Here's the full summery of this story: Someone has killed Flippy, now normally that wouldn't be a problem because he would come back the next day right? Wrong because that same person has dragged Flippy's body to Happy Tree Forest making him die forever and now leaving Flaky unprotected. But lucky for her Flippy's not giving up on her that easily…

The summery might have been a little long but that gives you the main idea, Flippy returns blah, blah, blah. But now here's the first chapter. I got the idea for this today when I saw Wrath of the Titan's (Which was horrible by the way). But BEFORE you read this story note that I'm going to edit my other story, Our Past Together's first chapter. Anyway here's the first chapter which has to be the longest chapter that I've ever written:

Outside Flippy's house

Mysterious persons POV

I was sitting in my red Ferrari parked just outside HIS house, the one who stole my love, Flaky, from me. I hate him, he hurt me so much. Flaky disserved much better than a psycho who keeps on killing her day after day.

She had to be protected from him, and she needed someone who actually loved her, like me. I still remember when I saw them on their first date, they saw a movie, went to dinner, and then guess what: HE KILLED HER THE SECOND THEY GOT HOME!

I punched the side door of my car leaving a huge dent in it. "That's it." I muttered to myself. "He will die right now." I took my gun out of my black trench coat pocket.

I looked at the gun with happiness knowing that this would be the weapon that would kill Flippy. I opened my car door with the huge dent in it and walked towards Flippy's house with my loaded pistol.

When I reached Flippy's house I kicked the door open and aimed my gun at Flippy. "Why?" the scared green bear asked me as I pulled the trigger, killing Flippy instantly.

"Good, target neutralized." I muttered as I picked up his furry body and dragged him to my car. When I got to my car making sure that no one saw I put his body in my trunk. I then jumped into the car and drove off to Flippy's final destination: Happy Tree Forest, which was conveniently right outside the boundaries of Happy Tree Town. This means that if Flippy's body is in there by the morning he stays dead.

I laughed at that word. Dead. Soon Flippy would be dead, and my sweet Flaky would be mine. My girlfriend, which will probably the best girlfriend that I would ever have.

When I thought about that I noticed that I was out of Happy Tree town and was now deep in Happy Tree Forrest. My car screeched to a stop.

I got out of my car and opened up my trunk to see Flippy's dead body which smelled terrible now. But no the less I plugged up my nose, Grabbed Flippy's body, and buried him in the hole that I berried just a day before.

When his body was in the hole I covered it up with leaves and dirt. When I finished I laughed to myself for a little while and then got back into my car and drove off. "Revenge is so sweet." I said happily. "And now o court my beautiful princess. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I laughed into the night, knowing that tomorrow Flippy would be dead and Flaky would be his. All according to plan….

The very next day

Flaky's POV

I woke up to a knock on my door. So Flaky stretched in her bed and slowly got out. Flaky then sleepily walked towards her front door to see Giggles and Cuddles, who were looking very sad today.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Flaky yawned. She was so tired from last night because she just couldn't sleep, it felt like something was really wrong. It felt like it had something to do with….Flippy.

"Hey earth to Flaky." Giggles knocked on my head bringing her attention back to him. "We're here to tell you something horrible that happened to…..Flippy." When he said that Flaky's heart skipped a beat she knew that something was wrong with Flippy. Something very wrong.

"But anyway." He sighed looking down at the floor and then back to me. "S-Someone murdered him. But that's not the bad part, the same person dropped his body in Happy Tree Forrest. We found Flippy's body today, and-and well he died…"

We he finished Flaky felt her eyes watering up. HER, poor, sweet, Flippy was dead. The only person that she ever truly loved. The worst thing was that Flippy and her were planning on getting married soon.

Flaky started to cry softly. Giggles and Cuddles decided that Flaky needed some alone time. "Uh so Flaky um the funeral is today at 2:00 PM don't be late." Cuddles waved back at Flaky as she and Giggles got back into their Honda Pilot and drove off, leaving Flaky alone.

Flaky wiped the tears out of her eyes and walked back inside. She collapsed onto her blue couch sighing. "Flippy why did someone have to kill you. I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life." Flaky cried to herself. But when she said that she heard a voice in her head. Don't threat poor, sweet Flaky. Your lover is safe for now, I will make sure of it.

"What who are you? What do you mean by that?" Flaky shrieked to the ceiling. Don't worry child It will all be explained soon.

"What? It will all be explained soon what does that mean?" Flaky shrieked again to the ceiling. But this time there was no reply. "Oh forget it, I'm never going to see Flippy ever again. I'll just die alone-" Flaky heard a knock on the door. She slowly got up and headed towards the door again, but this time when she opened the door she saw someone familiar. "What, what are you doing here S-" But he just put his finger on Flaky's lip and said softly. "Don't say another word, my dear. This will do all of the talking." He then leaned in and kissed Flaky on the lips.

Flaky didn't know how to react, does she pull away or keep on kissing him. I mean she did love Flippy but now she was feeling a sudden burst of relief when she was kissing him. Splendid, Splendid was kissing her and for some reason she enjoyed it. Flaky felt strangely…happy.

Splendid then pulled away, and looked sweetly at her. When Flaky saw the expression on his face, Flaky felt herself blush. He must've really liked her, Flaky was really glad to not have to be alone anymore.

"So Flaky what did you think of that? Is it a yes to go on a date with me?" I thought about it for a second. I really shouldn't do this, especially when Flippy's just died, but when Splendid kissed her she felt so good. She had to say yes, this way she'd be happy and she wouldn't have to be alone. "Yes Splendid, I will." Flaky answered happily. Splendid then walked with Flaky back into her house.

Flippy's POV (This should be good)

About 1 day ago when Splendid killed him

I felt a pain surge through my chest to my brain as the built delivered the fatal blow to my chest. When I got hit it felt like all time slowed down around me. As soon as my head hit the floor I blacked out. Now when you first die all that you can see is pure black, absolute black.

But when you're in there all you can hear the sounds of your family and friends voices. Like I heard Nutty screaming about Coffee, and the cries of Flaky morning over my death.

"Wait Flaky, I'm ok, see. Please don't cry. I'll find a way, any way to get back to you I promise." I whispered to her feeling a tear stream down my face. And the next thing I knew I was crying about life being unfair and why did I have to leave Flaky, she meant everything to me.

But as I was crying I heard a voice in my head. Don't cry Flippy you will have the chance to see her soon, for you have been given access to stay on earth for a little while. "Wait what, how did I get access and when will I be able to see Flaky again. Also who are you?"

I am Phinx, the jackal that is over 3,000 years old. And you must also know Flippy that you have made it into Hevan, and we have allowed you to spend some time on earth to see you beloved Flaky, for she is in danger. And you will see her today.

"Wait she's in danger why! And can I just go now!" I screamed at Phinx. I needed to find out what he meant by she was in danger. She is in danger because she is being courted b another man, who you shall see very soon. And once I finish the instructions to you, you may leave to see your princess again. "Okay." I said excitedly. "What are the instructions?"

So glad you asked, Flippy. 1 you may not, nor ever talk to her, for that would blow your cove. 2. No interfering with the people she dates. 3. You may not hunt down any guy that Flirts/Kisses her. 4. You may though help her if she ever get's attacked. So do you agree to these rules Flippy? "Yes sir, diffidently." I said quickly. The thought of seeing Flaky again made me feel so happy, that I felt like jumping up and down. Good now when you get into the city you must first find a disguise to make sure that she does not recognize you. But right now go and see your princess again. And by the way I'll be watching you to make sure that you stay out of trouble.

A sudden flash of light then flashed in front of my eyes blinding me. "Wha-" I said as my head hit concrete. "What just happened-? Wow I'm alive again! Whoo hoo!" I started jumping up and down when I heard Phinx again. Stop jumping up and down and go get a disguise! Before someone see's you!

"Right." I stopped jumping. "Time to get some new threads."

Well that has to be the LONGEST chapter I've ever written. Dang that took about 4 hours to edit, and read over and over again. But anyway I now need Oc's for this story, so give me some. Also If I get some reviews I'll update another long chapter tomorrow. Well till we meet again people of Fanfiction bye!