Character OC

Gracelynn "Tiger" Aspen Colt: Age 26

Looks: Long golden brown/Irish red hair down to her waist,

Tanned skin, 5ft 9in, Bright almost violet natural eyes, Golden Tan skin

toned body from years of martial arts, has a tattoo of a Japanese white tiger

that has bloodstains on it, that covers her whole back.

a Gothic cross necklace tattoo that wraps around her neck and stops right

at the curve of her bust. Tattoo of a .45 revolver on both hands with her Mothers name(Isabella)

and her fathers name (Dominic) on the muzzle. A tattoo of the USMC insignia with a pin up girl

holding a M16 saying "Seal Team Six."

Nationality: Italian(20%), caucasion(20%), hispanic(30%), Irish(10%)

Occupation: (Ex.)special ops, tattoo artist, baker,

Hobbies: martial arts, and MMA fighting. In a band called "Haunted" (lead singer/screamer)

Personality: shes laid back, but serious about protecting her "family"

She's Taras bestfriend/sister from Chicago, always protected Tara.

She's very deadly when annoyed. ;)

And of course you should already know the Sons Of Anarchy cast. :)

Bear with me People!. haha