A/N: Storyline in which Andrea from Never Let Me Go & Cosmic Love doesn't exist. Also takes place after the events of Nero and the destruction of Vulcan.

The passengers aboard the Enterprise dodged left and right, as a young woman ran down the hall, bumping into them. A few PADDS hit the ground, as her shoulder slammed into a disgruntled man, who cursed after her. Too caught up in escaping towards the mess hall, the woman didn't bother to turn around and shout a few words back. Throwing herself into the lift, the woman leaned against the wall, gasping for air.

When the lift doors opened, she let out a yelp and fell back against the wall, her hands flying up to her chest to calm her racing heart. Standing before her, was Jim Kirk, who had obviously waited for her to arrive on the bridge.

"Ah, Ensign Conrad," he said, stepping into the lift to stand next to her.

She cleared her throat, "Captain.."

They were both silent as the lift moved down, as the Ensign and Captain stood silently, side by side.

"Could you explain to me why the replicator in my room started dispensing marshmallow shaped rabbits and chicks?" Jim asked, looking down at the woman.

"Jim- I.." she started, but he cut her off.

"Rose, you do realize that every time I call it in, I keep getting disgruntled engineers who aren't pleased with the mess?" he asked.

Rose rolled her eyes, "How do you think I feel when you hack into my computer and change my alarm clock to Mariachi music?" she asked, glaring up at him.

He grinned, "It does get you out of bed and down to sickbay quickly," he said, as the lift stopped.

The doors opened and they both stepped out, Jim taking the lead while Rose followed.

"Yeah well.. you don't have to deal with a grouchy CMO after dealing with bitchy patients all day," she snapped.

"If Bones is giving you a hard time, I can talk to him," said Jim, as they stepped into the mess hall.

"I can deal with Len- I've known him for three years," she said, rolling her eyes.

Jim looked at her and laughed, "And I've known you for five, yet I still find ways to surprise you and catch you off guard,"

"Don't be so proud, James. You're lucky I put up with half the shit you pull, otherwise you'd still be in Iowa, drooling all over the bar," she said, as they grabbed trays and went on line for food.

Once they grabbed breakfast, they headed towards a table in the far corner, away from prying ears.

"So.. I heard you were hanging out with Mr. Chekov last night after he was relieved of his duties on the bridge," Jim casually said, as he scooped a spoonful of sugar into his coffee. "Are you two a thing now?" he asked.

Rose sighed, "First off, this isn't a suitable conversation for this time of the day- or any time of the day- and Pavel is seventeen, Jim. Do you want me to go to jail?" she asked.

"No. Who else will bail me out when I get in trouble?" he asked, grinning.

"Better watch out, Jim. I could leave you to rot in jail.. or have you sent to another abandoned planet," she warned.

He snorted, "And have Spock run the ship for five years? You two can't even be in the same room together, so you know that wont happen,"

"It's not my fault he mentioned to the entire bridge that I was on my period, with his "logical" bullshit talk," she said, stirring her tea around.

"Could you not talk about your.. female issues, as I eat my breakfast?" he asked in disgust.

They ate in silence, ignoring the stares they received from members of the crew, as they sat a their tables. They couldn't understand why the Captain of the Enterprise was having breakfast with an Ensign, who spend most of the day in sickbay.

The communicator on Rose's belt began to beep, making her groan. Pulling it off the belt, she looked at the screen and saw that McCoy was calling her.

"Can't a girl eat in peace?" she asked, as she turned the communicator off.

"Welcome to my world," Jim said, as he tossed his empty plates onto the tray. "Come on, I'll walk you down. Besides, I need an update on how he's running the place," he said, as they stood up.

"No, you just want to distract me and piss him off even more," she said, as they dropped their trays and plates off to be washed.

"That's only half true, Rosie. We've only been in transit for six days, and I'm already bored," he said, as they stepped back onto the lift.

"Oh how Captain-ish of you, Jim. Already bored of being in control of the best ship Starfleet's produced in years," she said, rolling her eyes.

Stepping out onto the medical floor, Jim threw his arm around Rose's shoulders, pulling her in for a tight, one-armed squeeze.

"And just think Rose. We have five whole years on here and I can annoy you anytime I want!" he said,

Rose groaned, "I hate you," she mumbled, as they stepped into sickbay.

Jim laughed, "No you don't. You adore my handsome face and charming personality!" he exclaimed.

She could only roll her eyes, before bracing for the wrath of Dr. Leonard McCoy. Rose Conrad knew today would be a bad day, as she heard the doctor yelling from his office.

"You see why I can't stand working with him! When he's not in full doctor mode, he's fine. But get him around bio-beds and cases of lung-worm, and he becomes the devil himself," Rose hissed, as they started towards Leonard's office.

"I heard that, Conrad. You better get in here now, since you're already late!" Leonard snapped, as a nurse quickly ran out of the office.

Rose and Jim exchanged looks, before Jim nodded to her.

"I'll deal with him," he said, before stepping into the office.

She heard Leonard groan and snap at their friend and shook her head. Letting out a nervous sigh, she stepped into his office and began her day of hell.

I won't last five damn years on this ship.