Chapter three

Soon, the building was in ruins. Monogram had no idea how Perry, who was once so cute and innocent, yet an amazing agent, could possibly do this in a matter of minutes. The worst part of it, though, was definitely watching Perry destroy Carl, the one person he got along with in this agency. Now it was all gone. Monogram started to cry, because of the loss of the place he had taken the time to build, and because of the aggravating pain he was going through.

Perry, although very young, was very strong. He had learned this before the attack, when Perry was able to demolish the dummies he was training with. He never thought this strength would be used against him though. Nothing in the world would have prepared him for this though. It was horrible. He was out within seconds. There was nothing he could do about it either.

Something was crushing him. He could tell by the sharp pain on his chest and legs. He opened his eyes for the first time since he was knocked out, and found he could only open one. The other one seemed to be swollen closed. He tried sitting up, but there was a huge boulder right on his chest. This made him curious how he was even still alive at this very moment. He didn't ponder on it though. Instead, he decided to find out what was still working, and what had been broken.

He could only move his left arm, because his right was crushed under the boulder. He was able to push it off of him with this arm, and tried to sit up. He barely moved an inch when a large wave of pain ripped violently through his body. 'Broken ribs, most likely.' He thought, relaxing. He tried to move his right arm, but it wouldn't move at all. 'Broken arm as well.' He lifted his left arm and gingerly felt his face, seeing what kept him from opening his eye. A long cut lead from his jaw to his eye, which felt swollen. He gasped, but immediately regretted it because of the pain it sent through his chest. When he lifted his hand, it came up dark red. It took all he had left in him not to yelp. He wiped his hand off on his shirt, and tried moving his legs. He couldn't, because of the stone on them. He couldn't even remove this one. It was too far away from his reach. Other then these injuries though, the most he had anywhere else was a bruise or small cuts from shattered glass.

Suddenly, he heard rubble crunching, and glass breaking. That could only mean one thing. Footsteps were heading in his direction. If he were in any better condition, he would have escaped right away. But there was no way he could move right now. It hurt him too much right now. Unless these footsteps were help coming, he knew there was no way he'd survive another hour. He'd either die quickly, from too many injuries, or slowly starve to death or dehydration. He hoped it was a quick death.

The figure obviously saw his chest weakly rising and falling, because he spoke in a voice Monogram would know anywhere.

"A survivor? Wow! I thought Perry would have killed everyone by now. Well, if you've survived this long, you may have some use to me after all." Doofenshmirtz murmured, glaring down at the broken, white haired man. He pushed the rock off of his legs, and roughly carried him to the vehicle he had ridden here. By the time they were there, Monogram had already passed out.

Doofenshmirtz looked back one last time, cruelly laughing as he looked at all the lives he had just ruined. There were so many more that were going to be ruined in the future as well. This was only the beginning of his brilliant plan. By the time he was done, everyone would be on their legs, begging for mercy. The thing he didn't know though, was that throughout all of the events that took place today, a young, orange haired girl had watched him and Perry. The only reason she had was because she was curious where her little brother's platypus had gone. Now, she had just seen the beginning of invasion she never thought could exist. She knew she needed to tell someone, but who? Who would believe the story of a twelve year old girl, who had just seen the beginning of the end?

AAAAAHHHH! This was so hard to write! I finally got out of writers block with this story, and... Yeah! I was crying by the time I was done. I have bad news for you all, but also good news. The bad news is that this story is done. The good news is that well writting this chapter, I decided this story needs a secquel. So I'm going to write one for it :D! It's going to be about what life was like after Alt Doof took over, before Phineas and Ferb came around, four years later. I haven't decided on a name yet, but it will be up as soon as I do lol.

I'm going to go write a chapter for The Dimensional Twist now. I'm really happy that that story is doing better right now :)! I need a break from the sadness of this story. Do you think I should change the rating on this story to T, because of the violence or something?