My life as a Pokemon trainer

Hey this is my new story for you see I looked back at my story's from before and decided that I should retry writing so here I go

This is also a challanege I toke on from perfect oblivion so enjoy.

Please note I am starting at ten years old not really how old I am now. The name I use is my real name so is my last one but they are common names so I have no fear of you people finding out who I'm

I woke up at 6:30 like usual when I got up from my bed and looked at the clock to make sure I was not late so I could still do my morning routine. So after I toke a shower I got dressed in my favorite clothes and looked in my mirror so I did not start my journey with anything wrong. I am a pale person not overly so but enough more than most people no real reason as I stay outside a lot.

I still get surprised with my eyes for you see I have five colors not counting the pupil first is an ice blue surrounding my pupil with a sea green surrounding that brown surrounding that with gold surrounding that color followed by black till my eyes hit my Scalia like everyone's is white I really notice it when I put my glasses on.

My glasses are in the oval shape sideways I reamber when I got them I said it looked like the infinite symbol the lens were silver. I put my white shirt then my favorite jacket which has a silver fox on the back well the rest is pure black why cause I figured at night I could hide from Pokémon better and really it brought out the color of my hair which is a crimson color. I put on my black jeans and

no I'm not emo I'm just a loner due to a lot of people making fun of ether my hair or glasses or my height which as always made me stand out I was always a head taller than anyone else my age or a year older at least. Therefore I just stayed away and was called a loner.

After that I went into the kitchen to see my grandmother setting four plates instead of five so I asked her

'Nana why is my father's plate not on the table?'

She looked sad about something that caused her to look a few years older 'sorry he gone off to work early said a Scott called him to tell him a new challenger was coming to the factory.'(you see my dad is a master of steel types on the level of Steven but also uses fighting types due to the originality of that Scott asked him to be one of the original frontier brains of Kanto he accepted due to him needing the pay due to my mother leaving us after 2 years after I was born. Last we heard she moved to Kanto and changed her name. Also had another child not even a year latter so I have a half sibling starting his or her journey in an or it began already unknown amount of time. I swore if I met he or she I would crush them and show what she left behind I also herd the name of the person who she left us for last name was Ketchum I would have my revenge)

After hearing that my eyes seemed to get as one of my few old friends that I had to leave behind when we moved to Sinnoh from Jhoto that he called emotionless due to my eyes just look blank and stated it made the ice blue more noticble.

'Very well' I said due to me trying not to be upset that he missed my birthday again but the day I became a trainer I was the best in school to be able to get a surprise from him he promised to give me on this day.

Now I heard two feet coming towards the table after I finished due to I had to get there very soon and these two got up later then Nana or myself they where my aunt Kim Scott and my poppy (grandfather)

Both were very good at what they did my aunt was a retired Top Coordinator well my grandfather was a master of steel types well Nana was a master of fire and fighting which my dad inherited the love of steel and fightning types. Well my aunt had gained her love of contests from Nana who was also a top coordinator and judged them now and again along with my aunt.

For my aunt picture Delia but with blonde hair and green eyes. My grandfather as Bruno would look like in his seventies well my grandma as Agatha with cully hair around her mid seventies with white hair.

You see why my dad need the pay was due to him living on his own when he had me with my mother . Therefore like any rational person he accepted the job but once she left he moved back in to the family home after my grandparents moved to Sinnoh which my aunt went to help but stayed and my dad and me not even two weeks later.

I am getting off track so I left after saying hello and left at exactly 9:10 in the morning and getting to professor Rowans lab at 9:14, which should tell you I live next to the lab of his, and helped a lot during my free time and to earn some cash for my adventure.

'Ah you have arrived my boy first to as I should have guessed' Rowan said after I got in with that smile of his he had when you guess something and get it right. Soon after that my friend Paul came in (just picture what he wore in the show but smaller.)

'Hello professor how are you today?' Paul asked I could not help but shake my head at him and retorted

'And once again I get here before you Paully' I said causing his eyebrow to start twitching dam it was funny to watch but kept a good blank look aggravating him further.

'Well my young prodigies I have some bad news. There are only two starters remaining due to Lucas turning ten yesterday and another trainer who was promised to get her starter today so one of you will not get a Sinnoh starter from the remaining two there are turtwig and a piplup so which one of you are going to get one?' He asked to us which caused us to look at each other

I simply said 'let Paul get his first I don't mind waiting a bit' hoping one of my family's Pokémon eggs would hatch soon.

'Very well Paul which would you like?' Rowan asked

'I would like' he said looking over the two and saw the piplup trying to impress him well turtwig looked like it did not have a care in the world. 'Turtwig please'

Do to him saying that it was clear turtwig was surprised to be picked well piplup was saddened by this so I walked over to the Pokémon and said don't worry soon you will have a new trainer soon so no need to worry you be ok. With that I walked towards the door when I heard Rowan say

'My boy where are you going?'

'But sir you said you don't have any starter pokemon.'

' you misunderstood me I said no SINNOH starter was available to one of you so you will receive one well as your gift for you and your work at the Pokémon trainer school.' He said with a smirk

Paul had left saying he would wait for me outside well Rowan lead me to the back room which he made clear was forbidden to go into.

'Kyle Scott what starter would you like?' he asked

'Sir I would like to have a Cyndaquil please. I stated after all it was my favorite Pokémon of fire types.

' Very well now which one do you like the most out of these 6 he said showing me a book of Pokémon which I quickly dropped do to my surprise it showed the beginning stages of the six pseudo-legendary. 'Why'

'Simple Kyle you worked at my lab for 5 years at a time well I looked for a good assistant and found the best I ever had who also helped me find new things which helped other professors as well so in a way we owe you a favor so thank you.' He explained

'I helped that much sir' I did not think of how much I effected around the lab.

'Yes so which one do you want' he asked

'I chose Beldum sir'

' I expected as much with your family but I thought you would want Gible due to it being your faviorte dragon type? ' He asked

'It is simple I WILL catch a gible but I want to catch one my way I said.'

'Very well please note the only Cyndaquil is how you say unique due to several things.'

'Like what sir?' I asked wondering what was so special about Cyndaquil to get this warning.

'Well you see this Cyndaquil is female and where the blue fur shoul be there is crimson fur and the flames are not redish orange but black which we have idacated due to it having a very very strong fire type parent and another one also she seems able to copy moves even one she should not be able to so easily she has coped a few when you get her you will see.

'Sounds intriguing' I thought

Well we best call it a night.

Note please this is my first time writing in a few years and I spent most of this time as to describe a few things also a few things to be understood.

Ash will be Micthelles son but she was deemed a unfit parent and his dad is still on his journey so Delia will be Ash's fathers sister and Ash's father did not know she was dating my character's dad at the same time.

That reason I did what I did about Cyndaquil and Beldum is simple my story now the pokemon will not be overly powerfull they can still be beaten.

There is a poll for which legendary my character will catch note it will be a minor one so no Arceus you will see which one can be caught do to the challanege I have taken from Crimsion overlord.