Piper stood there surprised. She moved her toes in her white socks and her feet seemed about to lose balance. She was held by Annabeth, they were in the ship, already in Rome.

From there, Piper saw Jason with other campers she honestly didn't care about, and then Piper saw that other girl- the dark hair, the dark eyes- that girl, she kissed Jason. She got close to him, and pulled him towards her, and Jason didn't do anything about it, he let himself, worse, he pushed himself to that girl.

Piper turned around, she blinked. She could feel Annabeth looking at her right now, but when Piper turned around, she was running off the ship, excitedly, and another guy ran to her, they both hugged, and kissed right there, that guy must be Percy Jackson. Piper let out a sudden scoff, nobody was around her, nobody would hear.

She saw again Jason, and the girl, Jason was holding her.

Piper turned around, and walked to her room in the ship, leaving soft sounds of her light footsteps.

When she did, she blinked again. She felt cold, she felt a mix of emotions flushing her face. She blinked again, thinking what was happening. They got to the Roman Camp, Jason got off, kissed some girl he really loved.

"Don't worry Piper, we'll be together." Jason said.

"Nothing can separate us Piper." Jason said.

"Cone on Piper, let's dance." Jason said.

She clenched her right fist. Then, her grip was released. She left out an odd sigh, sitting, then laying in her own bed, taking off her shoes she was wearing with her own feet. She kept her socks, she felt cold, she put her legs on her bed, and laid completely in it.

She felt so cold, but for a reason, she didn't care anymore. She moved in her bed, she didn't even bother to use the sheet she had there. Her eyes felt sleepy.

But then the thoughts came- that girl kissing Jason.

"Don't worry Piper, nothing can separate us," Jason said smiling.

Her eyes shot open, her left side remained laid in the bed, she began stroking her own right side of her brown, long hair. Her eyes were a cold blue.

She didn't care about anything.

Jason was hers.

And she didn't care if she had to kill the girl Jason was kissing or use her Charmspeaking skills to make her kill herself.

And that kids, is what is called jealousy. Especially with a Daughter of Aphrodite, who can also charmspeak and her mother –the goddess of love- told her nothing will separate her from Jason and Jason himself reassuring her nothing will separate her from Jason.

I hate how some Mark of Athena Fanfictions have Jason ending up with Reyna, and she's all okay with it, doesn't care, not jealous, she's alright with it- it annoys me when people do that. She's a daughter of Aphrodite- no matter how unique she is, she's envious, like everyone else.

Oh, and this is a one-shot. Unless I get like 20 reviews which would be ridiculous and unlikely.