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"Wait you see him?" Chloe asked/shrieked,
"yeah" I whispered, I'm so freaked out, oh my god, Ari is right here in front of me, and he didn't even look like an eraser, he still looked thirty, but not in an eraser kind of way, oh my god! I swear I'm about to faint, and I've never fainted before, and when I say never, I mean NEVER! "Max, calm down." Angel said, then Dylan came over and put a hand on my shoulder, I drugged it off for multiple reasons, one I totally need my space right now, two I really don't know why he did it, three I'm tired, and four, I don't like him.
"or do you Max?" oh not the voice again, I hate this thing so much
"No! I don't like him!" I thought back, but this time harshly, but then I felt my cheeks heat and turned to angel, she was smiling, I think she was reading my mind, wait no, I don't THINK, but I KNOW, "Max! Again, I'm hungry and tired, can we go to the hotel now, Gazzy whined removing me from my thoughts, "Sorry what?" I said, "Can we go to the hotel now, I'm hungry and tired, just then Ari dissipated, but I didn't make it look like I noticed, " sure thing Gaz, let's go, I'm beat s a pulp" everyone cheered, as we were walking away Chloe yelled "Wait, you can come stay in our room" I know I shouldn't do it but everyone gave me bambie eyes, and we all know what happens when the bambie eyes come out, so I agreed to go, and that's we're I met Chloe's aunt Lauren, and Derek and Simons Dad, his name was Kit.


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