KOS-MOS slept in her recharging facility. She did not stir, nor did anything disturb her. However, KOS-MOS was dreaming. It was odd that Kevin would think to include the ability to dream for a weapon, but there you have it. KOS-MOS could dream. Right now, she was dreaming about swimming in some nice, cold water. The sun was warm, and it felt good to be swimming on a day like this. Then the dream shifted to her crying about someone while a large pool of blood lay at her feet. Then the dream shifted once more. The whole area was pitch-black, yet a man could be clearly seen standing in the area. He wore a white robe and had a beard. He smiled and asked "How are you, Mary?"

"Oh, I'm alright. The situation could be better, but I think it'll be okay in the end. After all, they do say that the mind is stronger than the body sometimes." A woman's voice replied. The man chuckled. "Optimistic as always. Then again, I really shouldn't be criticizing a woman who's in a whole different ballpark compared to me." The voice laughed. "Oh, it's so good to see you again! You don't know how much I've missed you." The man sighed. "I'm sorry. I was foolish at the time and thought that my ideals were greater than my life. I must have made you and Yeshua suffer." "There's no need to apologize! None of that was your fault, not a single bit! I'm just saying that I'm happy to see you again."

The man smiled. "So am I. Yeshua seems well, if a bit gloomy. However, I myself would be gloomy if I was in his position." The voice sighed. "Yes..Yeshua has the hardest burden of us all, as he-" KOS-MOS's eyes opened up as her 'bed' opened up to reveal a smiling Shion. "Good morning, KOS-MOS. How are you today?" "Good morning, Shion. All systems are functioning normally." The day progressed with its usual tests and meals, and as much as KOS-MOS tried to keep the dream in her memory banks, it kept slipping away from her. Eventually, it was deleted somehow, and KOS-MOS forgot about it entirely.