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Summary: When Makoto thinks she sees someone from her past, she can't help but follow. But will this chase lead to something major, or will it all just fall apart?

The screaming of children alerted the city of Tokyo: school was out for the summer. Four teens were particularly excited to be out of school: two blondes, a brunette and a blunette.

"So how are you going to spend your first youma-free summer?" the first blonde, Minako, her hair tied half-up with a red ribbon, asked. She like, all the other girls, wore the school's red-and-blue uniform.

The brunette raised an eyebrow at her close friend. "Praying you didn't jinx us," she claimed, shaking her head, causing her ponytail to whip back and forth. Makoto was obviously the brawn of the group, being tall, well-built and slightly aggressive-looking at the simple comment.

"Well, we just fought Chaos," Usagi, the second blonde, sighed. "I'd think that even if we did have another enemy, it would be easier to deal with." The pigtailed blonde tugged on one of her odangos out of nervous habit. She was, by far, the most naïve of the group, refusing to believe that there was anything truly evil in the world, despite all they had learned and fought. "I'm hoping to spend time with Mamo-chan."

"But we should get ahead on our studies," the blunette of the group, Ami, suggested. The others groaned in distain at her constant thoughts of academics. "And we should continue training in case there is a new enemy."

The girls weren't exactly your average teenage girls. No, they were none other than the infamous sailor senshi, sworn protectors of our world. They had, in fact, just gone through one of the worst battles of their lives. In fact, Usagi was the only one to have come out of it without dying. All the other senshi had been resurrected. The thing was though, Usagi was the light, Sailor Moon. She may not have seen herself that way, but it was how everyone else looked at her.

Minako was virtually identical to her fellow blonde. In fact, they had run many a scheme involving one pretending to be the other. They weren't an exact match, but they were similar enough. Minako was the ditz in appearance- and sometimes actions- but she proved to be a great battle strategist as Sailor Venus.

Ami, the rather quiet girl, was Sailor Mercury. It was hardly a surprise, what with her being up-to-date in all technology and a complete genius with an IQ of 300. Yet she had her occasional moment to shine bright and prove just how far knowledge would get her. In fact, she had managed to save the senshi from certain madness while fighting their first enemy, Beryl. Beryl had sent out a team of five girls. The leader could create illusions to catch them off-guard, but Ami had destroyed the source of the illusions.

And then there was Makoto. While she was occasionally belittled because it appeared that all she brought to the group was strength, something that both Mars and Venus were experts in, Sailor Jupiter was worth so much more than that. She was an expert in bringing the team together. She even functioned as the only mother most of the senshi had. She would cook and clean when need be and somehow always knew what to say when one of them were hurt or had their hearts broken.

Sailor Mars wasn't with them at the moment. She went to a private school that was for children and teens of all ages. The other four senshi's school was just for tenth through twelfth grades.

"Ami, must you always be such a downer?" Minako whined. "Really, we have months off before we have to come back to this place. Can't you at least think about having fun?"

Makoto laughed and stood for her friend's defense, "I'm sure she just wants us all to succeed. You can go shopping all you want, and Ami-chan can study all she wants. Not only that, but we can all do what we want, when we wa-"

Makoto had cut herself off, instead looking at an empty street corner across from them. Her skin had turned an ashen white, but her friends had no clue as to what she had seen.

"Are you okay, Mako-chan?" Usagi asked. Yes, the blonde was always the first to ask if someone was alright. She couldn't help it. But really, just what was her friend looking at?

"Oh, er, it's- uh, nothing," Makoto replied, shaking her head again. Had she seen... but no. It couldn't have been. But still... "I'm just... going to try a new route home. You guys go on ahead. I'll see you at Rei-chan's tomorrow."

And before any of the other senshi could respond, Makoto took off running. The others knew better than to bother trying to follow her. She was the strongest and fastest of them all, no matter whether she was in her senshi or human form. It was fairly reasonable. She was the senshi of Jupiter, so it would make sense that she would be talented that way. The gravity of Jupiter was much greater than that of Earth, meaning that she would be light on her feet and capable of lifting more than regular humans or even the other inner senshi.

Makoto was silent as she ran down the street. Somehow, she was nervous and didn't want to be discovered by whom she was following. Yet she knew the man would know easily if she was following him.

When she turned the corner, she saw the man... once again turning the corner. She let out a huff and continued chasing after the man. But this time, when she turned the corner, the man had vanished.

"Dammit," she cursed, kicking the fire hydrant next to her.