Cold golden eyes stared out the window at the dark sky. He could clearly see the way the stars sparkled. The beautiful night added to his enragement. His eyes burned and a fresh tear fell from his right eye to the pale cheek. Sesshomaru held Rin's lifeless body. He looked down at her. Her creamy skin was pale, nearly white and freezing cold. Her once full peach lips were turning blue. The sweet smell that had once surfaced from her was nearly all gone. Sesshomaru had to push his nose to her hair to have a slight whiff of it. There was nothing but silence in the room. No beeping machines to announce that his Rin was still alive. No crying Izayoi or screaming Kagome. No doctors shouting orders to bring Rin back. Nothing but the heartless sound of occasional tears falling on cold skin.

"Rin…" He whispered her name once more. He closed his eyes and snuggled closer to Rin's cold body like a puppy would do to its mother. "Rin come back. Please." He kept talking to her hoping for her to answer and laugh and tell him it was a joke.

Outside, InuTaisho held his wife's hand. Izayoi had stopped crying and was now staring at the floor. InuYasha held Kagome as she sobbed. He looked at his father who rubbed his eyes. "Shouldn't we go get him? He's been in there for over an hour." InuTaisho shook his head. "Let him be." Izayoi tightened her grip on the older demon's hand. InuYasha sighed and looked at the closed door.

"Sesshomaru." Golden eyes slowly opened. "Came to say I told you so?" InuKimi shook her head and extended her hand. "As much as I would like to, I actually liked the girl." Sesshomaru 'hmphed' and held Rin closer. That's when he noticed how her body started glowing. The light grew brighter and brighter until he couldn't take it and he shield his eyes. "Sesshomaru-sama?" Sesshomaru looked with wide eyes. In front of him was Rin. His Rin surrounded by light and holding InuKimi's hand. She was wearing a white dress that flowed to her knees. Her hair turned and danced as if a soft breeze was passing by. She was barefoot. "Rin?" He heard her giggle. "Sesshomaru-sama, I have to go now. Please take care of our baby." Her voice was soft and sweet and it echoed on the walls. Sesshomaru made a grab for her hand but it went through her. "Rin no. You can't leave me." Rin looked at him with her big eyes. "Sesshomaru-sama. I love you. Please tell everyone I love them, and as for our daughter… Tell her that mommy will always love her. That when she feels sad to just call for me and I will be there. Same goes for you. I will always be with you." Rin leaned down and lightly kissed Sesshomaru's lips. His eyes fluttered when he felt something like a feather. When his eyes opened Rin and InuKimi had turned and were starting to disappear.

"Wait!" Sesshomaru called after them. InuKimi turned. "You… You can't take her. She's needed here. She just had a daughter. She has a family. She needs to stay. Please Mother." InuKimi looked at her son's pleading eyes. "I'm sorry Sesshomaru. I can't do that. I did all I could but both of your prides got in the way. Neither of you listened. I'm afraid you must all suffer the consequences, including your daughter." Sesshomaru slammed his hand against the headboard making it crack. "Damn it! Can't you just… leave her here?" InuKimi shook her head. "I must take a soul back to the underground." Just as she turned Sesshomaru spoke up again. "Mother…" InuKimi turned and sighed. "Take me." InuKimi's eyes widened. "You said you needed a soul! Take mine!" Sesshomaru looked at the demoness in front of him with determination. "What? Are you willing to let go of your status? Your fame? You name? All for this human girl?" Sesshomaru stood up and gently placed Rin down. "None of that matters if Rin isn't here. And she's NOT just a human girl Mother. She's Rin. MY Rin. And if I can save her then I shall."

InuKimi looked at him. "Sesshomaru…" She looked away. "I… I can't kill my own son." she whispered. Sesshomaru stared at her then he looked down at Rin's body. He leaned down and kissed her purple lips. "I love you Rin." He took his claws up and waited a couple of seconds until venom was dripping from his nails. Then, with a forceful punch, he dug them into his chest. "Sesshomaru no! It won't work!" yelled InuKimi, but it was too late. With tears, he fell to the bed next to Rin and took her hand. He could feel the venom quickly spreading through his body. It boiled his blood and his brain. It was excruciating pain. "I.. love you.."

The birds chirped and sang as the sun shone. Sesshomaru kneeled under a flourishing cherry blossom tree. He placed the lilies and roses in front of the grave. From the side he heard the babbling of Jaken. He sighed and rubbed his temples. "Emi. Please don't bother Jaken." A high pitched playful squeal was heard and a little girl, about five years old, pounced on him. "Ne, Otou-san, Jaken took my ball and threw it all the way over there!" She pointed to an empty space where a shiny silver ball shone. "Ack! S-Sesshomaru-sama that is not true!" squawked Jaken as he ran to retrieve the ball. Sesshomaru looked down at the little girl in front of him. She was staring at Jaken and pouting. She then stuck her small tongue out. Sesshomaru placed his hand on top of her small head and pushed her long silver hair behind her ear.

"Otou-san?" she asked clinging to his arm. "Hm?" replied Sesshomaru as he directed his attention to the grave. "Why didn't I meet her?" Sesshomaru looked at his daughter and picked her up. "It just happens. Sometimes we aren't fortunate enough to meet our family." Emi looked deep in thought as she placed her small index finger near her mouth. "Some kid at school didn't get to meet his Otou-san. But I'm glad I have mine! So I'm lucky!" she squealed hugging Sesshomaru. He smiled and kissed Emi's cheek. Jaken stumbled next to them with the ball in his hands. Emi kneeled next to him and poked his side. "I think he's dead. Let's burry him!" she shouted happily and began throwing dirt over him. "Stop it insolent brat!" sputtered Jaken. "She's just like her mother!" he said trying to spit out a rock. "Yes. Just like her mother." whispered Sesshomaru as he looked at Emi laughing.

Suddenly a breeze flowed by and brought the sweet scent of flowers and rain filled his nostrils. Emi stopped burying Jaken. "Okaa-san!" she shrieked running towards Rin. "Hey! What are you doing?" Said Rin picking her little girl up. "Jaken died and I was burying him." said the little girl excitedly. Rin smiled and shook her head. "Have you paid your respect to InuKimi-sama?" asked Rin kneeling next to Sesshomaru. Emi shook her head. "Then let's do that so we can go to your grandparents' house." Emi nodded and bowed her head as did Rin. Sesshomaru stood up and looked at the grave once more before helping his wife up. "Took you that long to take your shoes off?" he asked noticing Rin's bare feet. Rin blushed slightly and started walking away with Sesshomaru next to her and Emi chasing Jaken in front of them. "You know how I feel about shoes." she said. Sesshomaru chuckled. "I know. They are the spawns of Satan." Rin laughed and helped Emi into the limo. Sesshomaru looked back at the cherry blossom tree. 'Thank you Mother. For giving us the chance to live and be happy.'

"Otou-san! Get in!" cried Emi from her pink car seat. "Yeah get in! I'm starving." said Rin. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and got in. "I knew you two would team up against me." he said as both girls laughed.

From far away a pair of black eyes stared at the limo driving away. She threw a rose at a dirty grave. "Well Kagura. You lost." said the female. "Yes, but I have you to avenge me Kikyo." came a voice from behind her. Kikyo turned as Kagura's see-through form appeared. "I can't do anything, unfortunately, but you can." said Kagura showing the chains on her wrists. The chains rattled and Kagura sighed. "I must go. But remember Kikyo, I can kill you. So if I were you, I'd listen." And just like she had appeared, she dispersed. Kikyo sighed and looked at the place where the limo had been. "Hmm. We'll see about that." She placed her sunglasses on her eyes and walked away with a smirk on her blood red lips.

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