Hello, everybody… ugh, I'm feeling sick. First, it made me think of this one-shot where Ava got the flu, in other words a human disease… then it made me think of this! Here we go!

Haruka happily watched as her best friend/crush, Lee Andrew Grayson, the son of Ashley and David Grayson, swung back-and-forth on the swing set. The two had gone to play at the park, and Lee wanted to show her how high he could swing. "Just watch, Haruka! I'm going all the way around!" Lee exclaimed.

"Hm hm hm! Keep going, Lee!" Haru cheered.

"You bet! Just watch me!" And after building up enough speed, Lee was actually able to go around the top where the swings hung. "See, I- WHOOAA!" As an unfortunate result, the boy dropped from the swing coming back down, landing face first on the hard concrete. "Ohhh… OW!" The swing then came back and bashed him hard in the forehead. "Owww…"

"Lee!" Haruka yelled, running over to help her friend up.

"Ow, I… I think I'm fine." However, they soon noticed a big scrap in Lee's right knee. "…Oh boy."

"Don't worry." Haruka assured. "I think I have something." With that, she grabbed the end of his pants leg and pulled it up, taking her fingers and scratching his bare skin with her nails, digging them right in.

"AHH!" Lee screamed from the pain, but Haruka quickly let go and pulled the pants leg back down. The two stared with amazement as the gash in his knee slowly disappeared, leaving barely any trace. "Hey… it feels better!" Lee said, waving his leg around. "How did you do that?"

"It's a poisonbending move my dad taught us. The Healing Sting. Works like a Poison Sting, only it heals instead of wounds. Just like waterbending heal. My dad used it on my mom once when they were kids."

"Hm. And they say poisonbenders are bad." Lee smirked.

Haruka couldn't help but giggle and give a wide grin. "Heeheehee! Thank you!"

Ayeee… that was short. But who cares, I'm sick. Anyhoo, we'll do some more Firstborn later, so… later.