Sammy's POV

I used to cry in my sleep, hoping that she would hear my plead to come home. Daddy always said that she was on a vacation, though I know he's lying. I know when he lies, and when he's just plain scared. When he told me, he was both.

"Daddy," I tugged on his shirt. When is Merry coming home?"

A sad look spread along his face.

"In time, Sammy." He said looking at his paper, "in time."

I chocked back some tears. I miss Mary, and I hate moving all the time, changing my name because my mummy and daddy hated their last name and couldn't find the right one.

I ran around the apartment, looking for mummy. She was on her bed, looking at a photo of herself and daddy.

"Mummy?" I climbed on the bed next to her. "When is Merry coming back?"

"In time, Sammy." I jumped off the bed.

"Stop saying in time!" I yelled, making my daddy come into the room. "I want an answer. Now!"

My daddy hugged me, and started crying on my shoulder.

"We're all scared," My mummy looked at the photo again and started crying as well.

Seeing both of my parents cry over Merry, I had to start crying as well.

Merry, if you can hear me, I miss you!

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