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Christine's Pov

Back when the dads hated each other, I found it pain to sneak out all the time; it was horrible for me to keep so many things from Dad when I spent my entire life learning to build a relationship off telling him all the girly and not-so-girly things in my life. So imagine the irony of me stealthily dropping from my balcony in shades and a hoodie at midnight.

Either way, I couldn't exact call this sneaking out either; I'm pretty sure Rem knew what I was up to—all this sneaking around taught her to watch for when I was doing so or not.

Once I've started down the street and to the park, it's surprising how windy the night was. The crazy warmness during the day and then the insane temperature drop was something I still needed to get used to. Autumn was here, colored leaves fallen on the sidewalk and people already putting out Halloween decorations when it's still a handful of weeks today. I paused, suddenly realizing something—this was the first time I'd be able to spend an actual Halloween in a steady going home. Not on the road like Dad and I and Rem have been doing since I was seven.

The thought of doing so (dressing up, especially) made a nice feeling spread in my stomach as I reached the entrance of the parked. Someone had switched the pink flowers out blue and indigo ones. It was so dark and they blended together so well that I could hardly make them out as I walked by them.

There he was. All paid shirt and jeans and high tops just like I saw him last night. I still felt my breath get caught in my throat, making me lick my lips as I stepped closer.

"Hey," I tried carefully mentally cheering myself on when I didn't hear a stutter.

Chase grinned at me, walking closer and into patches moonlight from in between the trees that made him glow unnatural silver. "Hey."

We stopped then, breathing the silence. I've never been of silences, always making things too emotional. But this was a good, comfortable silence that didn't seem to weigh everything down so much—not adding more tension than needed. I knew he was waiting for my answer. Honestly, so was I. I felt kind of bad for not putting more thought into this decision (depending on what I say, I could be breaking too many hearts for me to tolerate). But I couldn't reply now; I needed to wait and collect before blurting anything that might wreck many future outcomes.

Taking in a deep breath, I looked everywhere but at Chase's eyes, saying, "Do you really want to go through with this? Do you really want to be put at the risk of getting your heart broken all over again?" 'Because I'm sure I'm not ready for that, I added silently, shifting my weight from foot to foot.

Chase smiled at me lovingly, eyes twinkling like they did the first time we met. "For you, I'll risk anything." His words aren't loud; not a scream or shout—barely just said. His eyes locked with mine, so focused and unwavering that I was the one who caved and looked away, watching as a slight breeze rustled the leaves. The sight itself made me shiver, not the fact that I wasn't even chilled.

"Would you be able to understand the fact I wouldn't be ready for such pain?" I asked, avoiding his eyes still.

"Of course," Chase replied, his voice sounding equivalent to a black void. But something—a pull at my gut, the quick protest of my heart—warned me, told me that the pain would be more significant if we're apart; Even if it did sound really cliché.

I shifted my weight, feeling anxious as I stuffed my hands into my pockets. "Fine," I caved, watching Chase smile. "But we have to promise to at least try and not mess things up. Promise?"

"Promise." Grinning, Chase pulled me closer and crashed his lips on mine, wrapping his arm around my waist.

I grinned into the kiss, deepening it and tangling my hands in his hair. Feeling his tongue slide across my lip, I immediately grant Chase's access, wrapping my legs around his waist feeling his tongue all over my mouth. This, by far, had to the farthest we've gone.

I pulled away, both of heavy breathing heavy. Chase looked at me, resting his forehead against mine. "I love you."

I smiled. "I love you, too."

"That has to be the sweetest thing I've ever heard!" Rachel and Janelle squealed excitedly, looking at me from my computer screen.

I rolled my eyes, but smiling. "That's all you guys say, even about the break-up."

And I wasn't lying—apparently Rachel found Chase/Spike fight for me "cute because he's showing his manliness for me".

Janelle wagged her finger at me playfully. "We don't speak of the no-no event here." Yeah, can you believe that's what they were calling it? Me neither.

"Are you ever going to not call it that?"

"Nope," they responded in unison, smiling at me like idiots. I just shook my head at the two.

Rachel grabbed a bottle and took a swig, it looking like juice or something. "So have you and Hunter…you know"—she gestured to me, as if not knowing how to put it.

I sighed. "If you mean have we hugged and made up yet, then no." I messed with my tank top. "This isn't something we can just instantly forget like girls can, you know. Plus he's a dude—he's going to try and bring it up anyway, even if I do drop it."

Janelle shrugged. "You have a point," she agreed. "Boys always need warnings like that spelled out for them. Such work, but we put up with them, anyhow."

"Oh, and Bree wants to talk to you," Rachel said suddenly, looking at me with a smirk. "She knows you and Chasey-poo have made up and wants to see you."

I cringed in guilt. I haven't even talked to her yet, and in all honesty, I forgot why I was even avoiding her in the first place. I wasn't feeling made toward her or anything, and she's stopped reminding me of Chase. I guess I just kind of let her slip my mind for a while. But it is rude to just leave her hanging like I did, especially without a good reason; not that I have one.

"I know," I sighed, "I'll do it tomorrow."

This was going to suck. I thought I've been around long enough to have a clue of what everyone's worst was. But Bree was one of those people who never let the right people see her bad side. So lord know how bad she'll be tomorrow.

Rachel saw my expression and waved me away with her hand. "Oh please," she snorted, like I amused her. "Bree's not capable of getting super pissed, so relax."

Janelle and I both gasped in surprise at Rachel. In all my time of knowing her, she's never cussed…around people, anyway.

"You watch it young lady!" Janelle scolded playfully. "There are young people here!"

"Hey!" I piped up, glaring at both of them. "I'm only fifteen! And aren't you fourteen?" I added to prove my point, watching Janelle shrug.

"I had to try."

Chase's Pov

There was something oddly entertaining about watching Bree scream at my girlfriend. And not in a bad way, but it was just so amusing to me, I didn't bother stepping in and asking why she was screaming in the first place.

"So, let me get this straight," Christine said slowly, looking at me oddly after I explained my thoughts to her. "You were just going to let your sister stand there and scream her head off at me just because you thought it was funny?" She raised her eyebrows. "That doesn't seem very boyfriend-like to me."

I rolled my eyes at her. "Then let me make it up to you." I stepped closer and kissed her, dragging out for as long as I could, not wanting to let go—

"Oh mi gawd!" Sammie shrieked, slamming her hands over her eyes. "Some of us actually want to digest our breakfast, you know. We don't need you two standing their swallowing each other."

Christine pulled away, smirking as she said, "Then don't look," before kissing me again.

"Sweet mother of god just break it up already," Rachel snapped at us. She pulled away forcefully and god her nails are like sharp tiny knives.

I groaned, soothing the spot on my arm as I looked at her. "Do you ever cut those things?"

"Don't talk to me," Rachel snapped bitterly, "I'm in a mood."

"Obviously," I deadpanned.

Christine whacked my shoulder. "Don't provoke her," she warned me. "You saw those things; she could claw both your eyes out and eat them in front of you."

"What crawled into your panties and died?" Janelle teased, poking Rachel in her side.

Rachel turned and growled at her. "I'm fed up with love!" she declared, hands going to knot in her hair.

I raised my eyebrows. "Adam is still not noticing you?" I asked with a smirk.

All three of them pun and gaped at me.

"How did you know about that?" Rachel spluttered before sticking an accusing finger in Christine's face. "Did you fess up to him, Blabber mouth?"

Christine laughed and pushed her finger away. "I didn't 'fess up' to anything—or anyone."

"Did you really think we wouldn't catch one eventually," I sniffed. "Just because Adam's dumb doesn't mean I caught it."

Rachel gaped at me. "He's not dumb; he's just…not all there yet."

"Sure," I snorted, giving her a pointed look, "that's what you want to call it."

Shoving past me, Rachel, Sammie, and Janelle walked off, talking in hushed tones and looking around at everything. Could they be any more obvious they were talking about something—or someone—in the room?

"Your friends are nuts," I told Christine.

She looked at me, snapping her gum she just must've started chewing. "Don't you think I know that? And they're your friends too."

"Not when they act like that."

Christine laughed and shook her head at me, getting up on her tiptoes as her lips brush against me cheek. I frowned, wishing there had been more contact.

"That's all?"

My girlfriend just smirked at me. "Poor boy," she mocked, smiling and waving as she left.

I sighed, watching her leave before heading to my own class. The good thing about today (the school's first delayed start day. Something new) was that I was able to have my favorite class first: Biology.

"This is so gross!" Ashley exclaimed with a cry of distaste, holding her goggles and gloves away from her like they had a terrible odor. They probably did from being used so many times and not washed nearly enough. "The frog juice stinks like sewer water."

I rolled my eyes at her, sitting at the desk across from hers. "It's demorphin," I corrected, "It's not like you have to drink it. All we're doing today is learning how to cut into the frog and what materials to use to do so; Chill, princess."

Ashley still pouted, staring at the things in front of her. She didn't put them on until I said, "If anything of that "frog juice" touches you, your dream of perfect skin for the rest of your life will be ruined."

The whole class passed in a familiar blur of words I already knew. Call me a suck-up, but I did a bit of research into frog dissection a week ago and loaded it into my chip just for the unit. So really, I knew more than the teacher did.

"What're you doing now?" Ashley asked, walking beside me as we went down the hall. Out of all the girls (excluding Rachel), Ashley had to be my second favorite. But it's not like I can tell her that without her trying to claw my face off.

"I have free period."

She frowned. "Lucky—I got History." Ashley sighed, waving as she walked off, calling over her shoulder, "Wish me luck!"

I waved after her even though she couldn't see me. I sighed, trying to decide where to go. I didn't have many choices: either library or the cafeteria. Figuring the cafeteria would be swamped, I headed to the library.

"Christine Grant, please come down to the office."

Frowning, I paused for a second. Why would Christine be called down to the office? So, deciding to be a good boyfriend (I think), I slowly crept toward to office to see—

"What are you doing here?"

Exactly, what was Hunter doing there?

Said celebrity looked at Christine pleadingly. "Please," he begged, hands clasping in front of him as he stared down at her. "Just three minutes."

"I'll give you two," Christine bargained flatly, leading him outside.

I frowned; what were they talking about?

And should I feel this nervous? Even if we just got back together?

Hunter's Pov

"You better hurry this up," Christine warned, looking bored. "I don't have all day, you know."

I sighed, trying to plead with her. "I'm really, really sorry about the other day," I apologized. "I just lost control of myself. And I'm even sorrier for what happened that…other time."

Christine pinched the bridge of her nose, laughing without humor. "You never know when to stop do you?" She continued to laugh, shaking her head at me as she stared at the ground, not looking at me. "That incident was in the past Hunter—let it stay there." Christine finally met my eyes, adding softly, "I suggest you go before everything I just fixed is torn down again. And I'd hate for it to be because of you."

I sighed sadly, Christine pointing to the parking lot where my limo waited.

Could I not screw things up?

Chase's Pov

"What was that about?" I couldn't help but let the question pop out as soon as Christine was inside again, heading towards me.

She froze, pausing mid-step. Then she continued walking, like she hadn't stopped in the first place. But I could tell, her pause a beat too long.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Christine played off easily, looking at me, blinking several times.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "So you hadn't been outside arguing with Hunter, your famous celebrity friend?" It took a lot of willpower to not let the Ex-boyfriend slip out like I wanted it to.

Christine sighed, staring at me as she crossed her arms. "Why are you lurking in on my conversations anyway?" she asked suspiciously.

I shrugged, tapping the side of my head. "It's not like I can exactly help it, bionic hearing and all."

"Fair point," She nodded, rocking back and forth on her heels and rolling her lips into her mouth. "So how about instead of dwelling this any further, how about we plan a matchmaking thing for Rachel and Adam." Christine tapped her chin and looked into space for a second or two. "It's so odd seeing her so snippy and…non-Rachel-ish."

I laughed at her grammar and how oddly right she was.

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