This is a one shot and was totally inspired by the song Into the Night by Benny Mardones. I dont own the song or the characters.


It all started two years ago when they moved in. A human couple moved into the Hoshina neighborhood. It was one of the few neighborhoods that accepted humans living next to demons. It was about 11:00 a.m. and Sesshomaru was just stepping out of his two story home. A moving van pulled up to the bright brick house next to his. One inhale and he could tell that his new neighbors were humans, judging from the stink they brought. With a low growl he got into his car and drove to his agency.

He got home about 6:30 p.m., just as the sun was setting. He got out and saw as human movers took out two headboards along with two vanaties and two matresses. An older looking couple came out and looked at him. The woman with brown hair and tired brown eyes offered a kind smile while her husband directed his attention to the movers. He was just an inch taller than his wife. He had black hair with a few white spots and hazel eyes. Sesshomaru scoffed and walked inside.

Weeks passed and he noticed that every morning the couple would leave at the same time as he. When he got home the man would too. He would rush in and leave again a couple of minutes later. Then around midnight Sesshomaru would hear the car pull up. About two months later he got a light orange envelope. Intrigued, he opened it. Inside was a card with 'Welcome Home!' written in glittery yellow letters. The human scent got stronger as he opened it. "Please join us for the arrival of our daughter Rin. She will be home from the hospital at 1:00 p.m. on saturday, May 3rd. It would be our honor to have you!" At the bottom were the names Sachiko and Musuko Ito written in perfect cursive. Just then the doorknob shook and in strolled a similar looking demon. With a sigh Sesshomaru threw the card into a small basket and walked to his kitchen. "Hey what's this?" The other demon picked it up and read it. "Inuyasha don't go through my trash you mutt." called a masculine voice from the kitchen. Inuyasha growled and went after his half brother. "So we're going right?" he asked slapping his brother's back. Sesshomaru, being a full demon, didn't even flinch. "No." he answered taking a bottle of water. Inuyasha pouted. "If I tell dad you will." He turned and smirked pleased with himself. He could feel the older demon's stare on him. "Why would this be of any intrest to father?" Inuyasha turned. "The Ito's own the biggest human agency. I'm sure dad would love to have them join us." he explained. Sesshomaru stared annoyed and sighed.


Sesshomaru stood at the back of his neighbor's living room right under the left corner of the colorful 'WELCOME' sign. After his loving brother told their father about the Ito's invitation, he was forced to go to the human's home. He casually looked away from the small group of women swooning at him. The stench of human was stinging his nose. He saw Inuyasha leaning on a wall with a young woman in a yellow and blue plaid sundress. She giggled and he smiled. Sesshomaru looked away as someone hissed a 'hush' and the lights went off. The door rattled and then it creaked open. Suddenly the lights flashed on and everyone yelled a Welcome Home, well, everyone but Sesshomaru. Inuyasha made his way towards him holding the human's hand. "Hey prick. This is Kagome. Rin's cousin." The other demon 'hmphed' as she smiled. "I'm glad Rin is back! I miss staying up texting her." "Texting?" asked Inuyasha. Kagome nodded. "I'm four years older than her." She giggled at Inuyasha's puzzled look and said "I'm 18. What were you expecting? A baby?" Just then the sweet smell of flowers and rain filled Sesshomaru's nose. A short girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes came into view. "Rin!" squealed Kagome and hugged her. Something about the young girl stirred something in the older demon. He just scoffed and walked away.

Now two years later Sesshomaru found himself in his study reading. From down the hall he heard the soft padding of bare feet. The door creaked open and the smell of flowers and rain caught his nose. He looked up and saw a bottle of water being held to him. He took it as Rin picked up a book and laid on the floor on her stomach. Over the years Kagome and Inuyasha started dating which meant that Rin was over at his house almost every day. That's how he found out Rin had an illness that made her weak. She had been home schooled until she ended in a coma and that's why they moved to their neighborhood. So they could be closer to the hospital. The demon's father suggested to let his oldest son tutor her. So now she spends most of her time in his study reading. Most, if not all, of the time she had her nose buried in Sesshomaru's science books. That, or her cell phone. So either way he would compliment her or scold her. He eyed her small frame as she took a bite from an apple. She had only grown about an inch due to her illness but her body had matured to that of a sixteen year old. He looked at her soft, creamy legs. She was wearing bright green short shorts and a simple white T-shirt. Her long brown hair was up in a messy ponytail which cascaded down her right shoulder and to the floor passing the side of her waist. She crunched on the apple happily as she read for the 20th time a book about flowers and pollination. Her eyes moved quickly making her long eyelashes move with them. Her small pink tongue licked the juices from the apple from her lips. For a moment that's all he did. Stare at her and inhale her pure scent. He menally slapped himself. She was just a teenager. He was ten years older than her! He growled and focused on his book. He didn't notice the young girl staring at him. He did notice, however, the doorbell. Rin jumped up. "I'll get it!" she squealed running out. He decided to finish a page when he heard Rin's soft voice. "Oh. Hello Naraku-sama." Naraku was Sesshomaru's assistant. He would stop by and give him papers everyday so he and Rin had met. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed. 'What could he want now?' he asked himself. It was 12:45 p.m. He was 2 hours early. Slightly annoyed, he placed the book down and made his way downstairs. Naraku smirked at him as Rin returned with a glass of tea. He thanked her and sipped it before looking at Sesshomaru. "Forgive me Sess but your father requests an urgent meeting. He would've called you but the guys from Fujimiko showed up." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. "My father knows I'm with Rin." Naraku took a long drink before speaking. "I'll watch over her." Sesshomaru sighed and got his keys. Rin went to him and grabbed his wrist. "Rin I'll be back. Behave and finish reading." Before she could answer he placed his hand on her head and left. She stood blushing and staring at the closed door. Just then the sound of someone clearing his throat snapped her from her thoughts. She turned as Naraku took his tie off and put his feet up on a table. "Sesshomaru-sama doesn't like it when-" "Oh hush human." he snapped. Rin stared at him. "How dare you talk to me like that?" she demanded. Naraku hissed. "I said hush! You may be the pupil of Sesshomaru but I am his partner! So watch your tone." Rin huffed and walked to the kitchen. She didn't notice Naraku behind her until she felt a hand on her stomach. "Move and I'll kill you." Rin screamed but was quickly silenced by Naraku's other hand on her mouth. She bit as hard as she could earning a hiss from the demon behind her followed by a slap that made her bite into the inside of her cheek and fall back hitting her head on the corner of a counter. Naraku got ontop of her and started to take her shirt off when he was yanked off. Rin crawled behind a table as she heard fighting. She covered her eyes and after a moment she felt arms surround her. She started to squirm but she was hushed softly. She opened her eyes as Sesshomaru carried her to the couch and sat her down. Naraku was nowhere to be seen. She flinched as her protector leaned down and kissed her head where she had hit it. Immeadiately it stopped hurting and she was sure it was healing. She looked up at him and opened her mouth to speak. Instead she coughed up blood. She noticed Sesshomaru frown and he pushed her back. "Ah." he said. She opened her mouth and felt her face flush as he leaned in and stuck his tongue into her mouth to her injury. He was done in less than 10 seconds and was about to pull away when Rin pulled him to her. His eyes widened as she rubbed her small, warm tongue over his. She tasted like apples and something else sweet but with a hint of metalic taste from the blood. Her smooth, soft lips moved over his. He responded to her kiss eagerly but quickly pulled away.

"Rin. What are you doing?" he asked. Her eyes looked at him with warmth and adoration. "Sesshomaru-sama. I... I love you. And I always will." His eyes widened once again. His heart was beating quickly. He wanted to hold her and kiss her but instead he stood up. "Don't be ridiculous. You're only sixteen. You don't know what you're feeling." The bitter smell hit his nose. He turned and saw her red cheeks with tears running from her eyes. She looked so innocent and broken. He stared at her. It was all he could do. He didn't want to do something to hurt her even more. "I know.. I know it would be wrong for us to be together. But I don't care! I love you! I have for two years. Since I first met you! I dont want anyone else! You're my friend, my tutor my-" She was cut off by his warm lips. She quickly gave in as he leaned into her. She laid back down on the couch and felt him hovering over her. She slipped her hands under his shirt and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Her response was a moan as their tongues danced together. She whimpered when he pulled away taking the heat with him. "Rin." he whispered cupping her cheek. "S-Sesshomaru-sama. Let's go to your room." The demon took the young girl in his arms and carried her to the room. She was soon in a satin cloud of his black sheets. He crawled over her and kissed her once again. "Rin. Are you sure.." he kissed her. "..You want this?" She nodded. "For the last two years." Once again they kissed. His warm hands slipped under her shirt and lifted it above her head. She smiled and did the sameto him. He kissed her and ran his mouth to her cheek then to her neck. He nipped and she let out an air. His hands roamed from her smooth stomach to the fabric covering her breasts. He knead her breasts that barely fit into his large hands. She moaned once again and lifted her knee, oblivious that she was pressing against his hard erection. He groaned and reached to the back and undid the black velvet bra. Her breasts bounced up and his mouth landed on her right rosy bud while the other was massaged with his left hand. She moaned and gripped his hair. "S-Sesshomaru!" His heart picked up speed hearing her call out to him without being formal. His mouth left her nipple and he blew soft air to it making it stick out. He did the same to the other before kissing between the valley between her breasts. He placed gentle kissed down the flat surface of her stomach. He took off the shorts and the strong aroma of her arousal reached him. It was as sweet as her normal smell. Only much stronger. He was in a trace when he felt soft hands on his chest. He looked at Rin who was sitting before him. She reached down and undid his pants before pulling them down. Golden eyes stared at the little figure. Rin slipped her thumbs into the boxers and pulled them down. She was greeted by the ten inch member that was under a very soft patch of silver hair. Her eyes widened and she looked up at him. He feared and secretly hoped she would back down but her eyes held so much love in them, he was certain she wouldn't. Her scent increased and she laid back. He pulled the matching panties off and her glistening core was revealed to him. She was smooth like a baby's bottom. His eyes stared down at her and she looked away blushing deeply. He inserted the index finger into her without warning and she moaned his name. His lips crashed down on hers and they devoured each other. A second finger went into her and he felt her tight walls. For a moment he pumped in and out of her. He took the fingers out and backed away. Rin blushed as he took the sticky digits into his mouth and sucked them clean. Sesshomaru was pulled towards her and their lips met again. They shared the sweet taste of her as he positioned himself at her entrance. "Rin.." All she did was nod. He entered her and she bit down on her bottom lip. He groaned loudly at her tightness and he went a centimeter deeper until he reached a barrier. "Rin... I'm sorry." he whispered into her ear as he pushed into her. She screamed out and tears rolled down the sides of her eyes. Sesshomaru stayed still whispering to her. He made her smile and on one occasion, laugh. After a couple of minutes she whispered the 'go' and he started moving in her. He was slow and careful at first until she moved her hips up to meet his. His thrusts became fast and their breaths became ragged. She began to tighten and felt a fire in her. With a scream of his name she exploded on him. Sesshomaru, feeling her hot liquid, shot his essence into her. He pushed into her twice and pulled out panting. She pulled him to her and they kissed. Then he rested his head on her plump breasts. She played with his hair but he felt her discomfort. "Do you... Regret it?" The soft melodic voice of Rin made him open his eyes. He looked at her and saw her concern. He leaned up and kissed her. "Never. Rin you are my one and only love." He moved to lay next to her and pulled her into his arms then kissed the top of her head. "Remember that Rin." She nodded with tears in her eyes. Then she fell asleep. Sesshomaru pulled the covers over their naked forms and looked at the clock with despair.


Rin woke up in the morning to find an empty room. Worry quickly filled her as she jumped out of bed and ran to the closet. All of Sesshomaru's clothes were gone. She changed as quickly as she could and ran downstairs. She passed the empty livingroom and ran to the kitchen. Sesshomaru was sitting at the table staring at the cup of now cold coffee. She went to him and he reached to her. He cupped her cheek and she leaned into it. "I'm leaving." He noticed as she stiffened and stared at him. The minutes passed and the silence was eating at him. "Rin. Say something." She let a tear fall. "Why?" she whispered. The tone was harsh and cold and broken. Sesshomaru had to clear his throat to clear the lump that had build up in it. "Rin it's what's best for you." She looked straight at his eyes. "Me? Or you?" More tears followed. He stood and kissed her lips, nose and forehead. She followed him to the door and grabbed his wrist like she always did when she didn't want to be away from him. He just stopped and without turning, spoke. "I told you're parents you stayed here. It is up to you if you wish to tell them what happened." "You know I wouldn't do that." she whispered. He looked at her with sadness as a limo stopped in front. Her eyes trembled and her grip on him tightened. "I'm sorry." With that he removed her hand and walked into the limo. He closed the door and from the tinted window he saw her fall to her knees. As the car pulled away he whispered to himself, "Please remeber Rin. I'm sorry." He placed his elbow on his leg and his face in his palm. Through the closed lids he felt the salty liquid fall.

Ok! Sorry for the crappy sex scene. It was hard to write it with my mom and four other people behind me. -_- I was thinking of making it into a multichapter but meh. Idunno. This was inspired by the beautiful song Into the Night. Please go listen to it to get a better understanding of it. Also please R&R! ^_^