what the heck am I gonna do, here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna turn around and leave, take the flock and go to that hotel, "ok everybody, let's go... Now" I said, everybody turned towards me and I didn't start walking away until everyone was ahead of me, but something drew my eye to my right, and there he was Ari was right in front of me "Ari?" I whispered, then Angel said " Max what do you mean Ari, Ari's dead... Remember, back in Germany... When we were trapped?" oh shoot, now I'm seeing ghost.

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