Author's Note: I'm just in an Artemis/Kid Flash kind of mood. This is just a small collection of drabbles as they come to me. This jumps all over the place in terms of time, but I'll try to make it clear exactly when each drabble happens using either subtext or just out and out stating it. Part of it is just from turning my music on random and writing something based on the song that comes up.

Valentines the first:

Wally came back from the mission with the oddest sense he was forgetting something. He couldn't be sure exactly what, but Robin had kept elbowing him in the ribs and wiggling his eyebrows. But the Boy Wonder had refused to elaborate on what he was hinting at, so the speedster had focused his attention back on the mission – defeating an escaped Mr. Freeze.

Once they'd sent the ice villain packing back to Arkham Asylum, Robin still kept looking at Kid Flash expectantly. "Dude! What is it?" Wally finally demanded after a few minutes back at the cave.

"It's the fourteenth."

"Yeah, so?"

"It's Valentine's day, doofus," Artemis, Aqualad and Super Boy had returned from their own mission. Wally groaned, certain he was in the dog house. To his surprise ,though, Artemis merely gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You're making this up to me next year."

A is for Arrow

Wally grabbed an apple out of the bowl on the counter and polished it on his sleeve. Just as he was about to put it to his mouth, an arrow pierced it, forcing it from his hand and pinning it to the wall. "Nice shot," he said appreciatively, "but I was going to eat that," he pried the arrow and the apple loose from the wall. He examined the damage and shrugged before he took a bite. "What's with the target practice, babe?"

"Just feeling kind of restless lately. School's going great and all, but don't you miss it? Being with the team?"

"Of course I do," he swallowed another bite, "But we've got to stick around here to finish our degrees. That's what we agreed on, right?" Artemis stepped out of the shadows. Wally was a bit surprised to see that she was wearing her old green costume.

"Yeah, but we never said we couldn't go out on occasion, right? Sort of a date night?"

Wally wrapped an arm around the archer and pulled her in close. "Give me half a second to get dressed."


"Well, Wally, she certainly seemed nice," Mrs. West said moments after her son had gotten back from taking his girlfriend home. "What took you so long in bringing her by?"

"She was kind of scared of meeting you guys. Nearly tore my head off when I told her you guys were okay with knowing her dad and sister were cons and her mom is an ex con. I guess I was supposed to have asked before I told you."

"So why now?" Mr. West asked, folding his newspaper and setting it down. "You two have been together for years now and we're just now meeting her. I'm guessing there's another reason."

"Sharp, dad," Wally sat down and massaged his neck as he tried to figure out exactly how to break the news to his parents. He patted his mom's hand. "I'm going to give up the super hero gig. At least for a while. Artemis wants to go to college – I think it's more for her mom than for her, but she's leaving the team over it. And I'm going with her. We found a place a few weeks ago."

"So you'll be living together?" Mrs. West frowned, but Wally nodded.

"Mom, I love her. This is what she wants, and I'm going to be there with her."

"C'mon, dear," Mr. West put his hand on top of his wife and son's. "It is a lot safer for him than fighting villains with his uncle or his friends. Plus you said yourself, she seems like a nice girl. College isn't really something a parent can object to, really."

"I suppose there's no use in arguing, is there?" Mrs. West sighed before standing up and giving her son a hug. "But with your speedster abilities, you have absolutely no excuses for not coming back to see me."

"And miss out on your cooking? Never!"

Dating Catwoman

"That cannot be who I think it is," Artemis said as she lowered her binoculars.

Artemis? M'gann's voice came over the psychic link. You seem confused. Is everything all right?

Look over at the French restaurant across the street. Make sure I'm not seeing things, Artemis responded.

No way! Robin's thoughts cut in. Is that…Artemis, is that your sister with Roy?

So it would appear, Aqualad cut in. He does not look like he is in danger, though. Apparently our intelligence for this mission was a bit biased. Or could Cheshire be controlling him?

Not likely. He looks like he wants to be there. Eww, they're kissing! Gross! Artemis shuddered.

It just freaks you out cause it's your sister, Kid Flash added his two cents. You don't mind so much when we do it.

Dude, for like the millionth time, we can all hear you. And I've already walked in on that way too many times for my liking, Robin responded.

The point being, our presence here is neither wanted nor necessary, Aqualad reiterated. Let us retire for the night.

Father's Day

"Sorry I'm late," Wally finally skidded to a stop when he reached the cave, immediately removing a protein bar from the food compartment hidden on his costume as he did so. "Wanted to give my dad a father's day card." Crap, he thought as he looked at his other teammates' faces.

Okay, let's see…M'gann's parents are white Martians, Supey has one 'dad' who is actually super villain Lex Luthor and it took a while for Superman to pay attention to him, I don't know the deal with Aqualad's dad, Zatanna's dad is still being forced to be Dr. Fate and Artemis's dad is Sportsmaster. Not to forget Rob, whose real dad is dead, but I guess Batman counts?

"Sorry," he muttered. Zatanna shook her head.

"It's okay, Wally. I'm starting to get a bit more used to it. Plus dad is still in Nabu somewhere…"

"And I can't stand my dad anyway," Artemis added. "Could you imagine me writing him a card for today? 'Dear dad: Glad you finally had to go to prison. Rot in your cell for all I care. P.S., Jade says hi."

"Alfred suggested I write one for Batman," Robin admitted, "But it felt a bit too awkward and elementary school."

"How about you, Conner?" Megan asked. Superboy shrugged.

"Superman's more like a big brother these days, anyway. And a card to Lex Luthor would probably read about the same as Artemis's to Sportsmaster."

Aqualad merely shook his head. "This is not really a holiday in Atlantis." The team worked in silence for most of the night, only communicating via telepathy during their mission to try to track down any clues about Vandal Savage's whereabouts.

When Wally got home that night, he hugged his dad tightly.

"What's this for?" Mr. West asked, returning the hug.

"Just a way of saying thanks, dad. I'm starting to realize just how lucky I am."