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Chapter Thirteen

After 'catwalk, AKA: shopping torture, and Tropical Land' Saturday, Sunday passed by in a breeze – we had only relaxed and spent some time with Aoko and went to go get my needed school supplies. It was currently Monday, and my first day of elementary…again. Yippee…

"There you go, Alice-chan." Kaito's voice stated behind me, where he had just finished brushing and putting clips into my hair to make it more presentable from the 'crow's nest' it had been earlier in the morning. It's not like I really cared what my hair looked like – it hadn't been completely terrible either, but more of the stylishly-messy hair that I usually had – but he had opposed. Something about first impressions being important, or whatever. Truly, Kaito and Chikage were so alike it was scary. But, now my hair was as tame as it could get, with clips holding back my bangs to one side. It really didn't surprise me that Kaito was so good at doing hair.

"Thanks, Kaito-niichan." I smiled at him, and hopped off the counter I had been propped on, and moved to the living room to gather my stuff. "By the way," I continued when he followed me in a similar fashion. "What school am I going to?" I questioned, wondering what the name would be. They never did mention what Ekoda's elementary school was called.

Kaito grabbed his bag and we walked out of the house, him locking up behind us, as we began walking to our destination. Kaito would be walking me to school this one time so I could remember the route, and then I would be able to walk alone the rest of the week. Ah, again, the joys of looking seven in Detective Conan~!

"Well, since Ekoda Elementary school is full, you'll be going to the second closest school – Teitan Elementary~!"He cheered and I froze, looking up at him with wide eyes. He hadn't said that, right? I must be hearing things. It's too early. I must be tired. Very tired. Supremely tired. Because, really, what are the odds of me being stuck in the very same school Shinichi is going to? It couldn't be some type of conspiracy where every single shrunken person somehow ends up in Teitan Elementary. Right? Or…Maybe it was… This must be fate getting back at me for something I don't remember…

"Oh, I see." I said thoughtfully, my shock flooding out of my system as I continued walking along with Kaito. Well, at least I wouldn't have to come up with an excuse to meet Shinichi. I'll just meet him as 'Conan-kun's new transfer student'. A smirk adorned my lips – this was actually perfect. Maybe I can keep my cover a bit longer, then. I didn't feel like telling Shinichi just yet.

I blinked out of my thoughts when I heard rushing water nearby. I looked over to the side to see a river. "That's the Teimuzu River. It's what separates Beika City and Ekoda City." Kaito intoned from my side and I gaped in surprise. I knew they lived close, but this close! Gosh, they're only a river away from each other… How… intriguing.

I stopped gaping like a fish – hah, if only the one beside me could hear my thoughts – and we went across the bridge. Kaito stopped walking and pointed over to a bus stop where people were getting on. "That public bus will take you to a spot closing to the school." He explained as we went over and boarded the bus – without paying the fee. The bus driver had merely given us a nod and a warm smile directed at Kaito before shutting the doors and moving on. I blinked at the bus driver in interest before shrugging it off.

We sat down on our seats and I turned to my companion. "Hey, why'd we get on for free?" My eyes narrowed in slight suspicion as Kaito's face seemed to transform into perfect carefree and careless face – his pokerface. "Well, he owed my oyaji a favor, apparently. I just met him recently and he really wanted to help with something big, but I said it would be fine if he just let me and my companions ride for free. I barely come to Beika that much anyways, and if I do, I usually walk, so I don't feel bad for taking free rides once in a while." Guess that makes sense. The nervousness was easily explained as, 'my dad helped him as Kaitou KID, and he knows'. Geez, I seem to over analyze everything in this world… I internally face palmed at myself.

After we reached the stop, we walked the short distance to the school and entered, Kaito pointing out where the principal's office was before taking off back to Ekoda, where he had school. I nervously shuffled off my shoes and put on a pair of indoor shoes, heading over to the office. I knocked politely at the door that said 'Headmaster's room'.

"Come on in," The old, but jovial, voice said.

I hesitantly walked inside, my eyes immediately locating the name plate on the desk that read 'Uematsu Ryujiro'. My eyes were then drawn to the man behind the desk, smiling just like any other day. He had brown hair, and tanned skin – though, not nearly as dark as Heiji's had been. He had a beard and mustache and eyebrows that were long and drooping down the side of his face. I hadn't known it was possible to have such long eyebrows, but apparently it was. I kept my bemused comment to myself, though, and walked closer to his desk.

"Ah, nice to meet you." I bowed politely, trying to remember Japanese etiquette when it came to school. I came up blank as I shuffled nervously. A hearty laugh – a bit wheezy – met my ears and I looked up sharply to the principal…er, headmaster.

I blinked as he continued to laugh a bit. "There's no need to be so nervous, child." The way he said it wasn't condescending, very unlike Akako, but more of a humorous way. I gave him an edged smile and moved closer. "You're the new transfer student, then, right?" He asked kindly, shifting some things on his desk and I absentmindedly wondered how he could see with his eyes closed.

But, I nodded at his question and he seemed to see it, so I guess he could. Must be an anime world thing because people in the real…er, my world would definitely end up running into a poll by doing that. He pulled out a manila file and opened it. "You came from the United States, huh? And you've got quite good grades, too. We're happy to have you as our student." He gave me a smile, putting the file back into the desk.

My mind was roving, though, as he got up and began walking me to my classroom. I had files? In this world? Since when?! Ah, wait…, "I'll take care of the little things that may become a problem, so don't worry about those." Akako had said that. I frowned pensively. Why do I have the feeling all these free favors are going to collapse on me one day? I decided to worry about it later as we stopped in front of the teachers room. The headmaster called over my teacher, who led me over to class 1-B. Gosh, help me. I was in Conan's class… That made it official, it was a conspiracy.


"It's nice to meet you! I'm Yoshida Ayumi!"

"And I'm Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, nice to meet you, Koizumi-san." It was weird being called that.

"My name's Kojima Genta, nice to meet you!"

"And, together, we are the Detective Boys!" They cheered in unison, practically glowing with innocence and happiness. I had to keep myself from cooing at the adorable-ness. They were even cuter in person; killing me with their cuteness rays. "Nice to meet you all." I replied politely, a smile on my face. Ayumi sidled closer, beaming childishly. Gahh…My heart just melted. "There's one more person in our group, too. His name is Edogawa Conan! He's really smart!" She started.

"He's absent, though, so he's not here." She ended with a disappointed note. Ah, young love.

"Really? That's too bad; I would have liked to meet him." No, no, this was good. I'll be able to blend in, become unnoticeable before he comes back to class this Thursday. I had three days while he rested because of the paikaru alcohol effects. I smirked internally. All I had to worry about was a tiny book report due this week; nothing else. How peaceful, for a change. Maybe I could get used to going to elementary again.

"If you want to meet him, you can come with us to the library with him! Since he's probably sick when he comes back, he'll be the only one without his book report done." Ayumi offered, immediately wanting to befriend me. I nodded, not really registering the offer before it clicked. She wanted me to go to the library with them for 'Conan's' book report. And I had just agreed, no backing out now.

Oh boy

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