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"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Leonard and Miranda! Happy birthday to you!"

A chorus of cheers and whistles rang out in the backyard of the Kirk household, as the small group of friends and family celebrated two very special people. Miranda blew out her candles with overexcitement; giggling at the attention she received from her Mother and the other women.

"Come on, Bones!" Jim held the camera in his hands. "Don't be a party pooper and blow those candles out!"

Christine chuckled from her spot next to the doctor, earning a glare from him as he grumbled. Blowing out the candles, he received a round of applause and a kiss from his girlfriend.

"Okay!" Rose picked up the knife and started pulling the candles out of Miranda's cake. "Birthday girl gets the first piece!"

Moving around the table to stand behind her daughter, Rose set the knife over the cake. "Which piece do you want, Randa girl?" she asked.

"That one!" Miranda exclaimed, pointing to the biggest flower on the corner of the cake.

Jim snorted, "That's all sugar!" he said, pointing to the piece. "Are five year olds allowed to have that much sugar?"

Leonard shrugged, as Christine cut a slice from his cake. "It's her birthday, Jim. I think that's enough of an excuse to ingest enough sugar."

Once the cakes were cut and slices were handed out, the group dispersed to the various tables in the yard, eating and laughing with one another. Jim and Rose took their seats near Miranda, watching as she ate her cake with happiness. Just six weeks home, their lives were changed for the better. They managed to put their home together, with both their tastes clashing exceptionally together, while experiencing the adventures of being young parents to a hyper child.

"Good day?" Jim asked, wrapping his arm around Rose's waist, resting his chin on her shoulder.

She nodded, "A very good day," she agreed, turning her head to kiss him.


"Okay, we have one more present for you," Jim announced, as he came out the back door, holding a bag in his hand.

It was nearing Miranda's bedtime, the party long over and the guests long gone. The only people who remained were Leonard and Christine, who found themselves sitting on the porch swing located in the front of the house.

"You do?" Miranda asked, sitting up from her spot next to Rose.

Jim sat down next to her and nodded, "It's in this bag," he said, pointing to it.

Rose snorted and Jim continued, "Now, this is a very important gift," he said. "Can you handle such seriousness?" he asked.

Miranda nodded quickly, "Yes! I can, Daddy!"

"Oh Jim!" Rose scolded. "Don't tease her!"

Jim picked the bag off the ground and set it between himself and Miranda, while Rose helped her to stand on the bench. Peering into the bag that was filled with tissue paper, Miranda started digging through the pink and purple mess. Once the paper laid scattered about on the patio, she pulled out a stuff Minnie Mouse doll.

"It's Minnie!," she gasped, holding the toy carefully in her hands.

Jim nodded, "And you know why this is special?" he asked, as Rose smiled at them both.

Miranda shook her head and Jim continued, "Because this weekend," he glanced at Rose, who smiled with encouragement. "We are going to see Minnie for real."

"We are?" Miranda asked, looking up quickly from the doll, before turning around to look at Rose.

"Yes," Rose nodded. "We're going to see Minnie and Mickey!"

Miranda let out a squeal, turning around to huge Rose tightly, before letting go and doing the same to Jim.

"And Uncle Bones and Chrissy are coming too," he said, as Miranda babbled excitedly over the news. "Uncle Bones is going to bring his little girl with them, that way you have someone to play with."

"I love you," Miranda said, as she sat down with her new toy.

"How much?" Jim asked.

Miranda set Minnie down on her lap and held out her arms, "This much!" she exclaimed.

"To the moon and back?" Rose asked.

"To the moon and back."

Jim leaned forward and kissed the top of her head, "Happy birthday, baby."

"Miranda Jane! "

"Joanna Elizabeth!"

The two girls halted in their steps and slowly turned around, and smiled shyly at their fathers.

"What did I tell you about running?" Jim asked, looking at Miranda.

"To not do it?" she asked, digging her toe into the pavement.

Leonard crooked his finger at Joanna, "Come here," he demanded. "Both of you."

The two little girls dragged themselves back over, holding one another's hands as they did so, and stopped in front of them.

"You can't go running off, Jo," Leonard said, as he knelt down to be at eye-level.

Jim copied him and looked at Miranda, "This is a big park," he said. "I don't want you two getting lost."

Miranda nodded, "Sorry, Daddy."

"It's alright, Miranda," he said, as she hugged him. "I know you're excited, but when Mommy says you have to wait, that means you have to wait."

Leonard nodded, "We best get back to the ladies now," he said, standing up. "They keep bickering over which damn ride to go on."

With the girls, Jim and Leonard moved through the crowd to their respected partners, watching as they fought.

"Now, now," Jim said, halting their argument. "How about we go on something that the kids want to ride?" he asked.

Rose scowled, "Christine is a chicken and wont go on the newest edition of Space Mountain!"

Christine snorted, "Oh please! You wont even go on the Haunted Mansion ride!" she shot back.

Jim and Leonard looked at each other, "How the hell did two grown women end up fighting over rides?" Jim asked.

Leonard shook his head, "I don't know. I was expecting it from two kids."


Rose stopped and looked down at Miranda, who tugged lightly on her shirt. "What's wrong?" she asked, kneeling down next to her.

"Can we see Tinkerbelle?" she asked, as Joanna nodded.


Joanna nodded, "Please? We love Tinkerbelle!"

Leonard snorted, "Lord give me strength," he muttered, as Christine poked him.

Rose shrugged, "Sure, why not?" she stood up and took Miranda's hand. "Off to Tinkerbellle!"

They started towards the castle, Joanna holding onto Miranda's hand and her fathers, while Miranda held onto Roses hand as well.

"Who would've thought, " JIm started, as he wrapped his arm around Rose's shoulder. "That we would end up in Disney World; married and with a kid?" he asked.

Rose shrugged, "I haven't got the slightest clue," she sighed, before breaking out into a smile. "But I wouldn't trade this moment for a single thing. You're stuck with me, James Tiberius Kirk.."

Jim grinned, "Likewise, Rose Marie Kirk," he leaned in for a quick kiss. "Stuck with me for good."