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This is my first chapter 'Ew! That's Disgusting!' written for paigygirl15! I Hope you like it!

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence, Racism, Swearing.

Prompt: Carlos gets beat up by a bully/ies for being Latino.

"Yeah, I'll see you a hockey practise bro!" Kendall yelled out as Carlos made his way to his locker after last class.

"See ya guys!" Carlos called back cheerfully, as he watched his three other friends head in different directions. They were lucky they got most classes together, but when it came to lockers, all four were at different ends of the school. To put it simply, it sucked.

Carlos made his way to his red locker and started putting in his lock combination, trying to avoid being bumped by the crowd of by-passing students, rushing to get as far away from school as possible.


He opened his locker, shoving his history books on top of the large pile of text books before making a grab for his hockey helmet and backpack.

"Ew! That's disgusting!" A rough voice stood out from the rest of the rushing students. Carlos quickly searched his locker for any rotten food he may have left over the weekend. He signed when he found nothing, coming to the conclusion that the outburst wasn't directed at him. Thank god!

He slapped his black hockey helmet on his head before hearing a second outburst, "That's totally rank!" This voice was just as rough, although had a slightly deeper pitch than the one before.

Carlos lightly shook his head before stuffing his lunch box into his backpack, checking his red watch to make sure he wasn't running late. He wasn't.

"Who even let that in the country?" Another voice, this once leaving Carlos frozen.

'Were they? No they couldn't be? ... Could they?' Carlos glanced over shoulder, eyes widening at the three large boys standing a few feet from his locker, looks of disgust and hatred on the evil faces.

"Yeah that's right, we're talking to you wet-back!" The guy who had spoken first, Matt from Carlos' Math class, growled.

Carlos gasped at the racist name that rolled of his tongue, never had he been bullied or insulted because of his race, yeah he'd been made fun of because of his height and academic results, but never because of his race... until now.

He turned around fully, backpack clutched in a death grip. He looked up at the bigger boys. Matt had brown hair and eyes, was Kendall's height and played football. His two football friends, Joe and Oscar, were both as big, Joe with blonde hair and blue eyes, Oscar, the same as Matt.

Carlos gulped. Sure, he had always hated being short, whenever he couldn't reach something, whenever people tormented him, whenever his hockey opponents teamed up on him... whenever he stood next to James... but he hated it the most when he had to literally look up, when people where harassing him. It just made them all the more intimidating, and him, all the more vulnerable.

"What do you mean?" Carlos asked confused. What was wrong with being Latino?

"Your kind is filthy! Repulsive! Our people never should have let you and your family into our country, it's just a disgrace!" Oscar spat, as if talking to scum.

"N-no were not!" Carlos cursed himself for stuttering, "What do you want?"

"We, along with everyone else, want you out of this country! Back scrubbing floors, being a slave... where you belong!" Joe took a threatening step forward.

"When did you hop the border anyway? Mummy not have enough money to keep ya, so she gave you away? Or maybe she just didn't want ya? I know us white's don't." Matt laughed, fist pumping his friends.

"N-n-no! I was born here! My mum loves me!" Carlos fought to keep tears at bay.

"Naw! He's gonna cry! Maybe that's what they do in his home country, cry cas' they don't have the balls to do anything else! Jeez, just imagine how filthy his parents are! " Matt's voice deepened.

"You bastard!" Carlos let out a war cry, jumping forward, tackling Matt to the hard tile ground. No one was allowed to insult his parents. No one.

"Gross! Get this shit of me!" Matt yelled as Carlos tried to gain the upper hand.

Joe reached down, hauling the smaller boy off his friend, weaving a strong arm around the slim chest, pinning the boy to himself.

"Bloody twerp!" Matt groaned as he got up, strutting up to the small Latino threateningly.

"I think someone needs to be taught a lesson, Matt." Oscar laughed, "A slave like this should know how to respect his superiors!"

"I absolutely agree! Joe?"

Joe nodded and laughed, feeling Carlos squirm in his grasp.

"Bow Carlos. Get on your hands and knees, and freakin' bow to me!" Matt laughed sadistically.

"Hell no!" Carlos gasped, taken back by the command.

Matt nodded and Joe released the younger boy.

"I'll give you one more chance Carlos. Bow. To. me."

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Carlos cried, confused.

Matt waited one more second before slamming his fist into Carlos' face, them swiftly bringing a knee into his stomach. Carlos yelped and gasped as he fell to the ground.

"That's better." Came the snark response from Matt.

"Now kiss the ground. This isn't your soil, you should be happy you're even allowed to bow on this floor, to breath our air!" Oscar bellowed.

Carlos weakly shook his head, still trying to get the stars out of his vision.

Joe growled as he smashed his foot down on the small back, forcing the tiny Latino to the floor with a pained cry.

The kicks continued from the three boys for a minute before the blows stopped, leaving a weeping Carlos, beaten and bruised.

"Now, do we have to ask again?" Joe said, as if talking to a child.

After receiving no answer, Matt picked Carlos up but his shirt collar, his limp body, nearly dead weight. "You just can't learn can you?" He sent his fist into the tan face, "Don't you understand me?" Smack! "Don't you understand English?" Smack! "Bloody spic!" Smack! "Go home!" Smack!

Matt let go of Carlos' collar, letting the kid fall limply to the ground. His form whimpered and cried weakly, face busted and bleeding.

"HEY!" A called echoed through the corridor, "What the hell are you doing? Get away from him!"

"Shit!" Oscar hissed, "Run!" The three bullies ran off before the boys coming to Carlos' rescue could catch them.

"Carlos? Can you hear me?" James whispered, falling to his knee's beside the broken boy. He got a whimper in response.

"Oh Carlitos... buddy your safe know, we're here for you. I've got you." Soothing words rolled of Kendall's tongue in a hushed whisper, as he placed his youngest friends head in his lap, large hands running through the dark hair.

"Hey Carlos, Logan here, I'm just gonna check you out. Make sure you're gonna be ok. If I hurt you or something, tell me bud, okay?" Even though he didn't get an answer, he started searching his friends for injuries, making sure bones were in one piece, and a concussion was not present.

"He's lucky." Logan concluded after a good 10 minutes, "no broken bones and I don't think he has a concussion. Just bruised and cuts, none which will require stiches. He passed out, if you didn't notice, about 7 minutes ago, which was most likely because of shock or pain. He should wake soon. Just because his physical injuries are not too bad though, says nothing for the emotional and metal ones. He has nightmares about Bitters for God's sake; these ones are going to be a hundred times worse."

"I can't believe I let this happen! I'm such a horrible friend!" Kendall let a lone tear fall, his hand never stopping stroking Carlos' hair.

"Kendall, don't say that! There was nothing we could have done! We saved him before any more damage could be done. He will thank us for that. You did your best." James through a hand around the leaders' shoulders.

"We should get him home though, he'll need to rest. No hockey for at least a week or two for him." Logan announced, standing up. "James you carry him out to the car, I'll give the coach a call, tell him we can't make it."

James went to pick Carlos' unconscious body up but was stopped by a hand on his arm.

"Can I? P-please?" Kendall's voice was pleading, so James stepped back and watched as Kendall picked Carlos up into his arms bridal style, cradling the tiny form to his chest, carrying him to the car.

James sighed, guess there was two that needed healing now. Their Leader and their baby brother.


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