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dedication: B, because she seems to think I'm funny. also because I love her.
notes: inspired by kelly1412's Firebending with Azula on DeviantArt. AHHHHH, I'M SO SORRY I AM A HUGE IDIOT. I'M SORRY. /gross sobbing

title: nonsense from the other side of the veil
summary: The Avatar is bad at respect, but the Fire Princess is worse. — Korra, Azula, Zuko.






"Do it again."

"But Sifu—!"

"Do it again, Avatar."

Korra shoved her bangs out of her eyes and growled. This was not working out. She was going to kick something—preferably her Sifu, but the Elders probably wouldn't like that very much. They hated it when she did rowdy things like bend someone through a wall, but… well…

Frankly, Korra didn't care too much about what the Elders thought.

And her Sifu was so, so asking for it.

The water in the air called to her. She could just pull it, and smash the stupid idiot across the face, spend him sprawling to the floor, completely frozen, and let him firebend himself out of it—Korra could see why Katara was always screeching at him.

He was just so infuriating.

Also snotty, but that was something else entirely. Stupid Fire Lord.

Who did he think he was?!

The hiss of steam as he burned away the ice was music to her ears. Korra crossed her arms over her chest and stared down at him, smirking her cheeks into pain. "Yes, Sifu?"

Zuko ground his teeth and pushed himself off the ground. "Korra—"

"That's Avatar Korra, Sifu."

"Avatar Korra—"

"Zuzu, what do you think you are doing?"

Student and teacher turned in tandem towards the Crown Princess. Azula leaned against a pillar, dark hair loose around her General's uniform, and it was a mark of her position that she could in the first place. She was dangerous; dealt in fire and blood and death in the Fire Nation's military, and refused to take orders from anyone or anything. She was the bane of every Earth King's existence. She was the reason international trade was so very slow. She was pirate and witch and the edge colonists called her Princess War with stars in their eyes.

And of course, Korra absolutely adored her.

"Azula, what are you doing here?! I thought you were terrorizing King Kuei until the equinox!" Zuko's squeaked.

Korra thought he sounded very manly. Except not. At all.

(This only improved her mood.)

Azula smiled wickedly. "Bo-ring. Those old guys couldn't keep up with a blind girl. What makes you think they could keep up with me? Besides, I thought you might get bored."

Without me to keep you on your toes went unsaid but was understood by all.

Korra could have clapped her hands in glee. "Where's everyone else?"

"Mai stayed in Ba Sing Se to torture Kuei—politics are useless, but you know how she is. Where's our little water peasant?"

Korra threw her head back and laughed. Katara hated that nickname. "Somewhere. Sifu Zuzu came out grumbling about her again."

"I'm right here!" Zuko squeaked again.

Both girls ignored him entirely.

The Princess flipped her hair over her shoulder with an impetuous little toss of her head. "Go on, then. I want to see how much the Avatar's progressed since you took over training her, Zuzu."

Korra dropped into firebending's most intricate stance. Flames licked at her palms. Turned blue with heat and green with sea-salt, edged blinding white and wreathing around her face in a wave of rainbow colours, it should have burned. The blaze swirled out around her like skirts.

The Avatar danced with it.

Azula stood next to her brother with crossed arms, lips pulled up into a smarmy little smirk. So that was where that stance came from, Zuko thought despairingly, and wondered how he could ever undo the damage to the area that Korra seemed intent on causing.

A tree burst into many-coloured flame.

"See, Zuzu," Azula said. "That's how you're supposed to do it. Watch our Avatar. She knows what she's doing."

Zuko moaned.

His advisors was never going to let him live this down.