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June 1008

Demeter couldn't help but giggle at Endymion's antics. Here he was, almost twenty-one and acting like a child. Demeter herself was seventeen and eager to spend some time away from Earth. "Dymion, you must calm yourself down," Demeter sighed with a smile.

"Well excuse me if I'd rather spend my time on Earth helping my people rather than meeting a bunch of snooty princesses from other planets on some ridiculous tour!" Endymion snapped, glaring down at Demeter, who was sitting on his bed as if it were her own.

"Aren't you excited, though?" Demeter asked. "I mean, sure, we've been to other planets for one occasion or another, but we've never been to all of them in one trip!" She paused a thought occurring to her. "What if we get to fight the beast that's been terrorizing Mars?" She grinned at the thought.

"I doubt it, Stable Girl," Endymion replied pessimistically. Even then, if they did fight the wolf, they probably wouldn't come out alive. None of the hunting parties had been able to. "I'm most worried about that Lunarian brat-" he began mocking the Lunarian accent, adding as much emphasis as possible- "Princess Serenity Lapin Juliet Escara Lunaria." He changed his voice back to normal. "God, what a horribly long name. And what the hell is 'Escara' supposed to mean?"

"It's Lunarian," Demeter explained. "It means 'divine destiny.'"

Endymion scoffed. "'Divine destiny,'" he mocked. "How conceited. I bet they're all that way."

"Hey, I could have been a conceited princess," Demeter replied. "Would you think differently of me?"

Endymion chuckled and kissed the back of her hand. "Of course not, your highness, princess of Earth," he joked.

Demeter smiled and pulled her hand away from Endymion. "If you would treat me the same if I were a princess, then treat the princesses like me," she offered.

"I rather think they'd be offended by my keeping them in a choke hold," Endymion joked.

Demeter laughed and rolled her eyes, knowing that Endymion was a hard man to control. "Come on," she sighed. "Queen Gaia wants me to help you with your costume for Princess Serenity's birthday ball."

The brunette stood and walked over to the mannequin that held Endymion's finished outfit. It was a dark blue, armor-like uniform with tiny gold details sewn in and two rows of gold buttons going down his chest. Demeter tossed Endymion his gold mask and pursed her lips at the frilly collar of the costume, which was all too common for the time. Gradually, a smile appeared on her face as she glanced over to some cloth and a pair of shears.

She took the shears and cut the collar off, instead buttoning the buttons all the way up, and she took two button-like clasps. She placed one golden clasp on each shoulder, balancing them while she got two rolls of cloth, one red and one black. She laid the two so that the red touched the suit and the black lay atop the red. She put the corners under the clasps and smiled at Endymion.

"Ta da," Demeter smiled, looking to her friend and master. "Now no one will mistake you for anything but a prince."

"They'd better," Endymion joked. "Should I have the tailors put it on rush?"

"Yes, though I imagine it won't take long," Demeter assured him. All that truly needs to be done is some hemming on the shirt-"

"That you might have ruined."

"-and attaching the buttons and the cape," Demeter finished, pretending that she hadn't heard Endymion. "Now, I've got to go check on my dress."

Demeter left her friend's bedroom and headed towards her own, where she found a bold purple dress and a gold mask, intricate designs revealing some skin on the mask. She smiled at the simple, one-strapped dress. This ball would be undoubtedly perfect.

On the Moon

Demeter smiled as she was pulled closer to Balthazar, her dance partner. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Endymion and a silver-haired teenage girl slip out of the ballroom unnoticed.

Okay, now for the full explanation of the title 'Jovian Sun'. Then sun that you would see on Jupiter is the same sun that you would see from the moon or from Earth. The basic concept was that everyone's connected by one, simple bond.

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