New story. Request and planned by/with the awesome sterlingismyknight. So I hope you enjoy it.

Fifteen year-old Christine Grant sighed as she brushed her hair. Another school. Another first day as the 'girl who has that brainy dad who's famous for stuff only Einstein could understand'.

Okay, so maybe she was exaggerating a little but still. It close to what she's heard before. "What's wrong?" asked an electronic voice with little sympathy. Christine had grown to call this voice Rem. Or to her father R.E.M: Radio Enthused Maid. She was made when the teen was the young age of 5 and they were tightly bonded ever since. "Another first day," she said hopping up from her bed with an annoyed expression present on her sharp features.

"At least you've had tons of practice," Rem spoke cheerfully. Christine smiled but rolled her eyes- leave .it to Rem to look on the bright side. The sky a beautiful pink as she walked down the stairs, the brunette wondered would happen this time.

Every time she starts at a new school, something always happened- good or bad. Last year it had been yogurt spilling down the front of her top, and six months ago someone left a cute, yet cheesy, poem for her. Either way, she was always top of the school's gossip train her first week.

"Morning Dad," she greeted her father with a cheeky grin. Famous scientist Allan Grant- famous for successful rocket ships and future clone projects- smiled at his daughter from over the rim of his coffee cup. "Hello," he said, voice said weird from just swallowing warm liquid. "Excited for the first day of school?" Christine smiled sarcastically. "Aren't I always?"

She poured herself a glass of milk and ate a cream cheese bagel as her dad read the rest of his paper and sipped his teaming coffee. The room stayed silent. The buzz of Rem coming down the stairs with a broom quickly filled that silence comfortably.

"Better hurry," she said to Christine, who was finishing up the last of her milk slowly.

"Great," the brunette mumbled sourly. "Can't wait to see how this will turn out." Christine grabbed her bag, kissed her dad goodbye, waved to Rem, and walked out the door with her head hung low; she was prepared to walk the two blocks to school.

So. I know it's short but next chapter will be longer. I hope. Loved it, hate it? Want me to continue? (Don't have a choice on that I'm afraid. )