Author's Note:

Adam: Red X or Slade cannot appear because they were introduced in the cartoon. Clueless is pre-cartoon.

Robstar: Assuming you got up this far, comic does not equal cartoon. There are already numerous factual differences between them both. Raven and her powers and personality are a huge one. We are free to pick from the numerous lore and retcon lore as to what we use in our fics. Batgirl's age and her relationship to Dick has been retconned numerous times. Originally, yes, she was older than him and there was nothing there. Then it was retconned in the Nightwing comics. She was still older by a year or two but flashbacks showed they had flirtations, including a kiss while on some motorcycles while Robin was still in his scaly underdoos phase. He's also been rectonned to having sex with her and then inviting Babs to his wedding to Kory, when previously he exclaimed to be a one woman girl. Babs' age has been retconned even further in the new 52, she's about his age, they flirt and seem to be heading for a relationship. In the Batman TAS cartoon, she's only a year older than him. In the Young Justice cartoon, she's his age (as stated by the creators). Since this is the cartoon version, not the comic one, I am free to pick which lore I take. I took the one from the Nightwing comics, she's a little older, there's flirtations and a kiss but no relationship. As for Cyborg, he and his past have also been retconned countless times. The Tower was built by his father when Cyborg's mother didn't die in the same accident that Cyborg underwent and he had a better relationship with his father. His mother was rectonned to die and he hated his father for the implants. I seriously doubt he'd accept a Tower built by Silas now. Robin's money from his parents was enough for him to buy Haley's circus and live reasonably comfortable in Bludhaven, I don't think it'd buy a Tower in this day and age.

Robgray1: Please see above comment, unless you're the same person. Also, Batgirl still isn't involved in the Justice League. She's only there to mess with the Boy Wonder's head as Batman asked. Gramgram and Grumpy are Cyborg's maternal grandparents, which I've never found any mention of. His paternal grandparents are the travellers to my knowledge. Gramgram and Grumpy are OC's based on image of Granny shown when Cyborg exclaimed 'a picture on my Granny's fridge' in the episode Fractured.

Steph Drake: Glad you're liking it. It was difficult to keep them strictly platonic when I wanted to do so much more, so I have to finish. Yes, I ship Steph/Tim to a degree, although I really don't know much about Steph other than the bare facts.

TrueArtist: Can't do it, sorry. Not since Slade was introduced in the show, I can't bring him in any more than the short (omg it so wasn't him) cameo.

Epiogue: Titans Go!

Robin smirked as he surveyed his domain.

All his little pawns, ready and willing to die at his command. Everything was falling into place. All his plans were coming to fruition. Master and commander of his ship. King of the chessboard.

"Stop smirking."

"I wasn't smirking."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "You were smirking."


"I know a smirk when I see one."

"You have a smirk detector, do you?"

"When aren't you smirking?" Raven retorted.

"Just make your move," Robin said, gesturing the chessboard.

Raven glanced down at the board then straight back up at him. "Do I make you nervous?"


"Taking so long to deliberate."

"Why would that make me nervous?"

"Because perhaps I have an intricate plan which you won't see coming."

"And maybe you can see my next move and are stalling."

"I don't stall."


"Please," Starfire said from over on the couch where she was sitting between Cyborg and Beast Boy, watching them play games. "I believed the purpose of the game was to do the overtaking of each others digital duplicate of a vehicle. So why do you both react with such vehemence when it occurs?"

"Cause he's not supposed to pass me," Cyborg said.

"But that is the purpose of the game."

Beast Boy's tongue was in the corner of his mouth. "Yeah, but he's all bent outta shape that I'm just better than him."

Starfire cast her eye on Cyborg. "He does not seem to be in disrepair. Cyborg, do you require assistance to return to your natural shape?"

"It's slang, Star," Robin called, still keeping his eye on Raven. "Bent out of shape means upset or angry."


"Taunting each other is part of the game."

Starfire curled her hair behind her ear as she looked over her shoulder at Robin. "I see. Then you and Raven are also taunting one another?"

"We're more civilised," Raven replied. "And less prone to fits of anger and stupidity."

"Hey, we're not stupid," Beast Boy protested.

"It's a game," Raven replied. "There's absolutely no need to be so loud over it."

Starfire furrowed her brow in confusion but let the matter drop as she retuned her attention to the game console.

Robin smiled at the back of Starfire's head for a moment, then allowed his eyes to wander around the room.

A Tower. A testament to their strength and unity. Also to their differences. A place of training, a place of work, a place of friendship and harmony and games. A place of their own, a team of his own.

It was good. Better than he expected. Everything was going so well, they were all getting along. Villains were being taken down expertly and there were few problems within the group. He and Cyborg were even working on a move they called the 'Sonic Boom'. He couldn't wait to try that out in the field.

Looking back at Raven, he smiled. "Your move."

She rolled her eyes at him. As her hand stretched toward the piece Robin knew would bring her downfall, the alarm began to blare.

They were all on their feet instantly, games ignored, all looking to him for leadership. Robin rushed to the computer to check the cause of the alert.

"Break out at the prison," he announced. "Titans, Go!"

Author's Note:

This is the end of Clueless. I did say I would stop once I reached the Tower being built. The cartoon pretty much takes off from here. Straight into Divide and Conquer.

I waited a couple of days before posting this, to see if people wanted anything extra before I closed the story. Unfortunately, all the suggestions were things I couldn't conceivably do as they took place within the cartoon universe. Like Red X and/or Slade.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed or PMed me to share their thoughts. Clueless has been a wonderful journey. I've not seen a pre-cartoon story so it was really nice to explore. I hope you've all enjoyed it.

Communal will be the one-shot Post Tokyo fic attached to Clueless that I'll put up in a few days for those people aching for a romance fix.