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Kittasia: Mother of Goku

Chapter Two: Reunions

"Gohan's a nice name.", Kittasia tells her grandson. Her voice shaking, but not out of sadness or fear, but out of pure joy. Gohan is still shaking at her sight. Who wouldn't be? She has many scarsand cloths soaked in blood around her arms and legs. Her cheeks are covered in a layer of both blood and tears, and to top it all off, she's a Saiyan. Gohan had every reason to be worried, but he trusted that she was harmless to him, or else, why would his father have told him to be polite towards her? Kittasia looks back at Goku and Chi-Chi in the living room and smiles. She is so happy and grateful to be reunited with her son again.

Chi-Chi gets a damp cloth for Kittasia to clean herself up with. When Kittasia goes to the washroom, she looks in the mirror in shock. 'Wow! I looked like this the whole time? No wonder why everyone was afraid of me..', she thinks. Once she cleans up her wounds, she looks at herself in the mirror. She examines the two scars on her neck that Bardock gave to her before he left to fight Frieza. It's Saiyan tradition for the male to leave two bite-marked scars on their mate's neck to proclaim their marriage. At least, that's how it was until Frieza made it illegal for Saiyans to wed. He felt as if love was just a distraction to a warrior, so Kittasia and Bardock got 'married' in secret. Kittasia would always cover the scars with her hair, but after Bardock and all the other Saiyans died, she felt as if it just didn't matter anymore. So she cut her, what used to be long, black hair and made it short. If Bardock were still alive, he would be so angry with her; he loved her long hair and the way it fell so delicately off her shoulders. Also, how she looked so different from all the other Saiyan women. Bardock sure was lucky to have her, and he was fully aware of it.

Kittasia opens the door and exits the washroom. She walks back into the living room where her 'family' is. They are the only ones that she can refer to as family now. When she reaches the living room, she feels dizzy and blacks out.

When Kittasia awoke, she saw Chi-Chi standing over her, wetting a cloth to put on Kittasia's forehead. Kittasia looks around the room. 'This must be their bedroom.', she thought as she looks around at the decorations set up. 'Strange, though, Earth décor is a lot different from those on Planet Vegeta were.', she thinks. Chi-Chi looks back at Kittasia and says, "Oh, I see you're finally awake." Kittasia sits up ad Chi-Chi gives her water to drink. She continues to say, "You blacked out. I guess you lost more blood than we thought. I gave you some medicine to help replenish your body with the nutrients it was craving, so you should be just fine.", she explains.
This is a really beautiful room, Chi-Chi.", Kittasia says. She continues, "I bet you were the one who decorated it, Saiyan men have no sense of anything that looks good.", she chuckles. "Ha, tell me about it,", Chi-Chi replies. "Goku doesn't even know what kind of clothing is proper to wear in public.", she tells Kittasia as she gives her a smile. "Goku…", Kittasia mumbles quietly. "Hm..?", Chi-Chi asks Kittasia, not sure if she had heard her correctly the first time. "Goku..", Kittasia repeats herself, "is that his new name?", she asks Chi-Chi in wonder. Chi-Chi replies, "Well, apparently, Kakarot is his Saiyan name, but once he came to Earth, he got named Goku, so now everyone but Vegeta calls him by his Earth name." Kittasia looks up in in surprise, "So you know Prince Vegeta?", she asks in shock. "Hmf, prince is right! He's so full of his pride, he's practically wallowing in it!", she laughs. Kittasia chuckles, "Yeah, being the strongest Saiyan warrior since birth would boost your pride up." Chi-Chi replies, "Ha, Vegeta may think that he's the strongest but that is definitely not the case."

Goku walks into the room. "Oh, so she's finally awake?", he asks Chi-Chi. "How long, exactly, have I been out for?", Kittasia asks. Chi-Chi replies before Goku gets a chance to, "Well, for about, uh, I'd say..two or three hours." "Wow! Really? That long?", Kittasia yells, surprised. "Oh no, that means..", Kittasia stutters in fear, "he's going to be here soon..", she whispers quietly. "What? Who? Who is going to be here soon? What are you talking about, Kittasia?", Chi-Chi asks frantically. "There's no time to explain, we all need to get out of here before he comes." Chi-Chi gets Gohan and they all start to head out of the house. When they open the door, they see a large figure in front of them. 'Shit, he's already found me.", Kittasia thinks.

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