Korra and Mako..What can I say? I'm a shameless shipper, and this was fun!

She kisses him.

A plethora of thoughts and feelings hit him at once. The most prominent being regret.

He had wanted to initiate it.

But this is Korra. She's fiery, pugnacious, and just too damn impatient. This is her way of saying she was tired of waiting.

He gathers his thoughts again when he feels the warmth of her lips leave him. Fear on her face. An unspoken question lingering in her eyes. Mako admonishes himself for making her feel lost, and before she can look away. Before she can apologize and try to brush off the whole thing, he retaliates. Claiming her lips with his own.

This time it's her turn to be shocked, and she gasps against his mouth.

He grins into her lips.

He finds that he has run out of patience as well. He deepens the kiss, and she responds slowly. Even though she was the first to start their lip-lock he can feel her caution, caution that she does not usually exhibit.

For once roles are reversed, and for now Mako does not stop. He can no longer feel the burdens of caution that had weighed him down most of his life. For once Korra follows and is slow, letting him take the lead. Her impetuousness replaced with a need to follow and learn.

For once the most important thing for the both of them is holding onto the moment.