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Memories' Summary

Amu has stage fright. She's a foreign exchange student. The students there were excited that suddenly a new student enrolled. They host a party for the new student. Amu didn't know what got over her, but she sang her heart out on a stage during the party. The video of her singing was the most famous video on the net. She wanted to forget everything, but a famous blue haired singer appeared, asking her to be his singing partner

"It's not that I don't like my own country, but why are we back in Japan?" Amu asked dumbfounded. She stood in front of a mediocre, one story house, expecting a six story mansion.

"Not just in Japan, but in Shikoku, isn't that right, Yoru?" Ikuto smiled down at his son. A big grin reflected off Yoru's face. (I don't much about Shikoku so if you know of it please don't mind if I suddenly say a random place there that isn't actually there. I randomly chose this off the map.)

"B-But why?" She turned away from the older man, blushing and remembering the time they spent the prior night.

" 'Cause I wanted to," Her son said triumphantly, placing both of his hands on his waist.

"Yes, that's my boy," Ikuto chuckled, leading them into the house.

"Wait, I never thought about this, but does Ikuto already know about Yoru…" Amu thought, following them.

Due to Amu's head up in the clouds, she came to the front door long before they had reached the door. When she passed through the door, she saw Ikuto and Yoru looking at her in front of the refrigerator.

"There's nothing~," They both complained at the same time.

"I'll think about that later," Amu dismissed the matter.

"We'll go grocery shopping then," She gestured towards the car.

"What are we having?" They stared nonchalantly at her. Her decision would be an important one. They were both lazy so if the food was good enough they would come along, but if it were the opposite they would sit on the couch, flipping through channels.

"You choose," She sighed at their unison.

"Nope~, it's your turn," Yoru glared, shocking Amu.

"But it hasn't been your turns either," Amu retaliated back at them.

"We'll choose when our turns arrive," Ikuto explained.


"Five… Four..." Ikuto and Yoru began counting down. "Three… Two.. O-"

"Curry and Rice!" Amu was scared what they would have done.

"It's worth it," They both said, dragging her to the car.

At Grocery Store

"Are these the right potatoes, Mamma?" Yoru held out two potatoes out to his mother with the cart.


"Nope, Yoru, these are," Ikuto held out two other potatoes.

"I'm sorry, Ikuto, but you're wrong. Good job, Yoru," Amu knelt down and kissed Yoru's cheek, placing the potatoes in the bag in the cart.

When Amu moved to look at the carrots, she didn't notice the Yoru had stuck out his tongue at her husband.

"Which one?" Ikuto and Yoru held out two carrots to Amu competitively.

"I'm sorry, Ikuto, but you're right. You will do better next time, okay?" Amu knelt down once again, kissing his cheek. She reached for Ikuto's carrots, but he put them up in the air above their heads.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"My reward," He replied apathetically. Amu reached for another carrot of the rest, tired of the game already, but Ikuto blocked her hands.

"No," Ikuto frowned.

"You're acting being even more immature than Yoru," Amu reached for more carrots, being intervened yet again.

"My reward," He repeated.

"Fine, close your eyes," Amu sighed. Ikuto closed his eyes, expecting contact on either his lips or cheek. In his despair, Amu had held Yoru up very high on her tippy toes so that she could reach the carrots during the time. When Ikuto heard Yoru's laughing as he placed them in the cart, he opened his eyes.

"That's unfair, Amu-chan," He pouted, folding his arms and looking the other direction.

"H-Here," She stood on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek, blushing. Ikuto stood there shocked as Amu and Yoru had gone off a few paces.

"Are you coming?" The blushing pinkette turned her head a bit as her son turned around in a 180 degree turn.

"Coming," Ikuto walked to them

After they got the rest of the ingredients

"You'll pay for the items. I'll be waiting by the car. I have a call. Here's the money," Ikuto handed her money, walking off without another word.

"C'mon let's pay," Amu smiled at her son.

Time Skip

"Let's go to the car, Sweetie," Amu arrived at the car with Ikuto still on the phone.

"Okay, I'm sorry I missed it. Oh, Amu's here. I got to go," Ikuto hung up on the phone in a hurry.

"What was that about?" She raised a brow.

"Nothing," He brushed it off. "Here I'll take those bags."

"Should I be worried?" Amu thought.

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