Kittasia: Mother of Goku

Chapter One

Kittasia looks through the window of her space pod as she heads straight through Earth's atmosphere. She turns on her scouter to check the atmosphere and gravity of the planet. "Hm, what a weak gravity..", she mumbles to herself as she steps out of the pod. Kittasia stretches out her arms and back ad she wraps her tail around her waist contently. "What a dump..", she says as she looks around at the dry, desert area where she landed. "I can't believe Kakarot is staying here as long as he is without carrying out his purpose.", she mumbles as she pushes a button on her scouter."Oh, wow! Now theres something to be excited about, it seems that there is a power lever of 350 nearby. I better go check it out." Kittasia flies towards the coordinates her scouter points to her.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is training nearby. He takes a break and sits on a sandy rock as he wipes the sweat off his brow with the back of his wrist. He sees a figure approaching his way from a distance. Vegeta then stands his guard and gets in a fighting position. The figure lands in front of him and kneels down. "Prince Vegeta," Kittasia says as she bows her head in respect for her long-lost prince. Vegeta loosens back to his relaxed stance and smirks down at the warrior in front of him. Kittasia stands upright and meets eye contact with the smug prince, "My name is Kittasia, and I am a Saiyan. I have come here to Earth to find my son." Vegeta looks at her in surprise after she told him this. "What makes you think that you'll find your son here, on this planet? He probably got destroyed along with our planet.", he tells her as he straightens his posture. "Well, you see, he was sent here from Planet Vegeta right before it got destroyed.", she explains. Vegeta then asks, "Wait, what would your son's name be?" "His name is Kakarot. Do you, by any chance, know him?", she asks as she straightens herself back to her feet. The prince then replies, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I can tell you what direction to go in to find him.", he says as he smirks. He continues, "If you start from here and keep going north, your scouter should pick up his energy about ten miles in." Kittasia then gets a happy look on her face, as if she couldn't believe that all of it was really happening. She kneels down and tells Vegeta, "Thank you, my prince, my honor is to you eternally." She turns on her scouter and stands upright again. She prepares to fly north, when all of a sudden, Veegeta stops her with a question, "You said you were a Saiyan, correct?" She looks at him, shocked that he would even ask such a question, "Yes, I am a Saiyan, why do you ask?" He looks at her eyes and replies, "Well, it's just that most Saiyans have black eyes, and your eyes are blue." Kittasia looks at him and explains, "Yes, I am aware that my eyes are unlike other Saiyans', and so is my personality." She continues, "You see, most Saiyans are tough, firm warriors. I have always had a gentle personality. It really is strange, I guess.", she says as she runs her fingers through her short, black hair. "Indeed, it really is…oh well, go find Kakarot now, and get out of my hair.", he scoffs as he turns around and gets back to training. "Yes, Prince Vegeta.", she says as she continues her flight north towards Kakarot's location.

Kittasia keeps flying until her scouter informs her with Kakarot's power level. She pushes a utton on her scouter to see his coordinates and heads the way to Kakarot. "Ahh, here we are.", Kittasia says as she stops in front of Kakarot's house. She walks up to the door and knocks, trying to be polite and contain her excitement. Chi-Chi goes and answers the door. She can't help but scream when she catches sight of Kittasia. It isn't suprising, really. She is covered in battle scars, three on her face, and four more on her neck are the most visible. Underneath her clothing, there are many more. She tries to calm her down by telling her, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you! I'm not here to hurt you, I'm just looking for Kakarot. I was actually hoping that he was here, if not, that means I'll need to get a new scouter!", she csays as she chuckles nervously. Chi-Chi gets an angry look on her face and yells to Kittasia, "Oh, no! If you think that you could so much as lay a finger on my husband, you've got another thing coming! I know all about you evil Saiyans, and I am NOT going to let you hurt my Goku!", she screams as she walks towards Kittasia. 'Goku? Who is that?', Kittasia thinks to herself. She says to Chi-Chi, "Sorry to intrude, but I didn't realize that I had the wrong house. You see, I was just looking for my son, Kakarot, and I thought that my scouter had picked up his energy here. I must be mistaken.", she says as she wraps a piece of cloth around an oozing scar as her tail unwraps around her waist. "Wait, your…son?", Chi-Chi asks softly. Kittasia focuses her attention back on Chi-Chi and nods her head, "He was sent here as a baby before our home planet, Vegeta, got destroyed.", she says as she tightens the cloth around her scarred arm. "I haven't seen him since. Most Saiyans just leave their children once they're born, but it just felt wrong trying to leave them. My other son, Raditz, is now dead, and so is my husband, Bardock, so now Kakarot is all I have left.", she tells Chi-chi with tearful eyes. Chi-Chi then tells her, "Umm…hold on just a second, I'll be right back." She goes inside the house. 'How am I supposed to know she isn't trying to deceive me? I know how those Saiyans can be..but still, I feel as if I can trust her…', Chi-Chi thinks to herself. While she's inside, she grabs some medicine and cotton balls to clean up Kittasia's wounds with. "Hey, Chi-Chi, is someone here?", Goku asks as he walks into the kitchen. Chi-Chi looks up but doesn't say anything. What was she supposed to say? 'Oh hey, your long-lost mother, who may not be your mother is waiting for you outside.'? She goes back outside while Goku was too busy raiding the fridge to notice anything else. She sees Kittastia tearing off the bottom half of her shirt to wrap around another ozzing wound on her leg. "Haha, these suckers are leaking blood like crazy ever since I got here. I guess since I've been sitting in my space pod for so long, the blood is just now getting to the scars.", she says as she tightens the cloth. Chi-chi goes up to Kittasia and puts some alcohol on a cotton ball and dabs her wounds. "here, this should clean up the wounds.", Chi-Chi explains to Kittasia. Goku walks out of the house and stretches his arms. He looks at the visitor and yells, "Ahh! S-she's got a t-tail! She's a Saiyan! Stay away from her, Chi-Chi!" Both Chi-Chi and Kittasia look up to see Goku, who is frantically yelling at Chi-Chi. 'That hair…', Kittasia thinks to herself. "There is defiantly something familiar about his hair..", she mumbles quietly to herself. "Goku, it's okay. I'm just treating her wounds.", Chi-Chi explains to Goku. "Kakarot.", Kittasia says as she looks up at Goku. "You are Kakarot, are you not?" goku stands his guard and gets in a fighting stance, prepared for any attack she may use against him. "What's it to you?", he asks in a firm voice. Kittasia stands up and wraps her tail back around her waist. "It really is you, isn't it?", she asks, already knowing the answer, but she is still in a state of shock. Tears of joy stream down the side of her face and she winces slightly when they pass her leaking scars. She walks towards her son, but he then warns her, "Don't come any closer until you explain why you're here.", he keeps a firm voice and stance.

Kittasia comes back to reality from her state of shock and wipe the tears from her face, smearing blood across her cheeks while she does. "I'm sorry, my name is Kittasia, I'm a Saiyan warrior from the planet Vegeta. You are my son, Kakarot.", she tells him nervously, as if she was telling him bad news. "Hmf.", Goku scoffs in disbelief. "That isn't possible. My mother was killed when our planet was destroyed. Along with my father." She swallows her tears, trying hard not to remember that dreadful day. She tells Goku, "On the day our planet got destroyed, your father, Bardock, went completely mad. He was so sure that he could see the future. He said that he saw how Frieza would destroy our planet, and he also saw how you are the one who avenged your father's name by taking Frieza down with him. That day, was a terrible, horrible day. Bardock risked his life to save Planet Vegeta, but he just wasn't strong enough. He never even stood a chance. I insisted on going out to fight Frieza with him, but he wouldn't let me go. I begged and begged, then he finally said he'd let me go. He told me to be careful and lifted my chin up and kissed me. That was the last time I saw him. After that kiss, all I remember was a distinct pain in my neck and blacking out. When I regained consciousness, I was in a space pod, leaving what should have been Planet Vegeta, but when I looked back to where it should have been, it was just an empty space. Nothing was left but Frieza's spaceship. That bastard, Frieza, I can't believe we had led our whole lives trusting in him.", Kittasia says as she gets a sad look on her face. She continues, "I only found out Bardock was dead because I heard Prince Vegeta talking to Nappa about 'the crazy guy who saw the future', I could only assume they were talking about my husband. Then, my scouter switched to Frieza's connection and he was ranting on to his men about how he thought a 'filthy Saiyan monkey' could muster up the courage to try to go against him and his rule.", she can't hold her tears back any longer and she doesn't even try to stop them from streaming down her cheeks. Goku loosend his posture and walks over to his mother and gently helps her to inside his house. Chi-Chi c;ears a spot for her on the couch. "Here, sit.", Chi-Chi offers Kittasia as she pats the cushion of the couch. "No, I wouldn't want to ruin your nice furniture by getting blood all over it.", Kittasia says as she dries up her tears.

"Hey, dad, who's over?", Gohan says sleepily as he walks out of his room. Goku's attention draws away from his mother, and he turned to focus on Gohan. "Gohan, get back in your room.", he tells him. Gohan, not fully understanding, asked him in reply, "Aww, but daadd.." Then Kittasia asks Goku, "Is the your son?". He replies, "Yes, his name is Gohan.". She walks towards her gradson to see him, but the closer she got to him, he backed away. "You better stay away from me and my family", he tells her firmly, but inside, he was still shaking from her appearance. All he could think of was all the damage to Saiyans had caused all those years ago. "Gohan! I thought your mother taught you how to properly greet someone!", Goku snaps for Gohan to be polite, yet he can understand why Gohan had stood guard. "Yes, sorry, dad.", Gohan says as he shakingly loosens his stance and he properly greets Kittasia, "Hello, my name is Gohan.", he says as he bows his head in respect. Kittasia looks at her grandson, in a sort of shocking happiness, that she never thought that she would ever see her son again, let alone, ever see her grandson. It's true, she does have the warrior in her, like a Saiyan, but, unlike the others of her kind, she had developed a sort of gentle personality.