Chapter 1

kitty was on her couch thinking about dudley.

She wanted to have sex with him for about 5 days now so she called him.

Hello? Awnsered dudley. Dudley come over my house quick! said kitty.

in about 3 min he was there. kitty im here said dudley.

Kitty closed the door and hopped on dudley then she started taking his shirt off.

dudley pooshed kitty off of him. KItty what are you doing?

Dudley kity said i want to have sex with you.

"o" said dudley well ok he started kissing her then he took off all her clothes.

kitty then took dudleys shirt off. she stared at his 6 pack of rock hard abbs.

then dudly got his dick and started to slowley thrust in and out causing kitty to holar in pleasure.

then he went faster and faster causing kitty to hit her climax.

then dudley shot his seed in to kitty and he got out of kitty I love u dudley kitty said, I love u to kitty said dudley.

Author notes: how did i do i was tired :p