This is a one shot. The Empire Strikes Back is on TV tonight and I'm watching it. :) Oh Yeah! The absolute BEST Movie series EVER!

Luke was trying to figure out how this little troll could be the Jedi Master Yoda he was looking for. Obi-Wan had described him as his Master. Impossible! He was little and green and... well, Kooky. He spoke backwards and was adament that he would not train Luke.

He had appeared in Luke's camp out of no-where and had acted mentally insane. Stealing his food and rummaging through his stuff until he found Luke's flashlight. Then he'd fought Artoo over it.

He'd offered to take Luke to Yoda. Luke followed him to his hut and was impatient to find Yoda. Luke was sure that he didn't have all his marbles. He kept cackling about Luke eating and Yoda not being far away.

Luke got impatient and 'Yoda' had a conversation with Ben, agrueing that he could not train Luke. As if this little old man could be the Jedi Master that Ben had sent him looking for. He complained that Luke was too much like his father. Reckless, too old and did not focus on the present. But Ben argued that he had been reckless as well when Yoda had trained him. Yoda finally agreed and warned Luke that although he wasn't afraid. He soon would be.

But because Ben had sent him looking for Yoda, he would listen to what Yoda said. Even if it didn't make any sense. He respected Ben. If Ben wanted him to learn from Yoda, he would learn from Yoda.