Color series 2/8

Maybe it was the loud screeches of the lemurs or the blaring sting of the sun in her eyes, but for one reason or another Korra hated mornings on Air Temple Island. She hated them in general, but the aforementioned reasons took them to a whole new level.

After morning training she made it to the breakfast room, Only to collapse, dropping her head to the table with a resounding thud.

Mako found her there, the second to arrive in the room. It was one of Mako's early days where he actually acted like a fire-bender and woke up early. Korra would have mocked him for it if she wasn't so tired herself.

Mako plopped down beside her at the otherwise empty table.

"Don't. Say. Anything."

She could practically hear him smirking. "Don't tell me: The morning is evil right?"

She growled and tried hitting him, he dodged with a chuckle.

"You know my parents had a special way to wake each other up on early mornings."

Korra rose her head groggily "Yeah? What was it?"

It wasn't a common sight for Mako to have on a smirk so devious "What are you–" she was cut off by Mako's strong hands tickling her ribs.

Laughter bubbled from her lips as she tried in vain to fight off her assailant.

"Mako!" she hissed aiming a slap at his head, as her laughter continued unimpeded "S-stop!"

"Not until you're fully awake!" he teased.

"I am!" a fit of laughter, a gasp for air, and yet another swing were thrown his way "N-naga help!"

Mako was tackled from behind by Korra's fluffy companion, the two of them now sandwiched underneath the canine's weight.

Korra pulled herself from under Naga's stomach, letting out a breath of relief. "Good girl."

Mako was having a harder time as his face was completely covered by Naga's massive forearm.

He let out an indignant grunt.

Korra laughed breathlessly"Release the jerk-bender girl."

Naga consented and Mako sat up with a scowl on his face and white fur sprinkled across his brow and hair.

Korra laughed "Maybe the mornings aren't so bad after all."