DiScLaImEr: I dOn'T oWn HoUsE oF aNuBiS iF i DiD tHeN pAtRoMe WoUlD bE tOgEtHeR! EdDiE wOuLd Be On EvErY ePiSoDe!

PaTrIcIa PoV)

"It's over!" Eddie exclaimed walking out my room door. I sat there stunned. Why did he break up with me? Why? A tear threatened to slip down my face. I whipped it away and sat on the foot of my bed. I started crying more then I would usually let my self. I pulled my legs up t my chest and sat there staring at the floor. A few moments later Jerome walked in and noticed my state.

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned walking over and sitting beside me on the bed.

"Nothing", I said whipping at the tears that kept falling down my stupid face.

"What did Eddie do?" he asked anger lingering in his voice. I just sat there looking at the ground hoping the world would end. "Patricia?" he said his voice turned back to concerned.

"Eddie dumped me", I said. I am annoyed with myself for getting this way over a guy but I can't help it he was my first boyfriend. We have only been dating a mouth and a half.

"Look at me", Jerome said putting his hands on the side of my face making me look at him, "He isn't worth crying over Trixe. Your way better then him!" he looked so concerned. Mara probably sent him in here to control me.

"I don't want your pity", I exclaimed pushing his hands off my face and looking back at the ground.

"Pat-", he said then I interrupted.

"LEAVE", I exclaimed. He signed.

"Patricia I always be here for you if you need me", he said. "You know that right?" he asked. I just nodded.

He went for the door but something in me yelled, "Wait". he turned around and I don't know what came over me but I ran over to him and kissed him. To my surprise he kissed back with the same passion as me. We pulled away moments later. He looked in my eyes then kissed me again. I obviously kissed back.

"Night Patricia", he said once he pulled away then proceeded to walk out the door. Maybe Eddie dumping me was a good thing. I probably would have missed out on this if we were together. I hope Jerome knows I like him!

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