A/N: The following is a very short one-shot I wrote a while ago while listening to the hauntingly beautiful track, "Lily's Theme," on the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 soundtrack. That breathtaking opening sequence from the final film of our solitary Headmaster was additionally in mind as I wrote this.

It might be worth listening to the title track as you read this to get a better "feel" of the piece. I'm not even sure if this should be considered a one-shot as it's so short, but I hope you enjoy it, nevertheless.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is copyrighted to and belongs to JK Rowling. I'm just playing in her sandbox. No money, just fun.

Lily's Theme

By CRMediGal

There was a soft, calm breeze that caressed his exposed skin—the pale cheeks, the hooked nose, the long, elegant fingers that hung at his sides. It was almost like being surrounded by her, in some euphoric way.

The professor's still presence evinced a sereneness about his surroundings and the quietude of the day, and yet, another unsettling sensation lingered in the air all around him like a hovering darkness just out of sight. Beyond the high trees and overcast skies. It matched the black, billowing robes and the long hair that fell in curtains around his face to disguise his emotions. They had concealed his true nature all these years.

The deep uncertainty that fell upon the atmosphere was like a troubling premonition of what was to come, what had come before, and what most likely would come again.

As Severus stared out into the abyss where all his sorrows had been safely locked away, like his heart, he grabbed hold of the isolation that had become his sanctuary, for the opportunity to speak words that no one else would hear.

"Lily..." he uttered in a broken whisper, staring up at the Dementors that hovered just beyond the castle, watching, waiting. "Have I done enough?"

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